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So, it's four in the morning, I'm so tired that I can't sleep, and [miscellaneous obligatory third thing], blah blah let's talk about some stuff.

So I've been playing Resident Evil 4 recently, and I'm impressed that after all this time, the game still manages to leave a lasting impression. For some context: I didn't grow up with the RE games, and I only picked up RE4 last year. I have since played bits and pieces of RE1, 2, and 6. I also plan on picking up RE 7 at a later date (right around when I actually have money to spend on this crap). So, my exposure to the series has been limited, but I still find the games entertaining (barring 6, that game was garbage trash). Heck, RE4 is one of my favorite games ever made.

I'm too tired to properly segue into this, so here's a question for the, like, five of you that will actually read this: How is it that a game from 200X or whenever is infinitely more interesting, entertaining, memorable, and fun than a lot of stuff that gets spat out today? You'd think that as the tech moves forward we'd have more stuff like this, but it's not. So, why? Did we just forget how to make games like that, or... What? WHAT??

...I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and regret posting this.
Wish I still had a place to go, but this ruin will never be the same again. Shame....

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