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This is the new version of chapter 1, using the engine made for chapter 3.
Play as a hero named Mardek as he saves a princess from a dragon! Or is there more to it than that...? (Hint: Yes, there is.)

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Mardek fan16`s Avatar
Rating Orb Mardek fan16 16 United States 16C 0F
6 years ago | (7)
I wonder how successful the Mardek games would be if they were put on x-box live arcade
Sir Vitor`s Avatar
Rating Orb Sir Vitor 19 Brazil MelancholicPhlegmatic 17C 2F
6 years ago | (2)
Well Mardek fan16, I guess that it wouldn't sell as much as starcraft, pokemon or other famous games. But it would have faithfull buying customers. As for me, I would buy all the games, perhaps even colectable cards and action figures.
BraveHeart`s Avatar
Rating Orb BraveHeart 22 Norway MelancholicPhlegmatic 7C 0F
7 years ago | (8)
I must admit, having re-played this after all these years, the new engine is really enjoyable and the combat is fast-paced, the plot and everything in the game, came back to me as my memory was being invigorated while playing.

This 1st Chapter albeit short definably has one of the most original and thought out story of any Flash RPG I've played, Rohoph's dialogues are the most engaging ones :)
Edvardasx12x`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! Edvardasx12x 15 Lithuania CholericSanguine 13C 0F
7 years ago | (6)
we can play all games if we want to but if we say it is not good or bad we just do not play that game
Hoolo`s Avatar
Rating Orb Hoolo 17 Netherlands 111C 95F
7 years ago | (4)
You are absolutely correct. When we play games, we do this for enjoyment. If the game does not match our rate of enjoyment, i.e. when we do not like the game, we leave messages saying how bad it is. If we do find it enjoyable, though, we leave messages saying how good it is.
Usually, we go on saying how bad it is to prevent other people from playing it.

Which makes me wonder why you rated <a href="">my comment[/i] Red, twice, with both of your troll accounts.
You have put the essence of commenting on games in your comment, but that doesn't mean you can just rate people Red for stating their opinion. Since it's still their opinion, and it would be wrong and 'not free' to say they should change it based on your own opinion.
boxxla`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! boxxla 14 Lithuania 2C 0F
7 years ago | (7)
1 mardek part to short to POP!

Hoolo`s Avatar
Rating Orb Hoolo 17 Netherlands 111C 95F
7 years ago | (8)
This is the game that really set my world open to the genre of Role Playing Games, as I found it some 3 or 4 years ago.
The first time I found the game, it was on some vague Dutch flash game portal, and I was hooked. In fact, I played it several times consecutively, just because I liked it so much. Every playthrough, I learned more of the game.
In fact, I did not know of the sidequest and reactions the very first time. They were quite 'hidden' for me at that time, as I just played through the game and that was it. It probably didn't take me any longer than an hour, and I felt 'empty'. It was over already, and then I got some strange screen where I could save my progress and check statistics.

Later, I returned and played it again. Between the first and second playthrough, I clicked some of the links on the 'strange screen' and found Pseudolonewolf's DeviantArt and this site, though I didn't sign in at this point. Oh, woe me.
The second time, though, I explored more. From my first playthrough, I had noticed there were several treasure chests missing, thus I explored more and talked to everyone. This was the first time I got the sidequest, and the game felt better already.
But since I was just an impatient wee lad, I had not noticed the reactions. I just breezed through the game, so to say, and it would take a few more playthrough to get me to actually read everything. Since, yes, I played this game an idiotic amount of times. At the aforementioned flash game portal, I must have played the game at least 8 times, and then I went on to other game portals, for my save files were up. All in all, before I knew MARDEK 2 was even out, I must have played the game a good twenty times, checking different reactions from people, as little as there were, but that did not matter. I trained skills, got everything; every time.

It must have been at least a year before I knew MARDEK 2 was even out. The flash game portal in question was rather slow with good games, and then it would put the games in strange categories, but none of that. After M2, I finally signed up here, and the rest is history, ohyes.

