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This is most likely the reason you are here.
I (Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf) make games in Flash, but not really very Casual ones; they're more in-depth, like console games.
As you can clearly see from this page, I start a lot more than I ever finish. I'm trying to change this, and trying to get more serious about game-making so I can finish off every project on this page, but let's see what the future holds in store...
Finished Games


MARDEK RPG: Chapter 1 (2007) 32243 plays
This is the new version of chapter 1, using the engine made for chapter 3.
Play as a hero named Mardek as he saves a princess from a dragon! Or is there more to it than that...? (Hint: Yes, there is.)
Status: Finished

MARDEK RPG: Chapter 2 (2007) 61612 plays
This is the revamped version of chapter 2, using chapter 3's engine. The original version was released back in 2007, and it's how a lot of people got to this site.

It's a rather long, in-depth RPG; probably about 4 to 10 hours of play time in total. Mardek has grown up since Chapter 1, and become a 'Royal Guard'... but due to the Annunaki spirit residing in his body, his life is about to get a lot more difficult!
Status: Finished

MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 (2010) 165235 plays
The third chapter in the story of MARDEK. Mardek is now a Royal Knight, who's sent on various missions for the King. Of course, things aren't that simple... And Rohoph's still alive; the Governance de Magi can't be havin' with that.

Chapter 3 includes oodles more party members, and less linear gameplay. Exciting.
It took forever to make - three years! - because I recoded the engine from scratch, which took a while and many failed attempts, and removed a lot of enthusiasm that I had for the game.

This chapter contains 40+ hours of gameplay, and includes remade versions of the first two chapters.
Status: Finished

The Raider Series

Raider - Episode 1 (2009) 16735 plays
This was originally 'Raider 2', but since the original 'Raider' was never finished, this one took the title and that became 'Raider Zero'.
I was a big fan of platformers before I ever knew about RPGs, and spent my childhood designing platformer levels on paper, etc, so I wanted to make at least one platformer at some point.
It was never meant to be anything special; just a sort of generic platformer, in a pixelated style. However, due to my level-making approach, what it ended up as was something fiendishly difficult that only the most devoted players can finish at all!
It was originally going to be released in five parts, but that may not happen due to the lukewarm reception of the first two.
Anyway, in this, you play as 'Arkus Zei', a Cyrian 'space pirate' who makes a living from raiding dead starships for treasure. He comes across a drifting wreck, and investigates...
Status: Finished

Raider - Episode 2 (2009) 8707 plays
This is the second episode of the pixelated Raider, keeping the same level of difficulty (or is it MORE difficult?).
You play as Arkus again, investigating a crumbling tropical ruin on an planet that his new companion has directed him to.
Status: Finished


Clarence's Big Chance (2011) 8183 plays
A silly game where you play as a 35-year-old ugly man who has to prepare for the first date in his life by jumping around on platforms and collecting items and so on.
Status: Finished


Super Mega Extreme Cyber Ortek Flier 2005 X (2005) 7876 plays
This was my first 'proper Flash game'. It's not as deep or well-made as my more recent attempts. It's a pretty standard side-scrolling shooter, which I made as a 'sequel' of sorts to the very first game that I ever tried to make in Flash, which was sort of the same except you played as a 'turquoise dragon'. Hmm.
'SMECOF' lets you play as a 'Cyber Ortek': a cybernetic, two-headed dragon-like creature from the Draco System; a star system that I designed when I was young and which I explored in varying degrees of detail throughout my childhood, mainly through drawings. So this has a factor of reminiscence for me... But anyway! Maybe one day I'll use the Draco System inhabitants again in a different game.
(Note: This links to the game on Newgrounds.)
Status: As finished as it'll ever be!

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Games Currently in Development

Miasmon 0 plays
A monster catching game inspired heavily by Pokemon; I was motivated to make it by the release of Pokemon Black and White.
While it's inspired by Pokemon, it is not a direct clone. It merely copies the genre, not the exact mechanics.

