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Review (Editor Section): Upgrades needed?  
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Rating Orb E β Hassanico 18 Lebanon PhlegmaticMelancholic 96C 104F
7 years ago | (1)
Thank you for reviewing! I'll try and describe what I felt about your review as well as list your mistakes and typos as best as possible.

"crazy-ass shooter" You might want to rephrase that, as it seems a bit too upfront.

"At first glance" sounds a bit nicer than "At a glance".

There's no need for a comma before "shoddy".

Those last two sentences in the intro could be expanded. The game doesn't come down to graphics after all, right? Perhaps you should say that you'll "detail the evolution of the game as you upgrade its various features" or something of the sort.
In fact, the whole last part of the intro could use some rephrasing. The way you justify your choice for the game seems a bit...odd. Why does the game constantly evolving as you play make it not as good as "better" games? Is there something about that that lessens your enjoyment?

"Straight off" needs a comma after it. Though you could also say "To be frank" or "To be upfront",and other similar things to introduce your sentence better.

You misspelled "maneuver" as "manoeuvre".

Its possible to just say "guided missiles" instead of "self-guiding".

"Buy an achievements section", not "and".

"Which wasn't really that big..." You spelled "wasn't" as "wan't".

"They aren't anything..." Capitalize the T at the begining.

"It gets interesting..." no apostrophe for "gets".

You probably meants "both casual and avid gameRs", not "games".

Though the overall review is good, what with your opinions, humour, and the general flow of your words, some of your sentences could be condensed or shortened instead of separated into several smaller ones, such as when you describe the graphics and their evolution. Instead of three sentences describing them, you could have something along the lines of "Though the graphics aren't much at first, they get better as you upgrade them, evolving from pixelated sprites to stylish and detailed ships and backgrounds, etc...".

Describe the gameplay section a bit more. You said it was a shooter, but I have no idea what kind it is. Top-down? First person? Any shooter could have you blowing up ships, so just describe this part in a general manner so we can at least know what you're talking about (even though I'm sure the visual support from the images you add later will help).

Also, did you feel the game had anything to tell? Was there some sort of message addressed to the player? Did you think the game encouraged upgrades, denounced them, parodied them? You said the game didn't have any meaning at all, yet I'm sure there must have been a point to it other than simply getting better.

Once again, thank you for reviewing, and please be sure to ask questions about details or any other such things!
Userpage: Rating Orb E β Hassanico  
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Rating Orb E β Hassanico 18 Lebanon PhlegmaticMelancholic 96C 104F
7 years ago | (1)
I'm so sorry! I keep coming back to it yet never seem to have the time to write something considerable.... And just like you said, one editor posting doesn't mean the other one shouldn't, so... I'll be heading to it right away, but I'd love your support and personal opinions in situations like these.

Again, sorry to have kept you waiting!
Review (Editor Section): No Loss of Memory  
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Rating Orb E β Hassanico 18 Lebanon PhlegmaticMelancholic 96C 104F
7 years ago | (0)
Your titles are a bit misleading...They don't really indicate what's in the paragraph...Consider rephrasing them to be a bit more informative without necessarily being too long.
The very first line is a bit too direct...Leading into that first line with something a bit more general would be nice.
The graphics you are referring to are most likely a vector based drawing style, which isn't really pixelated...
You didn't really talk about the music though. You said it doesn't add much, but why? Is it loud? Unfitting? Absent most of the time?

I think you meant:"Even though they appear..."
"Which makes it slightly less impressive" What is "It"? Gameplay? Combat? Please specify.
"There is a passive spell..." sounds better than "the passive spell".

Please follow the advice the other Editors have given. There's still some work to do, especially in the structure(either do gameplay->plot or plot->gameplay, but don't mix it up too much) and justifying ratings.
Review (Editor Section): Too Much Soul, Too Little Substance  
Hassanico`s Avatar
Rating Orb E β Hassanico 18 Lebanon PhlegmaticMelancholic 96C 104F
7 years ago | (1)
Yes, everything's been discussed and agreed upon. You can publish it whenever you want.
Are you concerned about the rating though?
Review (Editor Section): Too Much Soul, Too Little Substance  
Hassanico`s Avatar
Rating Orb E β Hassanico 18 Lebanon PhlegmaticMelancholic 96C 104F
7 years ago | (1)
I really can't say anything about this review... Its very well written, and I like your style as well as the amount of detail you've put in your descriptions: not too little, but not so much that the reader is flooded with details.
The only suggestion I could possibly give is to split your paragraphs a bit more, as they're a bit hard to read at times.

