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This was an idea I came up with when trying to design short, quick, but enjoyable projects for money.
It would have relied on 'procedural generation' - that is, randomly created content - so that your adventure was different every time. It would have involved you travelling through the layers of 'Hell' and 'Heaven' for some reason or another.
It's an intriguing idea, so I may come back to it at some point, but I found when working on it last that it was less quick and easy than I thought, and because of this, I don't see myself working on it in the immediate future.

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Rating Orb hiddenboy01 10 United States CholericPhlegmatic 133C 0F
6 years ago | (2)
I'm going to make some of my own ideas, as well as "boost" some of the other guy's ideas. But I'm mainly boosting other ideas, as I am inspired, meaning that I won't have many original ideas. I might not even have original ideas at all.

1. You could start out as a mortal, where you will have a choice of being good or bad before being killed (depending on if you were good or bad, you get a different death. But two of them share a same death.) If you were good, you get assassinated and go to heaven. If you were bad, you get pushed off a cliff while sightseeing and go to hell. However, if you were equally good and bad (which can be called as "Neutral"), you get assassinated, like if you were good, but, instead of going to heaven or hell, you just stay as a spirit stuck on Earth (or whatever planet it is), and you get a Game Over.
2. Heaven and hell can both have magic and weapons, but Heaven's weaponry will be staffs (You may think it is "staves" but I'm using Mozilla Firefox, and it's spellchecker says it is "staffs", not "staves"), bows and arrows, rods/wands, and harps. Hell's weaponry will be axes, daggers, doubleswords, spears, greatmaces, and greatswords, which can be purified in Heaven if you go there after death. Both heaven and hell will have swords.
3. Yes, killing can be bad, but unless it's for a good cause. It will only be bad if you kill enemies EXCESSIVELY. But, in Hell, you get ranked up for killing normally AND excessively.
4. Like in Vulpin Adventure, the character will need satisfaction to be able to battle well. The character can have a home which can be given good furniture after completing a task, leveling up, getting a high score in a game, or beating a boss. However, home just counts as a "refueling station." To be able to restore satisfaction when away from home, the character will have to win a battle, heal, beat a boss, make a new friend (more information in section 5), find treasure, or level up. You LOSE satisfaction if your hurt, getting inflicted with a status condition (status conditions that drain health gradually increases dis-satisfaction), lose a battle, a friend gets hurt, or a friend faints (unless you plan on making an after-afterlife, then change that to "dies")
5. If you win a battle in a certain way, one of the defeated enemies will request to become partners. This is good, as the demon/angel knows more about hell/heaven then you do, and balancing light and dark magic, which is good.

I hope you like my ideas.
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Rating Orb hiddenboy01 10 United States CholericPhlegmatic 133C 0F
6 years ago | (0)
I'm sorry that ideas 3 and 5 were so short, but I was rushed. But I'll remake them and give another idea!

1. Killing is only bad unless it's for a good cause. But if you kill EXCESSIVELY, (e.g. Using Smite Evil on an defenseless Zombie at the HP of 7) it's evil. Even if it's for a good cause. But, if you are a demon, you can kill normally and excessively. In fact, killing excessively would be better (as a demon), as the corpse would disappear, and would be impossible to revive. So that would give you an extra reward, if that certain angel you killed was for a quest. Although, if it was on a boss, it would be impossible to face it again, which would be a shame if it gave you a high EXP boost.

2. If you defeat an enemy using the minimum damage needed, or if you meet certain requirements, that particular enemy might ask to join your party after battle. It would be good, for a few reasons:

1#. They know more about hell/heaven than you do, which makes secret passages visible.

2#. (Hell) They have stronger weapons, which you can have too, but has to be purified all the way up in heaven first. The partner's weapon gets purified as soon as they join your party. Which is kinda unexplainable, really. The power of friendship?

3#. Demons have Black Magic, while Angels have White Magic. If they are combined, they can give you a good advantage in battle. It is also possible to create Grey/Gray Magic, a mix of Black Magic and White Magic.

