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Rating Orb ! necroramo, Chaotic Evil Pyromancer – joined 10 years ago 24.44.XXX.XXX8 years ago
by the time this game comes out, we'll all be dead.

except for pseudolonewolf because he's an ubermensch.
i'm proud to be american, where at least i know i'm free, and i won't forget the men who died and gave that right and i'll stand up next to you and defend her still today

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Rating Orb UncleRex, Chaotic Evil Dark Knight – joined 9 years ago 60.234.XXX.XXX8 years ago
turns out it's not irony, just an amusing coincidence, but feel free to misuse the word as much as you want - everyone else does anyway =)
(however i did enjoy your use of the word ‹bermensch, so thanks for that)
thanks for listening

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Rating Orb Raider Zero fan, Neutral Evil Dark Knight – joined 8 years ago 50.47.XXX.XXX8 years ago
You've already voiced your objections to the game's late release date (If Pseudo didn't provide a release date like other developers, would people feel the same way?) on two other threads. I'm pretty sure that's enough. Even though you may be correct, especially if Pseudo sees this and thinks "smeg, why do I even bother sharing the games I make with these sorts of unappreciative bums?"

Hrothgar`s Avatar
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Rating Orb Hrothgar, Chaotic Good Wizard – joined 9 years ago 174.63.XXX.XXX8 years ago
Raider Zero has a point. Pseudo makes these games for free, so he probably has a job to support himself. Therefor he doesn't have 24/7 to do nothing but make games. Unless he gets a real sponsor for the site, or people really start to forward him money, he's going to have to do this on a "in my free time" sort of fashion.

In response to your "we'll be dead" part of your comment, how do you know that you are not already dead? That you have already joined the ever growing ranks of the living dead? Because if you cannot tell, then your comments are null and void and you must be axed repeatedly and then set on fire to prevent the spread of the unholy disease of the undead.
All that is gold does not glitter,<br /> not all those who wander are lost; <br /> the old that is strong does not wither,<br /> deep roots are not reached by the frost.<br /> From the ashes a fire shall be woken,<br /> a light from the shadows shall spring;<br /> renewed shall be blade that was broken,<br /> the crownless again shall be king.

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Rating Orb Moczan, True Neutral Programmer – joined 10 years ago 188.121.XXX.XXX8 years ago
Hrothgar, Pseudo stated it countless amount of times that game development is his full-time work, he don't have any other job and he tries to make a living from games and

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Rating Orb β Michael, Lawful Neutral Programmer – joined 11 years ago 204.244.XXX.XXX8 years ago
One fact I missed when I first read this thread (it's easy to do if you are only looking at the "Recent Comments") --- while the original post may appear to be a whine about Mardek 3's slipping release date, this is actually the "7 Heavens 9 Hells" subforum.

Which makes the "irony" claim make a bit more sense, since 7H9H is about the afterlife.

Also, in all seriousness 7H9H may indeed never be completed. According to the games page, it is very low priority for Pseudolonewolf.

Additionally, I don't think it has that much of a following here. Speaking for myself, while I would be more interested in it than the new new Raider (which Pseudolonewolf has chosen to work on right now), I want it far less than FHO or Beast Signer. And it seems most people here only care about Mardek.

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Rating Orb oooooooo, Lawful Evil Philosopher – joined 8 years ago 94.209.XXX.XXX8 years ago
someone please explain the difference between irony and amusing coincidence to me, really I don't get it.
........ and that

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Rating Orb Blaise, True Neutral Wizard – joined 8 years ago 99.129.XXX.XXX7 years ago
I have a select quote from an article below describing pretty accurately what irony means :

"Irony is the clash of opposites. It is the juxtaposition of what is expected against what happens; what you know and what you think you know.

It is not the same as coincidence. If a ginger person finds that the only drinks left at a party are cans of ginger beer and ginger ale, this is not ironic. If anything, this is the opposite of irony. If there is a convention of ginger hair haters and the only drink available is ginger beer or ginger ale, this may be considered ironic, but it's a long shot.

Nor is it bad luck. If a president is killed by someone accidently discharging their weapon, this is bad luck. If they are killed by someone discharging their weapon in celebration of that president being elected, that is ironic.

If something is appropriate, it is not ironic. If you see a grossly obese person tucking into a kebab, this is not ironic. It is exactly what you expect them to be doing. If you see a fat person deciding to give their heart a break for once and instead of going to KFC, they cross the road to get to the salad bar and are then run down by a truck transporting diet pills which, this is ironic."


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