I'd totally approve this review, but I'll have to ask for consensus on my rating before I do. So good job! The review is quite informative and fun to read!
Review: A fun and exhilarating road trip!  
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Rating Orb E β Hassanico 18 Lebanon PhlegmaticMelancholic 96C 104F
7 years ago | (3)
Well thanks a lot, I appreciate the comment!
I really did feel the voice acting was one of the best parts of the game, despite it not being really important in most flash games.
If you're waiting for a sequel, then I don't think you'll be disappointed. I read a comment by the author describing how he'd like to make a sequel to the game that would most likely take place in a wasteland USA, and where you'd still have to escape from many renegade military and armed factions. It sounds pretty exciting!
Review (Editor Section): Good old times  
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Rating Orb E β Hassanico 18 Lebanon PhlegmaticMelancholic 96C 104F
7 years ago | (3)
Ok, I'm rewriting your entire review because its obvious you have difficulty with English, as you've said. Its not your fault, but it'd be nice if you could learn more in the future!
Don't change the titles, which are good. Also, don't change the review immediately: I want other Editors to see it before you change it.


"From the classical age from the Greeks, came a game mixing both humour and action. The game was released a long time ago, but a review, remembering its greatness, couldn't harm anyone. If you are looking for a classic game like the "Golden Axe" series, but with a good dose of humor, this is the right place. Double Edged has proven itself as a good "Hack and Slash" game, with all the ingredients to acclimate yourself in those good times of childhood: The "Fight!" shout at the beginning of each level, the bosses with their respective "BOSS!" sign, the exchangeable weapons, the little burglars with big bags that you must hit to get coins, the good old mountable animals -this time tigers- and the "CLEAR" screen at the end of each level. But that is not all! This game has a particular feature very rare in flash games: a multiplayer aspect (though not online, as both players must sit next to each other on the computer).


Ages ago, in the far lands of Greece lived a skilled warrior, sometimes a loner, sometimes in fighting in the company of another fearless warrior like him. His only mission was to open a path through hordes of enemies to stop King Midas, who became totally mad for gold (Beware! Don't let him touch you!) and then keep fighting against hordes to kill the Colossus. When he is certain peace will reign for a while, lizardmen attack Greece, and our hero having no choice but to keep fighting, slays everything in his path, even the Minotaur and the elated, self-loathing and... tiny Hercules. The war ends then, but not thanks to him, as the priests of Hecate were the ones who won the war by transforming the lizardman into... Chickens! But the tired warrior never gets his deserved rest, as when the war is over, an idiot decides to loot the tomb of King Cecrops to find the Lion Hammer, awakening the undead along the way. Once again, the warrior has to kill them all, fighting his way to Medusa, and facing the gigantic Behermont, the ugly cyclops who imprisoned a young lady. Will he be able to defeat the monster and retrieve freedom of a beautiful girl?

Well, OK, the storyline isn't as important as I painted it, the game is still about cutting enemies. And to honor that, the game offers you a good amount of weapons: the ever present Knife; the starting Longsword, the Axe, painted in gold colors (probably a tribute to Golden Axe series); the almighty Hammer (including the Lion Hammer); a Lizardman trident, a Bow (Yes, a bow... Amazing, isn't it?); the chicken... (Yes, you can use a chicken as a weapon... ) and rocks and statues you can always throw at enemies. A side scrolling game can't be complete without them! By now you must be wondering (I know you actually don't) what do we cut and smash with these weapons? Well, the game doesn't fall short in the enemy department, because we have Greeks soldiers (Normal and elite ones, as always), bodybuilders, lizardmen, annoying priests of Hecate, that will -depending on the stage- transform you into a chicken or raise any dead that you kill, the undead and, of course, the bosses. I have to admit it, the bosses are very interesting. They are always humorous and there is a unique way to kill each one of them - usually not very hard to find- but if you don't do it quickly, they might tear you apart.

