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ForumReligion Does rellgion make you uncomfortable?

Does rellgion make you uncomfortable?2 Posts

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Rating Orb Brock, Lawful Good Artist – joined 7 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago
I recently attended church to try to get better versed in the whole topic, and I started to feel uncomfortable. Does religion make you uncomfortable? I mean honestly, when someone asks you your beliefs, do you tell them right out? I always felt a little awkward discussing religion, for fear of being shot down. I am agnostic, after all, so most people in church would hate me. I'm trying to 'blend in', but it is just so gosh darn hard, and I need help. I don't want religious guidance or someone telling me what to believe, but I also want to fit in.. What should I do? I know this post is rather short, but I really want people's insight on how to blend in IN OTHER WAYS BESIDES RELIGION!!!! Like I said, it makes me uncomfortable. So please... anyone bothering to read this just ignore me. I am being an introvert again or whatever you call it. Soon I have to get a job, a life... hooooo everything is so tough!!!!!!!!!! >:C

Anyway yes, discuss please. And by all means, DO NOT TURN THIS INTO A RELIGIOUS ARGUMENT THREAD!!!!
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Rating Orb Tripledot, Chaotic Neutral Peasant – joined 9 years ago ..XXX.XXX5 years ago
Why yes, I do feel uncomfortable when going to church, though I suppose this has as much to do with the fact that my church is an ethnic church (Korean) and I never really adapted myself to the Korean culture. To me, church is an alien, bewildering thing that I also feel obligated to attend, because it is part of a cultural identity which I don't actually fit that well in. What makes this even worse is that my father is the pastor of the church, so I'm basically forced to go anyway. I don't think I'm uncomfortable being in church because the people would hate me, since they're all good-hearted people, but more that I don't really belong. I feel bad that I can't respond to them in Korean or even fully understand what they're saying to me. It's pretty bad. But good God, some of the ways the church worships do legitimately freak me out. Like when a bunch of people get in a room and start praying vigorously for an hour straight. I went to a revival once that also made me feel uncomfortable, since everyone was raising their hands to the LORD and some of them were even moaning and groaning. I hate it when people "speak in tongues" like that, it freaks me out.

But, uh... I really doubt you'd be shamed for being an agnostic (though I might, or my father might, given the situation). I mean, they'd look at you as another potential convert, probably, and they'd be grateful that you're at least "trying church out". Heck, they'd probably be nicer to you if they knew you were on the fence, which I'm sure leads to more uncomfortableness. But hey, at least they won't hate you! Well, probably. I mean, if they're simple-minded they might hate you if you openly question scripture, but I'm sure as long as you're not an ass about it they'll (try to) be reasonably understanding about your situation. Though I might have a rosier view of Christianity because I was never exposed to the racism, anti-semitism, and homophobia of white evangelicals in my formative years.

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