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Rating Orb david s, Lawful Good Paladin – joined 8 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago
For the record, I was originally going to call the thread "look up my pictures and tell me that I'm cool and you like me." because Rating Orb Michos jokingly said that in a post recently, but that might seem too inane to most people so I went with this.

I'm fairly certain that's the point of the art section of the forum though, isn't it? I mean, really. I do say. And such. Crumpets. ._o <---That face has a monocle.

Okay, so in all seriousness, I'm going to turn this into a thread that you post various pictures(Art pictures, not just pictures of you duck-facing and trying to show off your womanly chest, like oh so many girls do on Facebook.) and to get *actual critiques* of them. Why am I making this thread? Two reasons: I want to see how good people are at drawing and such, and I also want to know if I'm good at drawing! All the feedback I can get is great, and I like being praised, even if I don't praise myself!(In hindsight, that's probably why I like being praised... that, or I'm a narcissist. Or both.)

Note: My links might not work, so bear with me.

Anyway, I might as well post up links to my stuff! Since I'm uncomfortable sharing some of my drawings, I'll only share a few! Also note that I'm very new to drawing people, I started about a year ago so my drawings probably aren't too good and such... I used to draw dragons a lot, but I lacked creativity. Most of the drawings I'll show you here are direct copies of anime characters, I'm effectively "reproducing" a picture I find on google, down to the last line. For instance, these:
[LINK] (Natsu from Fairy Tail.)
[LINK] & [LINK] (Yuno from Mirai Nikki.)
[LINK] (Haruhi from... Haruhi... I mean, there are several things that start with her name, in which she's the main character.)

However, I've also done what I consider to be more "true fanart", which is drawing without directly basing it on a picture in particular, this is kinda like that, but it's actually based much more on a different picture:
[LINK] (Fairy Tail characters posing in the exact fashion of the Star Wars cover. )

Finally, I do make drawings on my own that aren't really based on anything in particular. For instance, these:

[LINK] (*Vaguely meant to look kinda like Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist, but it's a different character.)
[LINK] (Not a copy off of anything.)
[LINK] (Also not a copy of anything.)

I'm sure I'll get a response or two, but I'm really looking forward to other people's art and such! Since I'm still a little too lazy to get a dA account!

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Rating Orb Michos, Neutral Evil Fig Hunter – joined 9 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago
Okay, this message Is a waste of space as of now, but I have only little time to write anything here, sorry about that, I'll edit it and add more opinions later.
Just wanted to say, that I like your drawings, although I have no idea who the characters are, they look like, umh, people, and pretty well drawn at that. I can't draw people for smeg, for example.
so, yeah, you're cool, cos' you make cool drawings, and you're awesome, cos' you quoted me, and as we all know, I'm awesome, so you inherited some of that by quoting me. Or something.
YALORT bless ya.

So, you want actual critique, eh? Are you sure? If so, well, here we go.

Fist, you should have posted the original pictures that you were reproducing, it would help a lot with judging what you do, what you can't do, and what you don't notice when you are drawing. But I don't see any general flaws with them, they look good. I would assume they are very close to the originals, it's easy to see when somebody failed to redraw another picture.
I'm not gonna concentrate on them.

The Star wars-manga-thingy is pretty impressive. You didn't copy any of the poses from the poster, except for Luke (Why did you get rid of the massive neckline? aww), yet it is clear what you were alluding to. Bbbuut...
Lazy list of positive and negative things that I should have turned into a longer text, but I didin't
(-) The picture feels really empty with no background except for the Vader-guy.
(+) The Vader guy looks very good, if it's not a replica of another picture, you have a reason to be proud of youself.
(+) I can barely see the faces there (you should get yourself a scanner or draw it on computer) but they look good. I mean, I see that they are faces, when I draw faces, they look like eggplant.
(-) Well...Leia-gal's eye seem to be almost as big as her hands...But it's manga, you are forgiven.
(-) Leia-gal's legs look weird. Admittedly, Leia on the poster probably defies laws of physics, but you do it even more. Her right way is bent in a way that should be painful for her, or at least very uncomfortable, and her left leg is...gone? Well I assume that the white U thingy under her dress is her left feet, and if so, you should out some shade on the dress to show that the leg is closer then everything else.
(+) Well, their breasts seem to succumb to laws of physics, this shouldn't be something noticeable, but unfortunately, most people like to put air balloons in the characters shirt.
(-) Considering how steep this boulder-whatever is, Luke-gal's right leg is either much longer than her left leg, or it is mid-air. Or maybe she put it on the Leia's butt, that would make sense.