3. You will be friends with someone as a mortal, and dead. When receiving the passage to heaven, your friend will try to kill the assassin, but will trip on the dead you, and the assassin will cut your friend's head in half. When receiving the passage to hell, your friend will torment the civilian that pushed you off the cliff, then gets shot by the civilian. But, when receiving the path to become a spirit, your friend will try to punch the assassin, but will miss, and gets a dagger stabbed into his brain, killing him.

One more idea soon!
hiddenboy01`s Avatar
Rating Orb hiddenboy01 10 United States CholericPhlegmatic 133C 0F
6 years ago | (0)
Last idea below!

Before the actual game starts, there will be a quiz determining the element of you and your friend. The first questions just asks about your gender. If you are Male, your base STR and VIT are boosted by 1. If you are Female, however, your base SPR and AGL are boosted by 1 instead. The rest of the questions will be Fig Hunter-based. And you'll see these: (Element/Element). The left element is your element, the right element is your friend. Your and your friend's element will depend on what answers you choose. It's not to get the BEST element, as there is no such thing, but to be completely truthful. Here are the questions, answers, and results:

1. What is your element on your Fig Hunter Account?

(1): Fire (Fire/Fire)
(2): Air (Air/Air)
(3): Earth (Earth/Earth)
(4): Water (Water/Water)
(5): Light (Light/Light)
(6): Dark (Dark/Dark)
(7): Aether (Aether/Aether)
(8): Fig (Fig/Fig)
(9): Physical (Physical/Physical)
(10): Thauma (Thauma/Thauma)
(11): I don't have one because I can't decide which element I am, even if I can change it whenever I want! (Divine/Divine)
(12): I don't have an account on Fig Hunter because I can't be the element I deserve, Divine. (Divine/Dark)
(13): I don't have an account. (None/None)
(14): What's Fig Hunter? (Skip)

2. What element do you get after the test in Beast Signer?

(1): Fire (Fire/Fire)
(2): Air (Air/Air)
(3): Earth (Earth/Earth)
(4): Water (Water/Water)
(5): Light (Light/Light)
(6): Dark (Dark/Dark)
(7): I went through the quiz multiple times to get different starter beasts. (Aether/Aether)
(8): I went through the quiz multiple times, trying to get the best beast for the first battle, to prove to myself it was the best starter. (Fig/Dark)
(9): I went through the quiz multiple times, trying to get the beast that has the highest STR. (Physical/Dark)
(10): I went through the quiz multiple times, trying to get the beast that has the best magical advantage for the first battle. (Thauma/Dark)
(11): I went through the quiz multiple times, trying to get an element that would satisfy me, but I completed each one with unsatisfactory. (Divine/Dark)
(12): I didn't even think about it, I just ignored it. (None/Physical)
(13): What's Beast Signer? (Skip)

3. What element do you choose while designing your character in Deliverance?

(1): Fire (Fire/Fire)
(2): Air (Air/Air)
(3): Earth (Earth/Earth)
(4): Water (Water/Water)
(5): Light (Light/Light)
(6): Dark (Dark/Dark)
(7): I played the game multiple times to use all the elements! (Aether/Divine)
(8): I never played the actual thing because I couldn't decide on ONE element! (Fig/Air)
(9): I don't care. (Physical/Dark)
(10): I just close my eyes and click somewhere random. (Thauma/None)
(11): What's Deliverance? (Skip)

4. If you could be one of Mardek's partners, which one would you be?

(1): Donovan/Deugan/Sslen'ck (Fire/Earth)
(2): Sharla (Air/Thauma)
(3): Gloria (Earth/Water)
(4): Elwyen (Water/Air)
(5): Vehrn/Mardek himself (Light/Fire)
(6): Steele (Dark/Physical)
(7): Legion (Aether/Physical)
(8): Aalia (Fig/Light)
(9): Zach/Bartholio/Meraeador (Physical/Fire)
(10): Emela (Thauma/Water)
(11): Solaar (Divine/Light)
(12): Who's Mardek, and who are they? (Skip)

