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This was my first attempt at a platformer, made during the same 'era' that I made Deliverance. It's old and amateurishly coded, so there's no chance I'll return to it at any point.
Though it is unfinished, MOST of it is actually done; it's just missing bosses, mainly. And no, I won't finish it because there are 'only' bosses missing; bosses were the hardest thing to make in the game, for me at least.

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nyunyasha`s Avatar
Rating Orb nyunyasha 21 Chile Melancholic 1C 0F
6 years ago | (1)
i really like the game so far, its not impossible, i like the story too. it have some mistakes but its your first game and the argument is really good and the gameplay too. Hail to Arkus Zei ^w^
dhdg366`s Avatar
Rating Orb dhdg366 15 United States 4C 0F
6 years ago | (1)
I finally enjoy it here once more! i like it once again. i made sure the little lag issue was redone for me, so POP! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ArtixBot`s Avatar
Rating Orb ArtixBot 12 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 4C 0F
6 years ago | (2)
This game is great. Unfortunately, it seems like nobody seems to check out the "Abandoned" section's games, of which Raider Zero is actually pretty fun to play.
Spiritlord`s Avatar
Rating Orb Spiritlord 15 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 71C 6F
7 years ago | (0)
This is probably the most underrated game on the site. Serioursly, it's brilliant and only 6 comments (well, 7 now). Since you're considering remaking Deliverance, maybe you should remake this, too. If you made an easier way to get extra lives, and put in more save points, a lot more people would play it. Probably. Hopefully. Maybe. ...You get the idea
ikiimoni`s Avatar
Rating Orb ikiimoni 13 United States 8C 1F
6 years ago | (2)
That... is definately true. I love this game, and it's one of my favorites on the site, but it should be remade and not abandoned. (Or at least added to.)
Mardek fan16`s Avatar
Rating Orb Mardek fan16 16 United States 16C 0F
7 years ago | (2)
nice has some interesting concepts interesting story I would like to see gruen in the other raider parts
Mardek RULES`s Avatar
Rating Orb Mardek RULES 10 Canada CholericMelancholic 17C 0F
7 years ago | (5)
the raider seriies is AEWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous412`s Avatar
Rating Orb Anonymous412 17 Canada MelancholicPhlegmatic 65C 46F
7 years ago | (2)
How do you kill the Toxicraken? What do you do with the exploding monsters?
Brock`s Avatar
Rating Orb Brock 17 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 218C 78F
7 years ago | (1)
The Toxicraken is a tricky boss, probably one of the most tricky out of all the bosses I've faced so far, but he is beatable. Here is a few techniques I found that may help out:
1) Right when you enter the room and jump to the center and the bottom of the screen say 'Toxicraken' move Arkus to either the right or left and jump onto one of the ladders. Don't climb all the way up, no, instead go to the bottom of the ladder (hitting the right key on the left ladder and the left key on the right ladder) and repeatedly shoot at one of the Toxikraken heads (which can only be damaged when it comes down to shoot at where you should be, the middle platform). Doing this technique minimizes damage and allows you to fight at full health versus the first head. Oh, and make sure once the first head is defeated before you jump back on the middle platform to destroy the second head. Otherwise, the first head will just grow right back, and you'll probably die rather quickly. Repeat: Make sure you defeat the second head quickly after defeating the first one, or else the battle will never end. If you happen to get stuck in between the two heads, just go either right or left towards a latter and jump into one of the stem thingies that hold the head up. You'll take damage, but not much. Once you do this you'll fall into the mucky water, which you need to get out of quickly and jump on a nearby ladder, for reasons I'll explain in reason 3
2) If you don't like that technique try this: Stay in the middle and damage both heads equally. Thus the heads will be taken down faster without worrying about one of them growing back at full health. The heads both can attack a maximum of three times, in three different positions, but may attack only one or two times before coming down to shoot you and giving you a chance to damage it, so be one your guard. Remember, the toxicraken's heads can only be damaged when they come down to shoot you Your sword has no effect on the heads, so don't use it. After a while the heads' health will regenerate, so this tactic isn't all that effective, but it's still worth trying if the ladder technique doesn't work.
3) Don't camp in the mucky water. The toxicraken has this 'flash' attack thingy that deals massive damage when in or under water, so attacking it from below is out of the question (not like attacking it underwater does any damage anyways). Get out of the water quickly, or you'll be dead before you know it.
4) Before the battle make sure you bring lots of antidotes and Adrenaline shot or Adrenaline shot +, because this bad boy can deal high damage real fast, so be careful and use your items wisely. The toxicraken can also poison you, so antidotes are a big help. Steroids are useful, but in the midst of battle with the toxicraken, you probably won't be able to activate them fast enough to survive, unless you are on one of the ladders.
5) Once you've defeated the heads, bombs will start dropping and will detonate in a set amount of time if you attack them. These you can attack with your sword, but don't do it until the Toxicraken starts moving back and forth across the bottom of the screen. Push them off the platform and hit the toxicraken with a bomb when it's at the end of the platform and hittable. Be careful though, he'll attack by shooting out laser beams from who knows where. Make sure also to push the bombs off before they detonate. Duh! He takes about six or seven hits with the bombs to be defeated. Also, the two heads will regrow and start attacking you after a while so be careful. At that point, when they come out, the toxicraken has stopped moving so be careful.
Hope this helps. Good luck. :)
Anonymous412`s Avatar
Rating Orb Anonymous412 17 Canada MelancholicPhlegmatic 65C 46F
8 years ago | (4)
What does each of the Stats do? I am really really confused.
Shrike`s Avatar
Rating Orb Shrike 18 New Zealand MelancholicPhlegmatic 100C 15F
7 years ago | (4)
Aim increases the damage you do with your blaster and rifle.
Strength increases the damage your sword does
Constitution reduces the amount of damage you take.
HP raises hit points. Obviously.
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