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Many of my friends are really into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. After seeing a few episodes, I don't blame them. The show is cute, colorful, and has some nice, uplifting themes. It is well-written, and developed by the now-famous Lauren Faust. And while I'm not a brony, I have enjoyed what I have seen of the show so far. But it struck me that every main member of the cast (and nearly every member of the supporting cast as well) is not only likeable, but well-liked. That isn't as common in cartoons as one would expect, as most "bad" characters are vilified by the show itself. However, one of MLP's great strengths is how the characters are characterized, making them as believable as cartoon ponies can be.

So why have I decided to post about their temperaments? Well, after all the discussion on this site about how terrible cholerics are, I figured that a show like MLP, with all its colorful, likeable characters, would have no cholerics. But upon analyzing the descriptions of the temperaments on this site in greater detail, it has become clear to me that not only are no two ponies in the main cast the same temperament combinations, but also that each one of the four temperaments is represented in the main cast.

Let's start with Twilight Sparkle. Twilight is pragmatic, level-headed, and usually serious. She is very introverted, which is a downright bizarre trait for the supposed protagonist of a children's cartoon. But that's beside the point. Twilight's primary temperament can be nothing but . While she does not exhibit all of the traits of , she has way more than she needs to qualify. Her secondary temperament was tough for me to determine, but I eventually settled on . She does not want to cause trouble for her friends, to the degree that she would sacrifice her own enjoyment just to avoid hurting her friends' feelings. Between those, Twilight is .

Rainbow Dash is an interesting case. She is outgoing, competitive, and excitable. She thinks very highly of herself and she doesn't like backing down in a fight. I think the two top candidates, and , are very close. However, her stubbornness and contrary nature tips the scales a bit, and so I can see her as nothing but .

Rarity has a lot of traits, but not the same ones as Twilight Sparkle. She is highly creative, has exacting standards, complains frequently, and can be critical of others, especially when it comes to their appearances. However, I got a little stuck when coming up with a secondary temperament for her. She's stubborn and condescending like a choleric, and social and vain like a sanguine. I think if I see more of the show I will get to know her better. Until then, I will tentatively assign her .

Applejack appears to be the one that eludes me. She doesn't show traits of one temperament very much more strongly than she does the rest. She is competitive like a choleric, and outgoing like a sanguine. If there's one thing she does not seem to be, it's phlegmatic. I'm going to leave this one up in the air.

Pinkie Pie is . Boy, is she . So much so that I'm not sure what her secondary temperament could be. Maybe it's also . She sure is friendly.

Fluttershy is obviously . I'm not even going to explain that one. But her behavior when her friends are threatened (like in that episode where she yells at the dragon) has lead me to suspect that her secondary temperament is . It could be , though. Or . Again, I'm not sure here.

As this is all based on my own personal analysis of the first ten or so episodes of the series, I do not in any way claim to have a comprehensive understanding of everypony's temperament. However, I feel that this is a good starting point for more in-depth analysis of temperaments and characterization.
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