5. Which Deliverance playable character do you like the most?

(1): Fire-elemental Kiernan/Yoana (Fire/Fire)
(2): Peregrin (Air/Fire)
(3): Ark (Earth/Thauma)
(4): Kerah (Water/Light)
(5): Aurelia (Light/Earth)
(6): Quillion (Dark/Physical)
(7): Tattoo (Aether/Thauma)
(8): Earth-elemental Kiernan/Yoana (Fig/Earth)
(9): Dark-elemental Kiernan/Yoana (Physical/Dark)
(10): Water-elemental Kiernan/Yoana (Thauma/Water)
(11): Light-elemental Kiernan/Yoana (Divine/Light)
(12): Air-elemental Kiernan/Yoana (None/Air)
(13): What's Deliverance and who are they? (Skip)

6. If you were an adventurer in the Fig Hunter Universe, what would be your class?

(1): Warrior (Fire/Earth)
(2): Aeromancer (Air/Thauma)
(3): Shaman (Earth/Water)
(4): Spellcaster (Water/Thauma)
(5): Paladin (Light/Fire)
(6): Necromancer (Dark/Aether)
(7): Spiritcaster (Aether/Thauma)
(8): Dreamwalker (Fig/Aether)
(9): Mercenary (Physical/Dark)
(10): Mage (Thauma/Water)
(11): Champion (Divine/Light)
(12): I'd just be known as a Human. (None/Physical)
(13): What's Fig Hunter? (Skip)

7. What's your favorite Battle Music in MARDEK 2?

(1): Boss Battle (Fire/Fire)
(2): Muriance Battle (Air/Dark)
(3): Casual Battle (Earth/Water)
(4): Arena Battle (Water/Light)
(5): Mighty Heroes (I know it isn't a Battle Music, and isn't played in Chapter 2, but it doesn't stop playing during battles, and can be played in the Music Player.) (Light/Fire)
(6): Saviours Battle (Dark/Air)
(7): Flee! (I know it's only a battle theme in Chapter 3, but it doesn't stop playing during battles.) (Aether/Air)
(8): GdM Battle (Fig/Dark)
(9): I only like one of the Battle Musics in Chapter 3. (Physical/Dark)
(10): Chapter 1 got popular enough to get a sequel? (Thauma/Dark)
(11): I like ALL the Battle Musics in all three chapters. (Divine/Light)
(12): I don't like any of the Battle Musics at all. (None/Dark)
(13): What's MARDEK? (Skip)

If they are all skipped, the character and his friend are both None elemental.
megabdi`s Avatar
Rating Orb megabdi 14 United Kingdom PhlegmaticCholeric 379C 47F
7 years ago | (2)
Ah... The title and concept pique my interest.
I am wondering if this game will have mechanisms related to karma?
Such a morality bar for choosing how you want to play the game(From God's trusty agent to Back-Stabbing, 2 bit, pie stealing villain of association to Beelzebub)
Weapons and special items based on ideas and opinions of morality, religions and philosophy.
Different religions as factions in the game, and your actions varying how they react.
And probably more ideas for the aesthetics being related to religions, morality and philosophy.
Also, would the plot change along with the content for every adventure?
Dorra`s Avatar
Rating Orb Dorra 16 Tunisia PhlegmaticMelancholic 157C 36F
7 years ago | (2)
Hmmm, I pretty like the name. It sounds attractive and intresting. That is all !
Brock`s Avatar
Rating Orb Brock 17 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 218C 78F
7 years ago | (0)
Hmm... Pseudo, do you have a plot line for this planned yet. I can't quite seem to grasp yet why you are going through heaven and hell (even though you probably don't know why yet either).
This seems like an intriguing idea, but I hope it doesn't draw up any complaints for people who strongly don't believe in heaven and hell.
Still, if you aren't planning on working on this for a while (or ever for that matter), then I guess my question is a little invalid. Still, if you ever do work on this, it would be interesting to see how this game turns out.
SomeRandom`s Avatar
Rating Orb SomeRandom 24 United States 1C 0F
7 years ago | (2)
I had to say it. Have you read "Dante's Inferno"