The game takes place on a mysterious, broken world which has had its crust ripped up and fragmented; islands of rock slowly orbit a naked core, held there by gravity and magic.
The world once belonged to a race similar in technology and culture to ancient civilisations like the Egyptians or Aztecs, except for one thing: they had learned how to capture and control the Monsters that inhabit all worlds in the Astrostles Galaxy.

These Monsters are the same ones from MARDEK; they form from an omnipresent 'miasma', which is a sort of invisible energy that is left over from the creation of a world, simulated by thinking minds to create 'physical phantasms'; soulless monsters that exist to hurt and lack true souls or minds.

The ancient people knew how to capture and train these, but they were wiped out by whatever catastrophe destroyed their world.

Humans from another world came and colonised the remains of the world they've dubbed 'Fracture', since it was still inhabitable despite all reason, and it was a sort of novelty.
For many years, archaeologists tried to learn what they could about the dead race just out of curiosity, to learn what made the world into what it is.

One scientist managed to reproduce the technology that the Ancients used to capture and summon monsters, and he was able to bring this skill to a new generation of humans. It became a popular hobby, and discovery of the past was forgotten now that the present was so interesting.
The scientist that brought this technology to the masses did so at a great cost to himself... He never liked training monsters himself and retreated to his own little island and became a hermit to avoid association with them.

His solitude is disturbed when two travellers seek his aid, his expertise in archaeology, and, despite being in his winter years, he decides that he should go with them and involve himself in the world of training monsters to discover what fractured Fracture...
Status: In progress...

Games I'll Get Around To at Some Point

Alora Fane: Regression 0 plays
An RPG, set in the world of 'Alora Fane', freshly designed for this project.
Alora Fane is a world that exists beyond the normal universe, said to be created artificially by a race of 'gods'. These same 'gods' directly interact with the world's inhabitants if ever they need help or guidance, as loving caretakers or parents would.
Life within Alora Fane is largely devoted to spiritual development, in order to eventually come closer to these 'gods'.

The plot follows the life of a young man named Thymus, whose lack of confidence leads to him making decisions he wishes he could change, missing opportunities he should have taken...
Maybe there's a way that he can change the past?

The game may or may not be divided into chapters.
It involves aspects that set it apart from MARDEK, such as a more limited cast and a battle system that isn't based around levelling up.
Status: Postponed for the moment; I'll return to it later.

Big Projects

Beast Signer 68197 plays
A 'monster collector' RPG, very similar to Pokemon (I love the Pokemon games, and was trying to attempt to emulate them with this... I make no claims of being original).
It's set in a post-apocalyptic era, where people live in a VR world for various reasons! But this world is overrun with rogue AI 'creatures' called 'Beasts', which can't be destroyed but which can be caught and used to destroy eachother... Or something.
Currently, there is an Alpha of an old version playable, but there's not much to it and it isn't represantative of the final version since I'm going to make it from scratch in AS3 at some point.
The NEW version of Beast Signer will be a sort of persistant single player MMO, with new content added on a regular basis. It'll still have a set plot with a beginning and end, but it'll unravel over the course of many months rather than all at once.
Hopefully community involvement will be a big factor too. Though you'd be unable to interact with other players directly in the game due to technical restrictions, you may be able to do things like set up a shop on your userpage to sell in-game items for in-game money, and there'd probably be 'Design a Beast!' contests every so often where the players would vote on submitted designs and the winning one would be added to the game.
It will most likely require a monthly fee to access ALL of the content (that is, there'd be 'Free Accounts' and 'Premium Accounts'), just because it'll be unique to this site and not hosted anywhere else, so I couldn't get a sponsorship. I've yet to plan prices, but worry not; it won't be expensive.
Status: There's an old Alpha version playable, but the new version won't be done for a while.

