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Which beast would you be?4 Posts

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Rating Orb david s, Lawful Good Paladin – joined 8 years ago ..XXX.XXX6 years ago
Meh, it's been forever since I've made a less-than-serious thread... so it's overdue! The site needs some activity here anyway, so hopefully this will kick-start some, since it is a rather favoured game I'm talking about here!

It's really what the title says. Which beast, in Beast Signer, best describes you? Now, to get an idea, it's best to think in terms of your element first, then... your secondary element! Then after that, go with whether you think you'd be more physical or magical, or if you're somewhere in the middle.(Note that not all element groups have stage 2 beasts in those forms, so perhaps you're a stage 1?) Of course, you could also just say which beast you like more of the choices and whatnot. I'm afraid, however, this doesn't make for very long forum posts. I mean, it's nice to have them short and sweet, but it's not too... er... interesting that way. Perhaps add why you would be that beast, or if you like that beast? Myes.

What would I be? I've put thought into it, and I'm fairly sure I'd be a Snowolf. Myes. Water primary, light secondary, balanced between physical and magical... myes. I will also say I rather like the Snowolf... it's rather adorable and powerful, plus it inflicts a useful status on enemies. It really is my favourite beast, as well. I like the Lupup thingy too, but I just love the Snowolf. Why? I love dogs, wolves, just canines in general. I love water, and I love light, so it's only fitting that the Snowolf would be a perfect match for me.

Anyway, go forth! Discuss!

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Rating Orb Ribbit, Neutral Good Philosopher – joined 6 years ago ..XXX.XXX6 years ago
Hm, this is really hard to decide. It's nearly as hard as to decide on ones temperaments. Because what I just find cool and what best describes me is a huge difference. I'm not good at thinking objectively about myself. And ... I hate to admit it but I did not play Beast Signer long enough to know about all beasts through first hand experience. So I just took a look at the Fighunter Wiki.

First I thought: Okay, earth is cool. I ever liked earth as an element the most. But the terra (earth-earth) beasts were either boring or not fitting to me. Soo I just looked at every other beast with primary element earth. I eventually grew to like Bgeln a little. It looks interesting, I actually own it in the game, it's rather strong. But does it describes me? Well, it's the physical form and I would rather think of me as balanced (because I am for sure not physical dominant). It has a big mouth and it's said it's strange, okay, check, this does describe me but I still cannot personify myself with it. I searched further and I found a beast I liked at first sight: Gote. It's somezhing like a goat. It's usually peaceful, like me, but angered it can provide pain (okay, I don't do that but I can be pretty aggressive when angered, like, with words) It's balanced and has earth as secondary element, that has to suffice, fire as first element is good too, with the reasoning that my zodiac's a fire one (and it's ram which fits with Gote too) I usually don't care about zodiac signs but now it's a welcome argument. And I like sheeps. Which are similar to goats except they're less crazy.

Soo, I would be the Gote! And nobody can convince me otherwise. Just try and see what will happen!
And then they panicked - like sheeps usually do

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Rating Orb WiiPlayer113, Lawful Evil Politician – joined 7 years ago 66.157.XXX.XXX6 years ago
I, like Rating Orb Ribbit, had a difficult time deciding which beast describes me. At first, I wound up just choosing which beast I thought was the most interesting to me in terms of appearance, which ended up being Zombog. However, I realized that it's primary element was Dark, which is not me at all.

Then, I looked at the beasts with earth as it's primary element, because that is what I actually am. I found the Earth-Earth not fitting of me, nor did I want to be a vegetable, insect, or goblin. I decided to go with Vulcan, Earth-Fire element, because when I first came on this site, I chose the fire element. Also, I can get pretty emotional and angry at times. I did not want to be the Stage 1 beast because it is described as profoundly stupid, I love oxymorons. From the three choices, I chose the power form over the magic form and balanced form because I do not like magic. So I would be a Saur.

I would like to be a Saur because it is described as "unremarkable", and sometimes it is good to be common and not stand out. I thought the Saur was pretty cool looking until I realized that there are many more beasts that look identical except for a different color.
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Rating Orb E FoxFirelight, Neutral Good Druid – joined 8 years ago 72.169.XXX.XXX6 years ago
I really wanted to post here, but I couldn't decide which beast I'd be, so I kept putting it off... However, I REALLY don't want my last post to be in that stupid troll thread, and the idea seems cool so I want to participate. I'll give it a go anyway, I guess!

Anj: I like the Anj. It's fluffy and clean looking, and it probably smells nice. xD Apparently it just peacefully floats around healing others, which sounds both pleasant and stress-free. If I had the opportunity to float around healing others, I'd take it in a heartbeat! (Rescue helicopter operation as a future job option, perhaps?!)

Grigg: This one's much closer to me in element, being Earth/Air. It lives in grassy woodlands, kind of like me (well, I live in a HOUSE in some grassy woodlands, but it's close enough, right? I spent a night outside once, that should count for something...). It likes playing harmless tricks on others, which I don't do so much but sounds like fun anyway.

However, I'm not too big on either of their stats (No magic, high HP, and high speed would be me, probably), which leads me to my final option:

Djingo: The djingo doesn't really match me in temperament OR element, but I like the looks of it, as well as its stats. And roglops. I like roglops. The one thing about the Djingo that suits me best, however, is its fire breath. If I had fire breath, I could roast SO MANY MARSHMALLOWS! :O

So, uh, not my most serious thread ever but... I'm glad this was my last forum post on the old site... it was fun. ^_^"
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