All in all, it it a good picture, it just needs more attention. Good thing to redraw in 10 years for your "Then vs Now" pic on devart.

And for the original pics:
(-) Black haired girl has REALLY short arms and REALLY tiny feet.
(-) Her upper body is unproportional to her lower body. Hips should be at least 4/5 the width of her shoulders, and that's is she has a tiny upper body too. With this massive chest, she should break in half.
(+) The faces are well done. In this case, I especially like the black haired chick I am complaining so much about. It's manga, so, faces don't care about how anatomy works, but they are pleasant to look at. And I like blackie's eyes.
(o) There isn't much difference, but in the FmA picture, the proportions work the most. Maybe it's the pose. I would complain that her head is big, but, well, it's manga. Although her arms are also tiny. When straight, they should end somewhere around 1/2 or upper 1/3rd of the thigh.
(o) Blond chick's hands are good, and her upper/lower body proportions work not-bad, considering that she doesn't have such massive gazangas.
(-) There is no posing in the pictures. no perspective. I know the problem, because I did it all the time, and I still sometimes do it. It's good for learning proportions, but you shouldn't stick to it. Do more pictures like the star wars ones, the ones that make you think "how should that leg work?".

Okay, I'm done.
Do you feel like a useless piece of smeg yet? Because you shouldn't. Because those pictures are good. I they were bad, I wouldn't point out the things I don't like. I'm waiting to see more.

This is the part where I brag about my own stuff.

I'm too lazy to brag today. Here, tell me I'm awesome. Or, you know, don't. I'd love to be told about every little mistake I made in my pictures. I'm masochist like that. Anybody would be nice enough to tell me about all the ways I suck? I can't improve otherwise.

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Rating Orb david s, Lawful Good Paladin – joined 8 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago
For the original pictures I was copying off of, I found 3 of the 4, one for each character.
The Natsu pic was copying this: [LINK]
The Second Yuno pic(The shower one) was this: [LINK]
The Haruhi pic was this: [LINK]

*Edit* found the other parent picture for the first Yuno Gasai drawing: [LINK] I used the top image of those two. Myes.

For now I'm very limited on time, but I would like to point out that in the Star Wars crossover, that is not her left foot, it's her knee. The postures were copying this: [LINK] in which you can see, it was supposed to be the knee, not the foot.

I copied the pose because, as you pointed out, I suck a lot with poses.

For now, though, I won't work on poses, because I still need to get portions right.(As you said.)

I have more to say later, but for now, this is all I can manage, I really must be going.

*Edit from here on in*

Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't say more earlier. I had class, and I had managed to find 3 of the impossibly hard to find images before class, so I had to post them before I lost them! XP

Uhm, I think that I'll mostly focus on the stuff you said about the original drawings, more than the others... since... y'know... you had nothing to base your criticism on without the originals.

Yeah, I noticed that the background in the Star Wars thing was missing a lot, in fact, I wasn't even going to add Jellal.(The vader guy.) Then when I was almost done, I considered putting in the tower of heaven where the death star was, and the exceeds where the X-wing fighters were, but I figured that A: That'd be too much, and B: That'd throw the balance of the drawing off to the left.(The original is really unbalanced, had you ever noticed that?)

Unfortunately, the "Vader guy" was a copy of an image. :( He was the only one I really directly copied, since the other faces were too small. Here's the original: [LINK] and yes, I know I messed up the shading on his lower lip.

I suck at drawing on computers, so I can't do that, and I have a scanner, but I can't figure out how to hook it up. I did get a better camera, though. For the record, since I was drawing the faces so small on that, they all look a lot worse in real life. Except Jellal, he looks a lot better, methinks.(I'm really sorry, Erza and Lucy, I wish I could have drawn your faces better!)

I think I got the depth of the drawing wrong... it's hard to give the impression that "Leia gal's" leg is supposed to be *bent back*, rather that just to the side... hm.

Air balloons are better than water balloons!

As I said before, the poses were copied from the Star Wars cover... oddly enough, you're quite right, even with the original: Where the devil did Luke's leg go? o_O

Onto my originals! YAY! I LIKE TO BRAG! I AM THAT GODLY!

I see what you mean with "blackie's" arms being short(So as to not sound racist, just call her "Katty".) However, I'm not sure I agree about her feet being small.(You're supposed to be seeing them from the front, so you wouldn't see the length, only the width.) That being said, there's a reason I didn't draw them in profile: I suck as drawing the pose right. I always have the legs pointing forward, and the feet pointing sideways when I do that, which looks absurd.