Fig Hunter Online 0 plays
Fig Hunter Online is a bit of an ambitious project that I've been planning for a while now. I did make an alpha version of sorts a while ago, but I'm going to scrap that and start again with better planning.
Basically, it's not really a single game, but a tool. It will consist of an Editor which you can use to make your own Adventures which will play sort of like MARDEK (that is, pixelated graphics, turn-based battles, RPG features, dialogue, etc). These Adventures would be saved to the server, and they'd become playable from the browser by other people, who could then rate or comment on them.
Designers could give their Adventures genres and difficulty levels, which would allow players to easily find Adventures that they want to play. You'd have the option of designing a protagonist for your Adventures, or allowing the player to create their own (using the same Character Creator tool used to make PCs and NPCs in the Editor). Players' characters could be saved and taken on different adventures, carrying over items and experience between them.
I aim to make the Editor really easy to use, so the learning period would be short. It'd be simple, but powerful. Keep in mind though that it'd be more akin to a Level Editor than a 'Game Maker'.

This game too might require a fee of sorts for premium content, but I could even go ABSOLUTELY MAD and work on an interesting system where designers of Adventures would get a share of the profits made from people playing them... That might be interesting. Let's wait and see how it turns out, but I won't be working on this for a while.
Status: Eagerly awaiting working on this, but I need to learn things my making other games in order to prepa


MARDEK RPG: Chapter 4 0 plays
There were originally meant to be eight chapters of MARDEK, but that might be an unmanageable number, so I may need to revise the plot to lower the number to five or six or something, so I can conclude the story but get the project out of the way.

It'll probably be a while before I work on this, but I'll try and make other entertaining games in the meantime!
Status: I've had enough of MARDEK for a while, sorry... I will return to it after making some other things.

Shorter Projects

BE-a-St 0 plays
Have you ever wondered what it is like to 'be' another creature? To see from their eyes, to move their body, to perceive the world like they do?
It's a fascinating concept to me, as is the idea of reincarnation, which suggests that you could actually 'be' other creatures after you die. This game explores those concepts.
Basically, gameplay would involve taking control of one creature and exploring the environment using its various skills; some could fly, others could swim, or dig, or move rocks, or climb, or even talk or wield equipment. But this creature would have limited HP and a lifespan, and once your health was down (there'd be a lot of predators) or your time was up, you'd die and go to 'Heaven'.
Once here, you'd find your way to the Afterlife blocked by a gate which you're told won't open for you unless you are a 'Saint'; a title earned only by those who have sufficient life experience.
So you need to go back down to the physical world, to reincarnate in a new life, but the thing is, you can incarnate as any other lifeform that you'd 'unlocked' and the gameplay would be different for each one. You'd solve environmental puzzles by incarnating as many different lifeforms.
The game wouldn't focus on difficulty like Raider, but ambience and the thrill of exploration. The game would be low on text or explicit GUI features, to hopefully give the sensation of playing as a mindless animal.
I intend to create a simplified version of this with limited forms and levels, which I'll release, and if it's popular, I could do a more in-depth sequel.
Status: See the bottom of the page to learn when I'll work on this.

7 Heavens 9 Hells 0 plays
This was an idea I came up with when trying to design short, quick, but enjoyable projects for money.
It would have relied on 'procedural generation' - that is, randomly created content - so that your adventure was different every time. It would have involved you travelling through the layers of 'Hell' and 'Heaven' for some reason or another.
It's an intriguing idea, so I may come back to it at some point, but I found when working on it last that it was less quick and easy than I thought, and because of this, I don't see myself working on it in the immediate future.
Status: No plans to work on it any time soon...

CARDECK 0 plays
This, too, was another project I designed in the hopes of making something quickly and easily. Like 7H9H, it turned out to be more complex than I thought...
Actually, the main reason I didn't carry on with it was frustration at my own artistic abilites, or lack thereof. I had to design the art for many cards, and I just couldn't do it, so I gave up. If I improve my drawing skills, I may be more eager to return to this.
Status: No desire to work on it any time soon.

