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Hrm, I'm not sure if this thread is particularly active right now, the last two posts were this week, but the third was last year ... and I'm new. I just stumbled upon the game while familiarizing myself with the site. I've never played earlier versions, so I don't have anything to match this up to. Anyways, the first thing that struck me while battling is the dual element system. When I looked at the hp/mp info box, I had trouble figuring out what the secondary element was several times because I couldn't understand what the extra coloring meant, so I just figured it out via trial and error. This isn't a major issue, mind you, but since you display elements immediately, and even put in a damage percentage thing for every attack, it looks like you want us to be able to know an enemy's strengths/weaknesses right off the bat, without having to bother with a "scan" technique or whatnot. I always liked that feature of Mardek – being able to click on an enemy and know all its stats.

My point is, I thought instead of having one circle for an element, with a colorized background, why not have two circles, one smaller? It might take up more space, but you could have the circles concentric, or even have the smaller circle pressed up inside the edge of the larger. With all the different element combinations, I feel that you're bound to confuse people with color combinations that look too similar.

I've enjoyed the 20 minutes or so that I've played, and if this demo is any indication of whats coming up I would be more that willing to pay a subscription fee.
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