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There were originally meant to be eight chapters of MARDEK, but that might be an unmanageable number, so I may need to revise the plot to lower the number to five or six or something, so I can conclude the story but get the project out of the way.

It'll probably be a while before I work on this, but I'll try and make other entertaining games in the meantime!

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strike13`s Avatar
Rating Orb strike13 12 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 1C 0F
6 years ago | (1)
I think in the final chapter Mardek should fight Duegan (In a friendly match of course). Oh it would be cool also if the two like absorbed the anaki power or something so both of them have all elements at their desposal.
chui094`s Avatar
Rating Orb chui094 19 China CholericMelancholic 4C 0F
6 years ago | (1)
According to Balthazar's words and my surmise, blocking anunnaki from perceiving psychic energy waves and electromagnetic radiation may cure their minds from corrupting?Well ... , just guessing.
Drac0Jawn`s Avatar
Rating Orb Drac0Jawn 14 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 17C 1F
6 years ago | (2)
Personally, i think we should be able to go to other planets,
An annunaki as a playable character,
And for the violet crystal to be a boss. ( or something. Hey, don't blame me. )
Grigori Federov`s Avatar
Rating Orb Grigori Federov 20 Canada MelancholicPhlegmatic 1C 0F
6 years ago | (4)
I'm still waiting for Anu to show his hand. From what Qualna said in Chapter 3 Anshar isn't in good shape and the fact that Anu just keeps sending members of the GdM makes me think there is some kind of plan. After all, if Moric failed, followed by Qualna, Anu must realize that just sending one at a time isn't the best idea. Especially with Mardek and Co. becoming more powerful with each chapter. To this end, Anu is risking quite a lot by sending Gaspar. If he fails I think his only tangible hope would be for Mardek and Rohoph to have a falling out. This, too, might not be very far fetched. Rohoph's mind is losing its grasp on reality faster and faster. He originally wanted to create a resistance on Belfan, and now he's telling Mardek not to associate with anyone that could be a member for fear of emotional attachments. I'm guessing that'll come to a head when Deugan re-enters the story proper. Mardek has on obvious emotional attachment to him that isn't going anywhere and that's going to conflict with Rohoph's current view on allies. Actually, really want to see that happen. It'd be a powerful scene.
ikiimoni`s Avatar
Rating Orb ikiimoni 13 United States 8C 1F
6 years ago | (8)
A few things I am personally looking for throughout the Mardek Series:
1. Answer this: if Mardek will be in 8 chapters, and Anu would be defeated by 7, is there a Fig Annunaki in Violet Crystal is living and fought?
2. Replayable bosses. I enjoyed Moric and Qualna. If only a soul crystal could be shattered and you re-battle or something.
3. Deugan and Emelea to return as playable.
4. The ability to rig a ship of Gaspar or Balthazaar and go to other planets. Maybe reusing Rohphoh's ship? (Perhaps we unlock playable alien characters like Annunaki.)
5. Deugan's Dad becoming a grand adventurer like Enki
6. Enki returning in chapter 7 or 8, as a superhuman playable character or even the final boss.
7. The truth behind mysterious characters like Bernard.
8. The return of Blatantly Evil Chancellor!
Rate this blue and green, and perhaps Pseudo will use these. Thanks for wasting a small portion of your life reading this.
Abbx901`s Avatar
Rating Orb Abbx901 15 Pakistan SanguineCholeric 149C 20F
6 years ago | (4)
Excellent ideas, friend.
I must say, I'm happy at your observations and most of them seem plausible.