Chimaera 0 plays
This game was originally about playing as a Frankenstein-like 'Mad Scientist' who creates 'monstrosities' using various different body parts, which are then trained, raised, and entered into battles against other Mad Scientists' monstrosities.
It was planned to have a lot of customisation options and a story and everything (serving as a prequel to Beast Signer), but, like with BE-a-St, I think first I'll make a version which is essentially just a battle system, then release an enhanced sequel if people show interest.
I'll do this as one of my early AS3 projects in order to familiarise myself with battle system coding.
Status: Wasn't really working out... so I did CBC instead. Maybe I'll return to this someday.

Raider - The Adventures of Arkus Zei 0 plays
Originally, Raider was supposed to consist of five Episodes, which told a story between them. However, the first two weren't nearly as successful as I hoped, and it's embarrassing to even think of releasing another three knowing that the others 'failed'.
So what I plan to do instead is just have one game consisting of the original story in its five parts, but with completely redesigned maps. The levels will hopefully be easier and more 'fun' and Arkus will be able to move in more interesting ways.
Rather than just having five huge levels, there will be five 'zones', each with several short, easier levels each. This will make the game more manageable, I think, and more fun too.
You'll also be able to travel around a sort of 'world map' between the worlds; you'd fly around in Arkus' ship exploring sectors of space and finding loot or optional levels; it'd be sort of like the sea in Zelda:Wind Waker.
I'll work on this after MARDEK 3 is released.
(I've yet to finalise a title. Ideas like 'Raider - Complete', 'Raider - Saga', 'Raider Adventures', and 'Raider: The Adventures of Arkus Zei' come to mind...)
Status: Should start work on this in 2011.

Abandoned Games

Deliverance (2005) 32445 plays
Deliverance was an early game of mine; effectively a precursor to MARDEK. It's sloppily made and poorly-written, in my opinion, and was abandoned a long time ago, unfinished.
Still, if you're interested, it contains many of the features that the original MARDEK games had (since MARDEK was based directly on Deliverance's code), as well as allowing you to create your own custom player character.
There are about 6 hours of play time in it, but then you come to an abrupt stop when there's just not any more to play, so prepare to be disappointed!
Status: Abandoned.

Raider Zero (2006) 13350 plays
This was my first attempt at a platformer, made during the same 'era' that I made Deliverance. It's old and amateurishly coded, so there's no chance I'll return to it at any point.
Though it is unfinished, MOST of it is actually done; it's just missing bosses, mainly. And no, I won't finish it because there are 'only' bosses missing; bosses were the hardest thing to make in the game, for me at least.
Status: Abandoned.

The Plan!
This is the order I'd like to work on my game projects, if possible. It's subject to change at any time.
MARDEK 3 Done!
Clarence's Big Chance Done!
Miasmon - Part I Influenced by the release of Pokemon Generation V, this is a monster catching game! It will be in three parts.
Miasmon - Part II It would make sense to get them all out of the way consecutively.
Miasmon - Part III Hopefully these two other chapters will take much less time than the first.
Simple RPG Engine I want to make an engine I can use as a base for other games, to save myself work...
MARDEK 4 This would probably be a Good Idea.
Beast Signer I finally have plans for this!
BE-a-St This might be a nice break!
New Deliverance: Ch 1 The first project using the new engine, since it's the most 'expendable'.
Raider It's nice as a change of pace to do a platformer amidst these RPGs.
New Deliverance: Ch 2 Eugh, I have like seven chapters of this planned. Maybe that's too many.
FHO An adaptation of the Simple RPG Engine could become this.
Alora Fane: Regression I also have tons of chapters of THIS planned...
STT Hmm...
Alora Fane: '2' I'll set multiple 'short' RPGs in the same world, just with different plots...