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ForumMARDEK Ideas of how Mardek would die(if he does)

Ideas of how Mardek would die(if he does)9 Posts

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Rating Orb crystal, True Neutral Paladin – joined 7 years ago 69.62.XXX.XXX6 years ago
This thread is for you guys to come up with stupid stuff that might happen to mardek.if you can't come up with anything however...
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Rating Orb super89super, True Neutral Elite Gamer – joined 6 years ago 76.169.XXX.XXX6 years ago
Mardek probably won't die for the title of the game is Mardek RPG. But if I had to choose...
1) Some one winged angel decides to stab him in his heart and realizes it's the wrong person... Or...
2) Mardek would die in an unbeatable boss battle which CAN be won but Mardek dies anyways.
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Rating Orb michaelan, Chaotic Good Wizard – joined 6 years ago 67.6.XXX.XXX6 years ago
Mardek might actually die, because Roholf is becoming evil due to the violet crystal so he might like kill Mardek and then realize what he's done and resurrect him or something.
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Rating Orb vincenacen, Chaotic Good Wizard – joined 9 years ago 69.126.XXX.XXX6 years ago
I remember having a "Rohoph is evil" discussion a long time ago, and in summary;

Rohoph is not unaffected by the Violet Crystal but because of the way the crystal works, he doesn't know it, so he could eventually become the Big Bad, during or after the demise of the rest of the GdM, and then, all of his friends/party members will have to kill him in a climactic fight somewhere.

But that's not all! With Mardek dead, Rohoph can find another body to inhabit! and guess what? You have two other light elemental characters in your party as of the end of Chapter 3!

But I digress. Mardek will be eaten by a stoat. End of story.

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Rating Orb kokon324, Chaotic Neutral Scientist – joined 6 years ago 108.16.XXX.XXX6 years ago
How about this? Rohoph takes control over Mardek completely which leads him to be "dead" or at least in a state similar to a coma. Of course he fights his way through his imagination, encountering plenty of his old rivals and friends along the way, including a boss which transforms into a super-buffed version of any boss Mardek has fought along the way (It changes every turn). Then he returns to become his former self and Rohoph is forced out of his body where he takes Duegan (who we assume will be back at this point) as a host. Thus the greatest controversy of all time ensues, leaving Mardek in an extremely sticky situation.

Just my two cents.
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Rating Orb tRocks, Neutral Good Artist – joined 6 years ago 174.114.XXX.XXX6 years ago
kokon, he won't take Deugan as a host, unless he dies for real, because he's not the same element as him. A somewhat depressing arc I could picture would be Mardek committing suicide to get rid of Rohoph, after having an ally, maybe Solaar or Gloria learn the soul seal thing Rohoph did, then sealing his soul.

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Rating Orb SAPPHIROS, True Neutral Fig Hunter – joined 6 years ago ..XXX.XXX6 years ago
Well, actually when MARDEK dies Rohoph can't get into another body because he is now human (End of chapter 3, GdM talking Baltharzar's last quote). Maybe Solaar could use resurrect on him without getting Rohoph as well? GdM will be very happy with that... Maybe Rohoph could go back through the Astral Tunnel and get back into another Light Elemental Annunaki? Wait: He can't without Qualna, which he killed... Stupid Rohoph. Maybe MARDEK does a Duegen with a heroic sacrifice against Rohoph's will? That would make the GdM happy AND make all his allies sad...

MAYBE Baron Von Doomkill gets out of Legion and goes about on a rampage... Send all of these and the other posts to Pseudo!

Your forum signature is a quote from Melchior... It's a bit wrong: the real one is
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MELCHIOR: So it will take a very long time to wash it. You see, mathematically, since I have no hair, and dividing by zero results in infinity, it shall take an infinite amount of time to wash my hair.

ALSO, Melchior got it wrong, dividing something by 0 can make any number, and infinity is not a number. Oh well, lets just settle for something very long...
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Rating Orb coreyj, Lawful Good Peasant – joined 8 years ago ..XXX.XXX6 years ago
The point of the quote is to be partly stupid and mostly misguided, with a bit of incorrectness...

Anyway, what if Mardek gets killed in a super battle against a real big army that is threatening to destroy Goznor? And, even better, what if the Goznor army loses the battle? Plus, maybe Zach, Elwyen, Bernard, and Sslen'ck would die in said battle, and Meraeador would be seriously injured -- and Venni would betray Goznor?
I really miss these on Sunlit...

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Rating Orb Ben1005, Chaotic Neutral Technician – joined 8 years ago 173.12.XXX.XXX6 years ago
I have an idea! Before Chapter 3 was released there was a thread called "Did Deugan Survive?" or something like that and someone mentioned that Deugan may have eaten some sort of reagent that caused something to happen to him,but the side effects are unimportant!

Somebody else then said that since Deugan was the more responsible one,it would be much,MUCH more likely that Mardek would eat reagents! (That is,if anybody's going to eat reagents at all.)

But anyways,based on this idea,is it possible that Mardek may have eaten some sort of poisoning reagent sort of food thing that caused him to become incredibly sick and die,maybe...? Hmmm...
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