Yeah... originally she had wider hips, but to give her a good looking chest, I needed a thin waist, and that resulted in either an even sicker looking hourglass figure, like 1950's hourglass, and that just wouldn't do.

Frankly, I'm surprised you didn't point out that kinpatsu doesn't have pupils.(Kinpatsu is not her actual name. It's the blond one, hence be calling her kinpatsu. I was recently watching Flare vs. Lucy, so it's still stuck in my head. You don't know what that means, but I'm sure someone here watches Fairy Tail.)

I'm also surprised that you didn't notice, or at least didn't point out, that the blond with half her face covered doesn't have any shadows, whereas literally every other picture I showed you had some extent.(Though Haruhi's shadow is only noticeable if you look for it.)

I BLOODY SUCK AT HANDS! Seriously, how do you draw them?!?

Anyway, onto something more important!

Your stuff!

I took a look at your dA stuff, Michos, and while I don't really know how to navigate that site at the moment, I saw some cool things it said you made, like you're drawing a Karnos(Awesomeness, by the way.) and I also enjoyed your Lingon, Runari Seer and especially Anu. I wish I could do that with a computer, but honestly, I can't even make a stick figure. I have terrible control over MS paint, and I don't have other software.

As for criticism, though... Uh... with the tainted grotto, the shape of the shadow's head looks really off... unless it's the juggernaut, which I doubt. Also, the shield should be a little lower, and depending on who it is(Mardek or Vehrn, most likely.) the sword should either be angled more to the side, or downward.(Vehrn fights with his sword down low, right?)

Also, the... purple MLP thing... It looks fantastic, but I have trouble overlooking the fact that the helmet it has it's hoof on wouldn't actually work, since it would cover the thing's eyes, since those are on the sides of her head, and it doesn't have a hole or anything for her horn. Still, I have completely no clue about MLP stuff, since I'm not a brony or anything, so I could be missing something.

Seriously though, you're really skilled with a computer! Honest! I have no technology skills!

By the way, Rating Orb Michos, the thing you said that I'm most glad to read is that you said "Manga" in describing my drawings! And Rating Orb Ribbit also mentioned my drawings as looking like anime stuff, so I'm very glad! My goal was to get to the point that my drawings wouldn't look like bastardized western drawings, so to have them look like anime means a lot to me.(I couldn't really tell, since it's one of those things you can't really judge, like the sound of your voice.) Oh, and Rating Orb Ribbit: No, I don't use aids. In fact, having lines on the paper of any kind is distracting, so I prefer to use paper with no lines. Drawing free-style is the most fun for me, though I do copy drawings by, uh.... guessing the angles and distances and stuff... and that seems to work pretty well.

(Sorry if you read this post when almost all the links were either failing, or wrong. Gomennasai.)

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Rating Orb Ribbit, Neutral Good Philosopher – joined 6 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago
At Rating Orb david s: I really like your Natsu pic. You managed to make it look natural and captured, well, Natsu. I can't say more to the other characters since I don't know them from first hand reading experiences but I guess they are okay. For the Star Wars crossover thing: Overall good looking, but there are a few places where it looks like you got a little lazy (I'm talking Natsu and Gray especially their trousers ... yes you heard me right. I don't like what can be seen of their trousers). Did you draw it just as it is? Without some aid lines or something? Cause I'm amazed how people can do anatomy right without aids. I can't do that. I also can't do shading things. You pull it of rather well. Oh, and for the last three ones: There the anatomy looks not quite good, as Rating Orb Michos pointed out already, but I like the heads up till down to the shoulders. Except for the one who's not Winry. There the whole thing looks rather good. But I have to admit that I am personally not too fond of non-specific anime-style.

At Rating Orb Michos: You're awesome and sh*t. I must confess your transformer and portal thingamajigs don't provoke any particular reactions in me. But most of the other stuff is simply great. I can't criticize people who are way better than everything that I could ever hope to be. Like with being able to really draw and stuff. With real colours and everything.

Soo, I draw too! Of course. I am proud to tell that I never tried to copy anything (stylewise)! I draw very cartoony since I can't draw some other way. I am a huge fan of personal style and so I have my personal style. Which sucks of course, but still. Maybe this is all just a big excuse because I don't want to bother to actually learn how to draw though. You tell me!