I know it seems obvious but the imagery of his work is quite inspiring.
raventhefree`s Avatar
Rating Orb raventhefree 16 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 59C 8F
7 years ago | (2)
Really sorry about the mutiple posts guys, my computer was spazzing. Thanks for your acceptance of my accidents.
Pseodolonewulf`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! Pseodolonewulf 22 United Kingdom Melancholic 7C 0F
7 years ago | (2)
Pseodolonewulf`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! Pseodolonewulf 22 United Kingdom Melancholic 7C 0F
7 years ago | (2)
raventhefree`s Avatar
Rating Orb raventhefree 16 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 59C 8F
7 years ago | (3)
I really like your ideas (Liad and Deaven) but I have a few things I would like to say/change.

Firstly, Liad--having alliance to Heaven or Hell would make it 2 totally different games. This would take double the time, and knowing Psuedolonewolf, everything is bound to be perfect. In other words, it would take him a REALLY long time (however, the two playing styles would be very fun to experience). Plus, Hell would have a much easier time, because it has Nine vs. Seven. Also, (as stated in Deaven's post) Heaven would not have weapons, and really it would be nonaggressive place.

Second, Deaven-- I do not believe all dark elementaled people are bad, per say. Dark is the balance of light (according to annoying purple tatoo man anyways), so that's good. Bernard (don't kill me) seems relitively good natured for his element (I am not saying he's a totally good man, though). I'm just saying that it's possible for a dark-type to go to Heaven, in my opinion. It's not like they can choose their element.

Third, also Deaven-- I love the idea of ascending in Heaven allows you to go deeper into Hell (wow that sounds very contradictary). However, I would allow you to go into the first 3 levels of Hell when you just start out, then get 4 when your a level two angel, and etc.

I thought that perhaps having a unlockable back-story like in Mardek would be cool too. You'd have to find certain things, bring them to 'god' or something, and he'd tell you about you're life, and eventually the reason he picked you to descend into hell to save heaven.

ALSO! On a completely unrelated topic! The seven Heavens could be elementalized. Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Aether, Dark, and then Light. Ordered heavens, of a sort (so the 1st heaven is Dark, the 2nd-5th Heavens would be Water, Fire, Air, and Earth, Aether would be 6th, and Light would be 7th or the other way around (Light as 1st, Aether as 2nd, etc.) and you could build your allegiance with each of the Heavens in order to get different skills. Magic here, would become better, and you might have to forget some skill to learn others.

Allies would be cool BUT giving them personalities would take a long time. This is something most people on this site (due to Mardek probably) would not enjoy because they’re all waiting upon the release of Mardek 4. What they don’t understand is that game-making for ONE GAME gets boring after a while, like all other things.

Another problem is that slaying the demons would become ‘bad’ in a way. Heaven doesn’t want you just to slaughter them, so you might get points if you can spook the foe away instead of just killing it. Different skills would give you this ability, so you didn’t have to kill them.

Forgery in dungeons would resolve the issue of swords in Heaven. You could ask a blacksmith in Heaven to give you tips and recipes for swords, but could have them enchanted in Heaven (the Gods of each of the elements, perhaps) and all swords found in Hell would have to be purified, as Deaven has already said. The customization feature of the game would be limitless, then (which isn’t necessarily a good thing).

The last possibility I’m going to mention is fighting your way from the bottom of Hell to the top of Heaven to prove your worth in both kingdoms. But I like the idea Deaven came up with better, anyway.

Sorry for the long winded post. Don’t take it as me arguing just to argue—I want to see what you think. Please, I want to know what you think about this. I want to be able to think about this more, this game sounds very interesting.

