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Rating Orb spacecowboy76, Neutral Good Fig Hunter – joined 8 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago
I've never really talked about this, as I've always thought of it as one of the few quirks that I have that no one else (that I'll ever meet in person, anyway) has, but now that just makes me want to share it more.
My mind comprehends things in a way I hardly even understand: through music. When I think of something, be it a concept, person, or object, my mind composes a song that reminds me of that thing, or thinks of a song I already know. Everything I am is influenced my music. It is literally the force that drives my life. My state of mind, my very soul (if I believed that such a thing existed) is affected by whatever song is playing, even if it's just whatever song I'm thinking of. I could be thinking of a really happy, upbeat song, and that alone would make me feel overjoyed to be alive, then suddenly I'll start thinking of a sad, melancholy song, and instantly I hit a near-suicidal depression. Music affects me more than any other force. Now, it's not the only thing that holds power like that over me. I still react accordingly to other things, like my step-brother constantly talking in his sleep, or getting that new game I've been saving up for. But, of all the things in my life, music is the greatest of them all to me. Without music, I would probably cease to be, first spiritually, then physically. I enjoy any form of music now, even stuff I used to hate with a burning passion.
I wanted to bring this up because... It's something that no one else alive has known before now. I guess it's time that I let it out. It's not like it's some weight that I've been dragging around, but it still feels liberating to talk about it. It's like I'm finally ready to let the world know who I really am. I don't care anymore what they think of me. It's time they saw me for real. I'm finally ready to let them know... Finally ready to help them understand.
You know what song this site makes me think of? Emela's theme from MARDEK. So peaceful, so calm... It gives me a feeling like there's some deeper meaning to it, and to everything.
So peaceful... It feels like nothing bad can happen while this music plays. It's like all the evil everywhere just vanishes...
Wish I still had a place to go, but this ruin will never be the same again. Shame....

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Rating Orb E CtG, True Neutral Wizard – joined 9 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago
I kinda can relate, actually!

I also have a lot of music in my life, but I guess I have it maybe a little less than what you described about yourself. I do tend to associate moods with music. For example when I'm about to do something I'm nervous about, battle music starts to play in my head. I also have depression songs, longingness songs, happy songs, even walking songs! I enjoy walking to the beat. :B

But I don't like singing or dancing, though. It feels kinda humiliating for me and I know my voice is rather failtastic. I'm more of a listener person, so that means I'm listening to my music collection right now on my earphones. I do not want other people to hear what I listen to, normally.

Like you, I listen to a vast array of genres. In general though, I try to avoid too loud and too sweary music. My favorite for some reason is music I've heard in my childhood. I guess I go more for memories than quality? I suppose my taste is for memories, though, not quality.

I miss the times and the people.

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Rating Orb DeeKayFTW, Chaotic Good Fig Hunter – joined 6 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago
Well, I think I have something alike the thing you just described... When I'm not listening to music, I've got to hum anything in my mind, or even whistle aloud! It's mostly related to event that just occured / is going to occur, or the thing I'm just doing. For example, when I'm on Fig Hunter, I'm humming various tracks from Pseudolonewolf's games (ask Rating Orb Michos, I'm usualy talking with him while being here. It's a shame his ears are going to fall of).

By the way... Let's build here our super-secret community!

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