I'll link to my da gallery [LINK] There.

I have what I called 'Scribbles' [LINK] which is stuff I just scanned from my lecture notes, since I apparently only draw during lectures which resulted in me only being able to draw with my trusty fountain pen (that sounds weird, is that really the right word?) Well, I can draw with a pencil just as well, or bad, but the result is not really different, except the blue lines become grey lines. As I said before: I can't do shading and stuff. I tried. I failed.

And then I have my amateurish attempts to colour these scribbles in GIMP. I do like the results but they are definitely of poor quality.

And then there is my Mardek fanart stuff [LINK] . Well. I suppose I tried at least. Some people are very polite about it, though.

Please do tell me what you people actually and honestly think. I have really absolutely no idea how to think about my drawings.
And then they panicked - like sheeps usually do

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Rating Orb Michos, Neutral Evil Fig Hunter – joined 9 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago is calling a white person with black hair "Blackie" racist? Maybe being a tolerant person, that is very used to intolerant people, my brain can no longer see something as "offensive", but...really? Really, people would feel insulted by that? I do't understand people.

Responses to your responses to my criticism:

--Ah, the picture was based on this cover...Yeah, so you did copy the poses ^^'. I thought it was based on the original poster. Still, It's a good picture.

--...You didn't link to the original picture of the vader guy, you linked to your drawing.

--Katty's feet being tiny...look, I know it may be hard to do in real life, but: She is wearing boots. That means her leg inside those boots is thinner than what we see. Let's assume that it's still most of what we see, let's say, 4/5 of that. Her feet at her ANKLE is less than half the width of her neck. It's pretty much the same size as her two fingers. Her bones must be made of damn adamantium, I tell you.

--Well, you don't really have many women who are very tiny at her waist and hips, but have very large bosom, right? Petite women tend to have tiny breasts, while big-real, not fake-breasts usually go with wider hips. And oh, don't tell me you can't show how massive her bambuchas are without having thin waist.

--About the pupils and shadows...I just didn't notice, but those are not big problems. If I wanted to criticise anybody for the lack of proper shading I would probably go nuts after browsing amateur art on the internet for 5 minutes. Even professional art!

--"I BLOODY SUCK AT HANDS! Seriously, how do you draw them?!?" I DON'T KNOW, RIGHT?! Those things are messed up! Why can't humans have like, tentacles, or crab pincers, or something?!

Responses to the criticism of my pictures:

Okay, so, David, just in foolish hope that you might actually have anything not-nice to say about any pictures that might have gone unnoticed to you, here are all my Figunter-related pictures, and here are all my pictures in general, with nice tiny [next>] and [<previous] button on the bottom of the list.

About Vehrn in Tainted Grotto - Well, he was supposed to be ready for battle with those monsters, so hi kind of has his shield and sword raised...although I highly doubt that's how it looks when you raise your sword... And yeah, his head is kind of freaking huge, isn't it?

And the pony's helmet was supposed to be like this, this is kind of part of the joke. And it's actually a crossover with MMORPG Tibia, she is wearing the armor of one of the most, let's say, legendary fraction in Tibia's lore.

And Ribbit...I hate you. If you say that blah blah, something, better, blah blah, couldn't you, like, be a little envious, or something, flood me with sarcastic comments, all that cool stuff? It's boring, being this kind of ultimate flawless god-king among men that I am, you have to understand!

Considering the fact that transformers and portal don't excite you...Well, yeah, most of the transformers stuff are my drawing from loong time ago, mostly made right after the premiere of the first Bayformers, which I SO FREAKING LOVED. About Portal...well, those are models, not drawings, so, yeah, not much to discuss in this thread,

Oh, and...If anybody else comes here, and would be so nice to comment, I'd especially love to hear something about (1) (2) (3) (4) and (5). The last one mostly because you might have actually seen the Elemental now, In the...thing...with...The place. And the guys in the side. You know.

Criticism of Ribbit:

I really, honestly like your stuff. It is very cartoonish, but in the same time, well, it's very cartoonish. And I like cartoonish! You are not limited by realistic anatomy, and even if you were, anatomy in your pictures is good. The way you draw the characters, it's obvious that they are drawn in your unique style, and in the same time, there is no problem recognizing the guys I know and love.
The coloring looks good, works with the style rather well, and...I don't really know what more to say! They are way too stylized to point out any flaws, anything could have been intentional.

And oh, I so much love picture of Manfred. He looks so huggable.