One thing, though. As can be seen in the second and fourth screenshot that is 'featured' on this page, Rohoph's old body is lying there. Or actually, more like his robe is lying there. For years, I thought it was some kind of strange machine that stored xyr body, and I never saw it was Rohoph's decayed body/robe, until the Chapter 3 engine came around. In fact, it still took me to M2 or M3 before I finally saw that it was the body of the Annunaki, not a robot, but a 'body' of sorts, collapsed on the floor. The left 'arm' was a strange kind of leg in my head all that time. Oh, how I was deceived all these years. But none of that!

MARDEK is, if not the best, one of the best Flash games I have played. There is story, there is phenomenal music, gameplay works. Though this part is rather short in comparison, it works great as a 'prologue' of sorts. I am truly glad I found this.
Brock`s Avatar
Rating Orb Brock 17 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 218C 78F
7 years ago | (5)
Gosh this game brings back memories.

I first found and played it on Armor Games after scrolling through a bunch of games in the action/adventure category that looked uninteresting. The rating was pretty high, and I love pixelated game style, so I tried it out. The beginning of the game was strange, I had thought, a little easy (this was before it was updated) and I was reluctant to keep playing it but I stuck through it. Then as the game progressed I started to like it more and more, until I had been to the point where I went of to go grind for no apparent reason because I liked the battle animation and I wanted to get past bosses easier. So, when I finished the game, I naturally decided to start a new file! I was hooked, yeah, and stupid enough not to notice that the second one had come out a while ago (I was 'eagerly awaiting' it, but it had already come out and I never bothered to search for it).

If I could, I'd rate this game 6 out of 5 stars, but since I can't, I'll just rave about it to some other person. I've now beaten both one and two, gotten mostly through three (but looked up the script so I know what happens later, even though I'm still working on Mardek 3) and I am eagerly awaiting #4.
xCORRupTORx`s Avatar
Rating Orb xCORRupTORx 16 United States SanguineMelancholic 3C 0F
7 years ago | (1)
I remember the first time that ihad played this game back about two years ago. Im very glad that he has a new server now and that it was updated along with MARDEK 3. Good job Psuedolonewolf
FakeKraid`s Avatar
Rating Orb FakeKraid 27 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 40C 1F
7 years ago | (5)
Oh good heavens, this is far, far better. I'm re-playing it on this site. I played it earlier on Kongregate, and it lagged horribly (yes, I did set storage to unlimited, before anyone says something). Not sure why Kongregate does that; it did it on Robot Wants Ice Cream, too. Maybe it's that cursed chat engine I wish I could turn off...
FakeKraid`s Avatar
Rating Orb FakeKraid 27 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 40C 1F
7 years ago | (5)
I have to say, I enjoyed the game very much. Taken in context, as a prologue to the next game, I think it worked rather well, and don't have any substantial criticisms. The 'twist' after you beat the dragon did not come as a surprise to me; I figured out what was going on during the very first dialogue, but the whole thing was so delightfully executed that the lack of surprise didn't spoil it in the least.

I guess if I have to offer critique, not that it matters anymore, I'd say that if you're going to use BOTH of the skill elements from Final Fantasy IX, namely learning them from items and requiring points to 'equip' the passive ones, then it might be better to balance the equipping costs a little more. There's not much point in getting the cog necklace except so you have it in Chapter 2, since, as far as I can recall, you never get enough points to equip its ability.
vakamax`s Avatar
Rating Orb vakamax 17 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 12C 23F
6 years ago | (0)
Actually, that is NOT the case with the Cog Necklace. In fact, most items' skills are given to you as reactions, to master, and as abilities endowed in the items themselves. So if you looked at the Cog Necklace's properties, you would see that it gives resistance to sleep just by equipping it. The point of having them as reactions is that you can use them even while the item is not equipped.
Gin`s Avatar
Rating Orb Gin 16 Sweden SanguinePhlegmatic 2C 0F
7 years ago | (6)
I do have to say that this is a very enjoyabel game series.
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