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Rating Orb Smurfton, Lawful Good Mathemagician – joined 7 years ago ..XXX.XXX1 month ago
Hey. I'm Smurfton. I'm in University, and I think I made this account in middle school, though it's a bit hard to check the account age without any access to my About page. I remember being quite active in the chatroom for a long time, and maintaining a bookmark to here until I switched computers a couple years ago. I somehow managed to end up here through a Google search, and it's been a surreal experience reading words written by a person that I no longer am. I'm surprised to see that there are any posts within the last six years -- wasn't this forum locked shortly after the release of the Alora Fane website?

So, what about you, person reading this thread? How's your life? Why are you still here, or why did you come back?

EDIT: I just realized there was already a thread for this. I'm still wondering how you others are doing, though.
Forums never really die, do they

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