About the Visuals and Sound: there isn't really much to say about them, because after playing the game for only two minutes you will see how great their quality is. The background is nice and acclimatized to each level, the detail is very good, and there are even some extra details that might be missed, like the dust released by the attacks of the lion hammer (not the normal hammer, as the dust makes a shady figure). Even though there are no voices, the monster usually make some sort of moan (always represented with the onomatopoeia in the dialog boxes). The music is the reason why I am writing this review today. I was walking on the street when I started humming the starting song (it gets really impregnated, as, by the time I was humming in the street, I hadn't played the game for at least one year...).

Oh! I almost forgot: one of the better things in the game is the multiplayer option. It adds a competitive aspect to the game that is missing in the single player mode. You have to rush in killing all the possible enemies, getting all the possible coins (which are useless in single player), trying not to get hit -as that will lower your points-, and, if necessary, you will surely hit your partner -"by mistake"- to get the hammer he has but you want. At the end of each level the points earned by each player are displayed, and the one who has the most points wins the level. The player who wins more levels is the one who wins the game and gets the lady!

The gameplay is good, I personally like it more than the Golden Axe series because you walk faster, something that gives you the chance to surprise enemies from below and adds more enthusiasm to the game. It is almost impossible to lose a normal level (because when you are low on health, the enemies usually drop food when you kill them), and it seems the only way to get killed is against a boss. The most annoying thing in the game is that you pick up and exchange weapons off the floor with the same button you attack, so you might be trying to kill someone with a bow when you suddenly pick up a longsword and things like that.


Double Edged is a very good game of its kind, and leaves little to desire, but I don't think it qualifies as a "Great" game. It was a good game indeed, but... It feels like a normal game, not an exceptional one. Perhaps because it is too close to a computer game, and doesn't feel much like a flash game, that, when compared to "installable" PC games, it isn't that great, or perhaps because it somewhat lacks a storyline. It is very probable that I got used to other kinds of games, or that I have played it so many times that it no longer holds any surprises.
Well, at the end of the day, for me it is a good game, more than an average one, but not as much as a great one. Great music, great graphics, good gameplay and lots of references to Greek mythology. The multiplayer options -as I stated before- grants it a new dimension, and while playing you will certainly laugh out loud lots of times, specially when playing with a friend.
Review (Editor Section): Addicting and Difficult Platformer  
Hassanico`s Avatar
Rating Orb E β Hassanico 18 Lebanon PhlegmaticMelancholic 96C 104F
7 years ago | (3)
Well, as two editors have already pointed out most of your mistakes (and I encourage you to fix these for a better rating!), I just felt obligated to point out you spelled "memorized" as "memorised".

It would also help a lot if you added titles. I know its not easy, but these can usually be comical and make the review more informative, entertaining, etc...
Review (Editor Section): A unfinished childhood flash game..  
Hassanico`s Avatar
Rating Orb E β Hassanico 18 Lebanon PhlegmaticMelancholic 96C 104F
7 years ago | (2)
Could you please do everything Eleanor asked you to do? The review could be approved easily if you do edit these things.
I also have a recommendation. See this line:"Please train your units instead of spending all your money on yourself or you will be killed easily. And please don't go running into the field like you can beat them all in one day."
Could you elaborate on it? Explain why its more useful to have a well trained squad rather than a super powered main character?
Once again, I urge you to fix everything you've been asked to. You don't have to do what I ask, but it'd be very helpful.
Blog: CBC needs Beta Testers  
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Rating Orb E β Hassanico 18 Lebanon PhlegmaticMelancholic 96C 104F
7 years ago | (7)
I'd like to be a beta tester again, if you don't mind that is. I enjoyed the experience the first time around(looking for typos and breaking the game specifically!) and I'd like to make myself somewhat useful to this site...

As for the music...From the samples we've heard in chat, it actually seems pretty nice and different, more harmonious perhaps? It mainly reminds me of character pieces and is very soothing most of the time, though its still recognizably yours somehow...
It seems like a nice project to work on, since its not restricted to any time frame and can be refined, but I'm not sure about the market for it...Though those who showed interest in the MARDEK piano adaptations mainly wanted to play them, so perhaps they'll like these too.
Good luck on both your projects though!
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