Also, expression is "One-Note Character" are good. They could be improved for the comedic purpose. Mardek in 4th panel probably looks the best.

EDIT: Ah, also: you seem to know what you want to draw, before you draw it if you know what I mean. I would probably never use anything else than a pen for my drawings, because I tend to screw up all the time, and correct every picture 90 times.

EDIT2: Why do you use aids for your drawigs? I use ebola virus, it's much better. heee...heeeee...heeee...


also, about the Dracelon- Well, Annunaki are cyclopes, Droma are cyclopes, I assumed that all Ansharean fauna is cyclopic. And...well, you are right about the balance, but look at the in-game sprite. They clearly have one 'leg' on the left and, umh, something on the right, that Moric turned into a gun. I assumed it was a hand-thingy.

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Rating Orb david s, Lawful Good Paladin – joined 8 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago
Okay, I get it! I suck at drawing feet! :P

I suck so much at drawing hands that 90% of the time, my characters that I draw "mysteriously" have their hands behind their backs... I wonder why...

While the shadowing was because I hadn't yet mastered the art of using shadows at all, and was a mistake of sorts, the pupils were intentionally missing. All three of those last drawings, the original drawings, were for characters for a story that I wrote last summer. It was supposed to be a short story, but it ended up being much, MUCH longer than I thought.(Instead of being ~70,000 characters, or about 3.5x the length of the first post in this thread: [LINK] it ended up being over 400,000 characters long. So it was actually over 20 times as long as that post. O_O Then length of a fair novel... I might get it published someday, who knows.) Suffice it to say, she was meant to have grey within grey eyes. Kinda like a boring fremen, except the whites of the eyes are still white. I simply expected you'd have noticed. :P

As for drawing large bazookas, or whichever term you used for breasts: My goal *IS NOT* to draw large breasts, it's to draw appealing figures. I could give her more waist and more breast, but I don't like how people overdo it with things like Orihime Inoue or Rangiku Matsumoto.


You want some bad things? Mkay... Why do you care so much about drawing Annunaki? They're so simple and so easy to draw that it almost hurts! They have no face to draw, no hands, no feet. That, and they have baggy clothing. I mean, sure, you can change lighting, poses, things like that, but there's not much to change, to be honest. I mean, really. Y'know what? I think sometime tomorrow I'll draw an Annunaki to show you how easy it is to make them look good.(Mostly because I have an idea for a fantastic drawing of Balthazar.)

Also, the Lingons you drew are highly unexciting.

Tattoo is pretty good.

The elemental is something I haven't seen before...

Also, your Dracelon doesn't seem quite right... I was under the impression that they were bicyclopses?(Yes. That is a Yellow Submarine joke.) Also, I think the balance of the limbs is off... it looks... unsteady.


I love your MARDEK comics, they're great! The other stuff though... let's just say I'm not in the cartoon bleachers, I'm in the anime bleachers.(The ones that actually have Bleach.) I really can't say I like western cartoons, and I find that there's a vast difference between them and anime.


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Rating Orb Michos, Neutral Evil Fig Hunter – joined 9 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago
I was just browsing DeviantArt, thinking about what I might draw, considering that I have some free time now, and suddenly I though - Hey, didn't that lazy buttnugget say that he is going to draw an Annunaki? And after a few whiles of being angry I realised - That lazy butnugget never bothered to make a deviantart account, that's why I didn't get any notification! He probably posted it in that thread!

So I come here, and here he is, Balthazar. Covered in a ton of dust, probably, since you posted it a week ago or so, and only now I look at it. And...Looks good, myes. It a humanoid figure in a robe with no hands or face. And is colored nicely. You're right, there is barely an opportunity to screw up here.
But fortunately, I am Michos, The Great Complainer, and I have found something I don't like in the picture.

The Trident. While it a nicely drawn trident, it is WAY TOO BORING FOR ANNUNAKI. Look at the other weapons GdM members wield!
Mortus is a scythe, right? But it's not like a regular scythe with wooden shaft and metal blade, no. It's a glowing wooden shaft with a YALORTdamned dragon skull on the top and a blade made out of freaking lasers! ISN'T THAT AWESOME?!
And don't even get me started on Qualna. That dude uses a motherbucking Mass Relay with him! How is he even carrying this thing? HE ISN'T! It levitates behind his back, so he can scratch his chin while he thinks how to kick your ass! Ha!
What is Balthazar going to do with this backscratcher? Bah, it's a dragon fork, not a weapon!

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