You all have a great evening.
Deaven`s Avatar
Rating Orb Deaven 17 Canada 28C 0F
7 years ago | (4)
You want to know what i think? I think you also have good ideas for this game :D il say what i think about ur ideas in the same order you posted them
FIRST: not only would heaven not have weapons, but i think that any demon that went there would be so overcome with the peace, tranquility, etc that it would be either obliterated by all the good that was there ( however, if demons get destroyed in heaven because of the good, then the angels that go to hell could only stay for a while before they turn into demons. that might also make the game more challenging for the players.) or the demon would turn into an angel or whatever.
SECOND: i meant to take out the: no dark elementalised ppl idea in my earlyer post, but i couldnt find an edit button lol (assuming there is one) i only put that in there in the first place because i read somewhere (probably the fighunter wiki thing) that most/all ppl who are dark elementalised are evil (usually) or very depressed.
THIRD: i really have nothing more the say then: thanks :D
(NEW IDEA!!!!!! i am just assuming that this game is takeing place from the heaven and hell from the Holy Bible, so, maybe there could be a part of Earth that could be a major battlefield between angels and demons. the first place that came into mind when i had this idea, was the Bermuda Triangle. (chose this because im pretty sure not many ppl know whats going on there, its a fairly large place last i checked, and maybe (in the game) all the planes and boats that vanished were caused by the odd super powered arrow fired from a angel/ demon who was killed before they could aim, causing the plane/boat to... implode maybe? (the arrows being super powered my angel/demon magics, the effects on mortal machines could be endless...) i personally think it would be quite interesting (if not terrifying) to have the odd plane crash into an ally or enemy in a place relativly void of all machines. (other then the ones that were there first of course. lol)
AS for the backstorys, i think it has to be kept in mind that this isnt supposed to be a game series like mardek. (as far as i know anyways) obviously, there wouldnt be many characters that you would be able to controll, so that would allow more ideas for backstories for one person. (backstory for the main character however, i think that you should just make it up as you play the game, much less work for Pseudolonewolf, causing the game to get released faster. also, if you make up your own backstory, you arnt dissapointed if some1 in the game tells you what really happened b4 you were chosen to fight the demons.
AS for slaying demons, i think the main goal should be to convert them into angels, but if they refuse to do that, then its ok to destroy them. (in the fighunter universe, (correct me if im wrong) im pretty sure demons can be ressurected like anything else.
a blacksmith in heaven might also be considered a 'bad thin'g, (ex: fire. fire is involved in forges, fire is abundunt in hell) so it would probably be easier just to put them in the same place as the safer zones of hell, along with the purification alter. (unless the place were you purify things should be something else.) also what i meant with the purification of weapons in my earlyer post, was that the weapons would be the same, there would just be stat increasing buffs and allow you to equip higher lvl items at lower lvls. that should limit the forging possibilitys, and make the game even easier to program. (cant type any more on this reply thing, the scrolly thing is jumping from bottom to top of the text box. i'll continue this in next reply.
Deaven`s Avatar
Rating Orb Deaven 17 Canada 28C 0F
7 years ago | (3)
ok, continuing my reply here. ive pretty much wrapped up everything you've said so far raventhefree, except for the levels of heaven being elementised. thats basicly saying: if you are this elemental, you can only go to this place in heaven, and i think that the limits to how holy you can get were removed in the Holy Bible when Jesus died on the cross, and the veil of the temple was torn.
maybe there could even be an option at the beginnig to choose your race. there are three i had in mind, humans, (obviously) annunaki (if thats how its spelled) and that dog race thatt Solaars from. (cant remember name atm...) humans would focus on being the tank, annunaki would be magic damage, and the dog ppl would probably be healers. (only think that cuz solaars a good healer with the right gear.) not sure if the dog ppl or annunaki magical roles should be inversed, but basicly every race would have its advantages/disadvantages. I would think that the dog ppl are would be weak to physical attacks, but strong against magical. the annunaki could be balanced in both physical and magical defence, while humans would excell at physical defence but would be weak to magical defence. (read some fantasy books with mages who kill humans by the hundreds in minutes and it shouldbe pretty easy to determine why i chose humans to be weak to magic lol)
raventhefree`s Avatar
Rating Orb raventhefree 16 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 59C 8F
7 years ago | (1)
Deaven- I shot down my own idea with the allies, since it would take too long. That's beside the point.

