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Rating Orb cheeseburger300, Lawful Good Peasant – joined 9 years ago ..XXX.XXX2 years ago
I'm not new, don't look at me. My old posts look embarrassing. A long time has past, now I want to know how long I have been around.

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United States
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Rating Orb david s, Lawful Good Paladin – joined 8 years ago ..XXX.XXX1 year ago
EGADS! You've been around for quite some time thar, haven't you? Well, it's quite unfortunate that this site is now essentially quite dead. As is NewFig, I'm afraid. Pseudo has let them turn into some sort of ruin.

Oddly enough, that attracts me to this place still. I love the feel of these old ruins. One of the things I love about Pseudo's games is that they let you explore old abandoned ruins in strange lands, and in a way, this site is one of them. There is no moss growing in the corners, no statues falling apart with age, but instead we have the slowly deteriorating coding of the site causing glitches that are never fixed. Few venture here, and those that do are here for the memories this place holds. Some lost treasures of a time when it was once vibrant and full of the hustle and bustle of active minds. The once filled pages are now hollow, only brief sparks of conversation interrupt the otherwise endless void. This is a peaceful place now, no longer plagued by arguments over eggs and chickens or over gravity on the moon. With peace, however, comes a certain bitter loneliness. True loneliness can only be felt by those who have experienced the company of others as true sadness can only afflict those who have lost something dear to them. Those who wander here still come seeking what they once had, if only in memory.

Yes, this site is a ruin. An veritable chasm of knowledge all but lost to the past. This is a land of memory and nostalgia.

I greatly miss this site. I miss the times when I was embarrassed, as you mentioned before, and I miss the discussions with other people. I'm glad to see that there are still some people posting here, but it's still quite lonely to see how few are left.

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