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Rating Orb zeo, Chaotic Good Healer – joined 9 years ago 208.99.XXX.XXX8 years ago
(Omygosh that smile face is freaky!)
Ok So This is My favorite part of literature....POETRY! See It's this verse you make full of rhymes and you......Well I suppose you already know that.... But Yes! So this is a little space to show off your creative / sensitive side.....A place where you can write poems regardless of how useless they may seem to other people. ( Please note That Discouraging others poetry is just worthless....And If you are mean about how someone writes Then I can Call you useless For just being here to Put them down....What fun!.....So just hold the cutting remarks ok guys.)
Here is a list of things that should NOT! be posted in poetry:
Etc. Lets just Keep this G rated and clean ok No put downs just because you are having a Crappy day alright...Find some other place to vent.

Any who I suppose I shall post One of my poems first! What joy!!!

I wish I could fly but I can never reach the sky...My Wings are so fragile My light is so dim, My heart is so heavy, that is why I sing. Pain of the losses, Pain of the lies, Pain of the child who slowly dies, The Soldiers Are coming the pain not yet gone But this small child can see the I wish I could fly....Fly Away... from pain...No chains....I fly Away.

So I hope you enjoy this Poetry And post some of your own! I would Love to See it!
life is but a moment but hope is eternal!

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Rating Orb Emma, Neutral Good Healer – joined 9 years ago ..XXX.XXX8 years ago
The smiley indicates this thread is quiet happy, nearly even annoyingly so! But never mind that, heres my poem! (Please note I wrote this in around 10minutes and I don't write poems often!)

Death and destruction all around, all his friends slaughtered, his town burnt down. What was left of this poor young boy, the death had taken all that had once brought him joy. He crawled from his haven, with no will to live on, he cursed his assailants who left quicker than they had come. Yet even though his life was spared, he threw it all away, he could not bear the memories of that horrid horrid day..

I didn't have much time to write this, sorry if most parts don't rhyme and that it wasn't so cheery... I'll try better next time?

EDIT:Gosh I hope it was in the rules you specified, if not tell me and I'll change it!

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Rating Orb zeo, Chaotic Good Healer – joined 9 years ago 208.99.XXX.XXX8 years ago
It actually is a very good poem!! :3 See most poems have some sort of despair in them or a pretty deep feeling that connects with others......That or the poem was made by some person who may need to go to the happy shack....Like the poem Cikel....(no wonder the person who wrote it said it was by anonymous...It was one messed up poem...)
But I think that Expressing yourself is fine....As long as it is G- or PG rated...More or less :D

Another poem:
When I am all alone I can see it on it's throne sitting on that silver throne which guides my destiny. Could that person on the throne be me? or is it for all to see a being that I want to be but shall never see. Hush Hush the King Comes down the look on my face grim. Hush hush little one or else thy life wears thin.
life is but a moment but hope is eternal!

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Rating Orb Imladriscion, Chaotic Good Scientist – joined 8 years ago 173.202.XXX.XXX8 years ago
I was digging around for some drawings of mine to add to my photo-bucket website and I found an old poem or two. These poems are quite old, so forgive me if they suck.

O the poor tree!
With whismical stance and many a leaf
I doubt he dreamt to be
on a dusty shelf in a sheaf.

This next poem was part of a set I never finished, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. It was inspired by my closeness to the woods in my childhood - I reminisce on it from time to time with great fondness. This poem is what they call a senses poem, so use em when you're reading this one. ^^

Here in this land of mine, this land of the little people -
I smell the lush, cool green - the faint fragrance of plants, pleasant and strange.
I see black darts racing in crystalline glass, a castle made by tiny hands.
I taste the balmy shade of a summer day, the joy of sun-sweet raspberries.
I hear the warbling melody of the birds, the murmur of little streams.
I feel the whisper of tall grass, the crisp staccato of branches.

P.S. woo! I got the bold thing to work!
Mu.<br />
<br />
~Credit for my (awesome) avatar goes to DeviantART user, "~harbingerofdeath13"

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Rating Orb david s, Lawful Good Paladin – joined 8 years ago ..XXX.XXX8 years ago
I have only one poem that I made. I made it in third grade so please don't give me bad reviews, It's not very long or serious or even all that good, and it has very little relevance to anything but It is a short poem:

There once was a very fat pug,
Who liked to dance under the rug.
She danced around, under the ground, and fell asleep and was snug.

