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Missing comments on blog posts3 Posts

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Rating Orb β Michael, Lawful Neutral Programmer – joined 11 years ago 204.244.XXX.XXX6 years ago
I've noticed a problem with the blog -- the number of comments displayed does not reflect the number of comments actually visible. For example, as I write this, the "What is going on?" blog claims to have 84 comments. Yet in fact there are only 57. Page 1 has 21, page 2 has 30, and page 3 has 6.

In addition, comments are listed on the community page that I cannot find. According to the community page, the last comment there was by Rating Orb Blitz 14 hours ago, as well as 5 other earlier comments. Yet only one 2 day old comment from him is visible.

It seems like the site may be accepting comments but never actually showing some of them. Maybe this old site only seems dead because of this bug....

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Rating Orb Seiryuu, Lawful Good Healer – joined 6 years ago 173.180.XXX.XXX6 years ago
Are you sure replies aren't counted? Recount with the number of replies in the total. That might be why you're missing comments.
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Rating Orb Ribbit, Neutral Good Philosopher – joined 6 years ago ..XXX.XXX6 years ago
If a comment chain goes longer than uh... I think three comments (which is one parental comment and a replie and to this replie another replie) then the later comments are hidden. You can than find a *n Replies* were n is the number of replies to this comment under the left down corner of the last visible comment. If you click this a new site with these comments opens. Or you just click on the symbol to the left on the community site were the comments are shown to directly go to this comment. Just finding them by opening the blog really is not easy.

But I bet all of you already knew that, huh? It took a month for me to get this.
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