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ForumFig Hunter Has Anyone Found It?

Has Anyone Found It?17 Posts

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Rating Orb ! rs111, Lawful Good Healer – joined 9 years ago 204.45.XXX.XXX8 years ago
This mistake has been made by many people before, so let me make it clear,
Fig Hunter =/= The Rise of YALORTism!!!!!
Yes, its one of his older games, but its NOT FIG HUNTER!!!
BUT..... this is probably what fig hunter looked and worked like, though if Pseudo decided to keep TROY and not Fig Hunter, then I suppose it was far more buggy, and had poorer game design, so I dont think you guys need to worry, you're probably not missing out on anything more than a chance to see how much Pseudo has progressed in the field of game design.

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Rating Orb Khaibob, Chaotic Neutral Pyromancer – joined 9 years ago 70.121.XXX.XXX8 years ago
I do believed I played fighunter quite a while back, there is a chance it was TROY but I'm pretty sure it was fighunter. It was interesting but not quite as dynamic as his newer games. But it showed progression made form then and also showed skill. It was interesting but not as fun as games like mardek and beast signer, in my opinion.
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Rating Orb Coolguy3145, Lawful Good Healer – joined 9 years ago 72.211.XXX.XXX8 years ago
I remember the game it was like mardek but more detailed I only got my fig hunter up to about lv 5 maybe. Other than that the game had some glitches.
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Rating Orb Geomancia, Chaotic Good Peasant – joined 7 years ago ..XXX.XXX7 years ago
I looked around for this game and it was quite good, up until the point where I got to the fight with the cultling. I think you might be supposed to lose against him but when I did, the game froze and his went into one of those...glitch-cycle...things.But anyway, no-one bother playing the game.It is broken. Your computer might get worse things done to it than being frozen for 10 seconds.

Wait a minute. This is a dead forum isn't it? Oh well, nevermind. Just trying to help.

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Rating Orb LiadyC, True Neutral Healer – joined 8 years ago ..XXX.XXX7 years ago
Its kinda hard to find it.. and the CLOSEST game to it was that game in Deviant art.. LOOK.. the game is lost.. we'll NEVER find it!

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Rating Orb Aethir, True Neutral Fig Hunter – joined 6 years ago 173.35.XXX.XXX6 years ago
I might be taunted with false information but the wiki says Pseudo is going to remake it or just use part of the title, I dunno as a new game. As an MMO called Fig Hunter Online.
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Rating Orb coreyj, Lawful Good Peasant – joined 8 years ago ..XXX.XXX6 years ago
We know that. The whole POINT is to find the game Fig Hunter, and play it. Unfortunately, it seems impossible, unless you can code webpages or something.

EDIT (12/2/2012): Did I even write this? When??
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