I don't remember what type of poem that is, I think it's something called a limeric or something like that. If you know what type of poem it is then please post what it is below. Thanks for reading my terrible and stupid poem. I hope you liked it, I did when I made it.(mind you I was like 10 years old or something like that)

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Rating Orb Maro, Chaotic Good Artist – joined 6 years ago 91.114.XXX.XXX6 years ago
I just found this thread since I was looking for a place to upload my poems, and even though it's pretty old already I'll just go ahead and post them here anyway.

Field of Silver-Green

I wrote this in late September or early October 2010, trying to express the melancholy feelings I generally get around this time of the year (not that I don't like a matter of fact, winter is my favourite season)

I looked out of the Window;
Where silent Beeches stood,
It glowéd faintly by the Wood;
Raised my head from the Pillow;
Lying there, by most unseen,
A Field of Silver-Green.

And as I gazed in Wonder there,
To the Field of Autumn’s Frost,
I saw like Dreams the Creatures there,
Old Races, in our Time now lost,
Gnomes and Elves dancing there.

Whilst I was looking through the Glass,
Something forgotten to me spoke;
A Childhood Longing now awoke
Of dancing on the frozen Grass
With Elvenfolk and Trolls of Stone
That now to Fairyland are gone.

In a Nightgown then I went
Through the Full Moon’s cold, pale Light
In the last October’s Night
Before that magic Time was spent
To laugh with Gnomes, with Trolls and more
Afore the Dawn away them bore

And as I walked in Wonder there,
To the Field of Autumn’s Frost,
I saw like Dreams the Creatures there,
Old Races, in our Time now lost,
Gnomes and Elves feasting there

But as I reached this Field of Frost
The Sun rose up and shone
And all the dancers were now gone
For me forever lost
And all that’s left now is a Thought
In Moonlight it is wrought

And as I stood in Sadness there,
On this Field of Autumn’s Frost,
I heard like Dreams the Creatures there,
Old Races, in our Time now lost,
Gnomes’ and Elves’ Laughter there
That's not a bird, it's a chicken!

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Rating Orb Seadweller, Chaotic Good Artist – joined 6 years ago 68.40.XXX.XXX6 years ago
I genuinly don't write much poetry, but here's some I wrote recently:

Pulsating, feeding, growing and digging
We feast on your flesh and drink blood like you drink wine
We constantly move and we twitch and we jerk
We live in your body, we live under your skin
We eat you alive and leave only bones
We make you grimace and look away
We are the maggots, hurray, hurray!

And this is in my opinion the best one I ever wrote:

I stare into the empty darkness
the empty darkness stares into me
"Why don't I turn on the light?" I ask
deep down, I know the answer:
in the darkness,
the shadows ancompany me.

The poetry you guys write here is so much better than mine... I hope that with experience I can write better poems.

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Rating Orb Abbx901, Chaotic Good Artist – joined 7 years ago 113.203.XXX.XXX6 years ago
"So, We'll Go No More A-roving"

So, we'll go no more a-roving
So late into the night,
Though the heart be still as loving
And the moon be still as bright.

For the swords outwears the sheath
And the soul wears out the breast
And the heart must pause to breath
And love itself have rest.

Though the night was made for loving,
And the day returns too soon
Yet we'll go no more a-roving
By the light of the moon.

It's a poem full of love, romance and all that. I really admire it.
If the mind is like the candle, the heart is like the sun.

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Rating Orb Maro, Chaotic Good Artist – joined 6 years ago 91.114.XXX.XXX6 years ago
Here's another one I wrote; I don't know how it came into existence (I only remember being unable to sleep because of the inspiration I received). It's called The Lonely Traveller and tells the story of the first sapient being walking on earth...It seems strange to say that now, so here's the link so as you can read it yourself: [LINK]

By the way, I'd very much like some sort of feedback if you can find the time.
That's not a bird, it's a chicken!

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Rating Orb Noxin, Chaotic Evil Yalortian – joined 6 years ago 97.124.XXX.XXX6 years ago
Well, I don't often write poetry but here is somthing. Im not sure if it even counts as poetry but i hope you all like it anyways.

A Second to Live
I've loved you for a second,
A minute, an hour,
A day, a year.
You are my everything
I need you forevermore
I dream a dream of love
Of spending my life with you.
I've known you for a second,
A minute, an hour,
A day, a year.
You showed me what life could be,
How much love it could give me,
But you took all that away.
I have wept for a second,
A minute, an hour,
A day, a year.
Tears lull me to sleep at night,
Your memory is a ghost
Of happyness turned bitter.
I will die in a year, day,
An hour, a minute,
In a second.
Tempo è la migliore medicina.

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