1.The Fig Annunaki is a new one, but possible. I imagined the protagonists fighting Rohoph, since he tries to use the Crystal for good.
2. I imagine Mardek breaking the crystals and the Annunaki souls transferring into the players so that they can actually help beat Rohoph, e.g. Moric moving into Deugan, or Balthazar moving into Emela.
3.I anticipate that one.
4.I expect we'll be able to reuse Rohoph's old ship, but stealing that of other Annunakis is good too.
5.That seems difficult.
6.The final boss? I expect Enki to stay and help Mardek although he doesn't realize that it's his son.
7.I believe there is a greater truth to all the Mighty Heroes.
8.Oooh yeesssss!! The Blatantly Eeeeevil Chanceellor will definitely sseee to terrrorrizing Xantusssia when Sslen'ck moves out! :D

All the best.
Ribbit`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ribbit 21 Germany MelancholicCholeric 16C 51F
6 years ago | (2)
Why does not anybody see the possibilty of using the ship of Enki and his crew? It is very big and detailed and why make it in this way if not for using it later? I always believed that Mardek will travel in this ship and then you can walk through the ship during your journey and talk to various guys and such (a little like the beginning of *Deliverance*) until you arrive wherever you want to arrive.

Just my thought.
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Sir Zack`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! Sir Zack 16 United States Choleric 3C 0F
6 years ago | (6)
I forgot to metion my idea about mardek 4. Mardek should have an apprentice in which he could train and you could name so the player can become part of the story to make it actually feel like there a part of the game.
Sir Zack`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! Sir Zack 16 United States Choleric 3C 0F
6 years ago | (3)
I have to say psudo sir you are indeed a genius at gaming. Take as long as you need to finish the mardek stories but if you have to cut ir short do six chapters because well if you do five you have to fight the waht's left of the anuyakai government (except gaspar because you'll kill him in chapter 4 maybe). All I know is the mardek series deserves a very birlliant ending which I am sure you will deliver. It was as it shows in you're game project thing that it was you're 1st game fishished and released. Like some of the people above me said add new charceters since they're are no other dark charecters in the series add a new dark charecter. And please bring mardek's dad in one of the next chapters. Anyway great work on your platformers,the mardek,series and you're other projects. I hope mardek becomes a grand adventuer before the series ends and hope mardek 4 is released before 2014.
MardekManiac`s Avatar
Rating Orb MardekManiac 16 Brazil 1C 0F
6 years ago | (5)
Got sad when i read that =/ but if youre getting back to it I'm glad :) Can't wait to hear from it soon, great job Pseudo!!
pals21`s Avatar
Rating Orb pals21 13 United States 4C 0F
6 years ago | (6)
I can't wait to play this game what will it be? Hope to see it soon
hiddenboy01`s Avatar
Rating Orb hiddenboy01 10 United States CholericPhlegmatic 133C 0F
6 years ago | (4)
You need patience. Patience is the key to perfection.
pals21`s Avatar
Rating Orb pals21 13 United States 4C 0F
6 years ago | (4)
I know i am just too excited to see what's coming up!
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Deren`s Avatar
Rating Orb Deren 13 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 1C 0F
6 years ago | (3)
Mardek. Another Amazing game by Pseudo hopefully with even more than Sixty hours or so.Each Chapter is more Unique and Creative while keeping the same Characters,Storyline,Battle syestem,and much more. I cannot wait till this is done. Or even a Subtle Beta Version comes out while the game is Halfway or even Twenty five Percent done.Keep up the great work.I hope you do end up finishing the planned (And hoped for) chapters in the series.
Rating Orb SAPPHIROS 0 Holy See (Vatican City) 95C 107F
6 years ago | (3)
60 hours? Well, considering that it took Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 3 years to make 40+ hours of gameplay for MARDEK 3, are you sure you want to wait that long?
You seem like a very keen MARDEK player, most likely a fan. Do you want to wait 3 more years, possibly more? I know that Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf had to start the RPG engine from scratch, but even still, 60 hours is a lot. The battle system is pretty much finished, the only difference I think that will happen is more expendable items, or more skills. How much more storyline do you want? There were loads of secret areas and items in MARDEK 3, and how many more party characters do you need? I think that the only new, major area might be Anshar, when Rohoph finally gets off Belfan and goes to end Anu and the Violet Crystal. But that would be later on in the series, Gaspar is coming to get Rohoph, and he doesn't have any plans in action to get away. In my view, if Rohoph ever gets back to Anshar, it would be in MARDEK 5 or 6, when Balthazar or Melchior are sent... If they ever are. Mardek might sacrifice himself to get rid of Rohoph... But we will never know until it comes out. Happy waiting!
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