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Rating Orb dragoon8727, Chaotic Good Elite Gamer – joined 9 years ago 216.255.XXX.XXX6 years ago
A long time ago, I used to come on this website, to check on Mardek. The creator continuously stated "I don't need help! Ill finish it. I wont share my "art" with someone else!". He wont finish it. I said that back after Mardek 2. He surprised me by actually finishing 3, so I'll give him that. And since then, I've even made my own game, and I get what its like working hard on something - It sucks. And like I said he would, I also began to cut corners, and just not like working on it at all, doing less and less. So using the excuse "You don't know what it's like to make a game" is invalid then, as it is now. Still - He isn't going to finish Mardek, he is bored of it, and first sign of abandonment is his starting 10 microprojects to put it off. Second sign is cutting down the release date. He said he would mess with the intended story, because he doesn't want to do 8 chapters anymore. It's down to 6 at the most. It will go down to 5. Then maybe 4. And the odds of him even working on Mardek 4 at all? I'd say below 10%. I got flamed so much for saying the truth about game making, even though I was right, and no one would accept the truth, and Pseudo just kept telling everyone he would finish it. Welp, he isn't, so thats that. And that's my rant, just to basically say - I told you so.
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Rating Orb silentcat, Chaotic Good Wizard – joined 10 years ago 124.149.XXX.XXX6 years ago
You do realise almost nobody is going to read this right? Pretty much none of us use this part of the site anymore.

Now if you excuse me, I'm heading back to the new site.
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