3 different races would take a while, and I think the dog-race is more or less a Mardek thing (am I crazy?). It would be fun, but for me, that and backstories and allies all go in the 'maybe if this game goes over great' catergory.

I meant desceased blacksmith. Someone who used to be in the trade, but is now an angel like the rest of them.

Elemental Heavens-being trapped in one would be no fun! I like being able to explore a lot....

Oops, I'm jumping around... let me start from the top...

I still think it would take double the time. BUT with your idea, the two different places could be like the ocean temple in phantom hourglass...
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Deaven`s Avatar
Rating Orb Deaven 17 Canada 28C 0F
7 years ago | (5)
Personally, i think that a game were you get to explore both Heaven and Hell would be pretty interesting. However there are some things that need to be kept in mind: #1: Heaven is supposed to be paradise, were no negative... anything... exists at all (ex: anger, pain, hate, etc) #2: hell is, well obviously, hell.

Also, i have some ideas for the game itself. Heaven, being paradise, could be something like... a ranking system maybe? The deeper you go into hell, the higher your rank in Heaven. when at Heaven, you could be given tasks to rescue the souls of the dead who are trapped in hell somewere, or a task to rid hell of its demons, makeing it a safer place. As 'safe' as hell could get anyways. Depending on you rank (1-7) it gives you access to the 9 levels of hell. First floor of heaven gives you first floor of hell, second gives you access to the second floor of hell, etc. When you get to rank 6, you get access to floors 6 and 7 of hell, and for the final floor of heaven you gain access to the last two of hell. When those are all completed, you have the option of trying to slay the devil. Now, obviously such a feat would be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone, even if you were an Archangel. Only God has the Power to destroy the devil, so basicly you're job would be: do as much damage as possible before fleeing and returning to Heaven. Depending on how much damage you do, you can gain a VERY powerfull weapon/armor.

Then i thought: Wait... Heaven is supposed to be void of anything negative, and that includes weapons. So, were would you get the weapons? While writing this, i considered the possibility of this game possibly being based ENTIRELY around magic. No weapons to be found anywere. Then i remembered that souls who go to hell are probably being poked by something like spears swords, etc. As a solution for getting the weapons, you would have to gather them from hell, and take them back to the base camp one whatever floor you are on so that the evil taint can be removed. once the taint is removed, you can equip the weapon, or you can take it to Heaven and have it blessed by an Angel, Archangel, or God. (also if this game is made into a multiplayer, the weapon could be blessed by players of a higher rank then you.) You could only take weapons to certain areas of heaven, since they are, after all, something negative, even though they will be used for good. these areas would still not allow anything with a evil taint on them, so the purifying proccess would become a nessecity rather then a option.

Wow, when i get an idea i dont like to stop. anyways, if in the unlikely event that you read this Pseudolonewolf, plz consider what i have suggested. Ty. :D

(Afterthought: no player could be dark elementalised. All the other elements are availible though)
LiadyC`s Avatar
Rating Orb LiadyC 21 Israel MelancholicSanguine 287C 65F
7 years ago | (5)
Well... It can be great... and i got another idea of it...
The character is starting as Mortal angle (the lowest rank of an angle)
and he (or she) starts in the earth (near the two gates oh heaven and hell)..
That angle will be able to choose his aliggnmanet (good [heaven- will become a stronger angle and even a small god] or bad [ demon- he will controll the dark side of hell])
And ofcourse: Once teh alignment is chosen: you may change it, but you'll have to work alot of it...
(for example: of i chose the light side and want to e demon, i'll have to kill some of my allies)
I think it will be fair (and besides, thats my thought in the upward worlds or something)
Deaven`s Avatar
Rating Orb Deaven 17 Canada 28C 0F
7 years ago | (2)
Cool idea. ive always like the idea of a reputation system :)
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LiadyC`s Avatar
Rating Orb LiadyC 21 Israel MelancholicSanguine 287C 65F
7 years ago | (2)
Damn.. I hate my writing mistakes! ALTHOUGH THAT.. I agree with it..
Or maybe even start as a human.. and for some reason God and Devil has chose you for some reason..
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