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Rating Orb The Wolf 19 Australia CholericPhlegmatic 120C 284F
6 years ago | (9)
I can sum up my position fairly well: "I do not know". Nor will I know while I am alive, it is also possible that I will not know when I am dead.
Userpage: Rating Orb Bluerabbit78  
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Rating Orb The Wolf 19 Australia CholericPhlegmatic 120C 284F
6 years ago | (13)
To begin with "I often rate them accordingly." means that you rate people in accordance to how they rate you. This is at the very least retaliation, if not revenge.

Perhaps you should re-evaluate how you treat others on this site, and how it reflects upon you. These comments are made available to the general public, using the header format as well as your vehemence (though possibly justified) will only make others view you worse.

Pseudolonewolf has access to the chat log and can see exactly what you said in chat whenever you said it, there's no point what so ever in arguing with him over what was said when. If you believe you have been rated unfairly, change how you act here and people will rate you differently.

If you still receive bad ratings for things you believe to be inoffensive, well written and within your character, perhaps this isn't the site for you.
Blog: My Plans  
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Rating Orb The Wolf 19 Australia CholericPhlegmatic 120C 284F
6 years ago | (1)
He means a non-mac laptop which would have better specifications and benchmarks for playing games and, uhh, those other things you do on a computer...
The reason he wont do this as he's already mentioned the possibility of making iPhone apps, which requires him to have an apple product of some kind and use a program (which I assume is) only available on macs.
PC also doesn't imply a desktop computer; though because of the use of the word 'Mac' for any PC with an apple logo on it PC usually refers to a non-Macintosh computer. Most people associate this with a windows computer, but that's mostly because normal people have no idea about Unix based operating systems.
Poll: Have you ever been to a therapist?  
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Rating Orb The Wolf 19 Australia CholericPhlegmatic 120C 284F
6 years ago | (8)
Yes, yes I have. I had a really bad year at university last year, being tired and really unmotivated, ended up not doing very well. When I got my results my parents kind of 'pushed' me to go see our GP (doctor), who kindly asked my parents to leave and made me do some psychiatric test for depression. Well I either scored really well, or didn't score very well at all, because she referred me to a Psychiatrist/Psychologist (Long story short, husband and wife, one does the medication, the other does that "And how does that make you feel?" speech). Ever since (So since 8 months ago) I've been on anti-depressants and I've been diagnosed with various other 'mental irregularities' which conveniently fit into that box you made on my user page.

I suppose this might be a leading question, in which case you can ask follow up questions, if you like.
Blog: Weekly Update: Beast Signer  
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Rating Orb The Wolf 19 Australia CholericPhlegmatic 120C 284F
6 years ago | (9)
Initial thoughts are that you should work on whatever you're motivated to work on.

It's all well and good to realise you need a constant source of income, but games you aren't enthusiastic about will only lead to imperfect finished products. (Not that anything is really perfect, I was going to say 'poor' but that would be harsh considering I don't think you've ever released a 'poor' game, or at least a game you considered 'poor' when you released it) Perhaps I'm alone in thinking that I support all of your games, and I enjoy them all, whilst others will want you to finish certain games first and such.

Beast Signer in general was one of your ideas I had some qualms about, merely because of the popularity of pokemon and the natural parallels people would draw against it, possibly/probably accusing you of stealing game ideas and such. Not that I object to your game design at all, I like both the similarities and differences. I'm just aware how difficult people can be.

User generated content... A good idea, in theory, but as you say with the Beast Signer user generated content, there would have to be someone to go through submissions and et cetera and decide what should and shouldn't be included. I'm aware of your 'trust' issues concerning others and your reluctance handing them the figurative keys to the kingdom, perhaps this could be another duty of the Editors, or something. Just something to be aware of. I doubt you'd want (or if you did want to, be able to) go through every mission submission and select those you deem worthy.

Graphics are something difficult to deal with, and whilst I understand your wish for uniformity throughout your games, sometimes it's best to just do what feels more right and or would be easier. Whilst it would be more immersive to have animated vector based graphics, pixelated still images could possibly be quicker (in that you don't animate them, I know how difficult good pixel art can be to create). Perhaps trying out some different ideas and creating some more art like you originally did with monster design, like the Oawlk and such. It would be best to go with what you're more enthusiastic about, because from the little I know of you, that's how you work best.

Types are yet another parallel you can draw with pokemon. But then the dual element thing could be taken as theft of their ideas anyway, so there's no real way to win. Your current idea seems more feasible than your previous one, due to the sheer amount of monsters you would have had to create, but this could still be a problem with the current design. Though markedly easier, it would still be a hard task to create so many monsters, due to the amount of evolutions for each family.

Evolutions look good, apart from the apparent shortcut you get from cutting straight down the balanced path. A way to do this is to grant stat bonuses for which evolutionary path you take, with the indecisive path offerring meagre bonuses to all stats and the physical path offering moderate bonuses to strength/endurance, or perhaps certain skills that are more powerful. Something to think about anyway.

I am curious though, are you intending to make these games site exclusive, and release limited content games on other flash portals to generate interest? If you do that, learn from games like 'swords and sandals' and release enough content to make users interested enough to actually visit your site and pay for the full version. (It was my experience that with the aforementioned game that there wasn't enough of the game to garner my interest enough to buy the full version)

And last but not least, good luck with it and enjoy your holiday.
Userpage: Rating Orb E CtG  
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Rating Orb The Wolf 19 Australia CholericPhlegmatic 120C 284F
6 years ago | (3)
To start with I would probably remove the forum games topic updates from the 'Recent Forum Posts' section on the community page. It's not like I'd lock them or otherwise discourage them from being posted in... It's more that the constant updates of forum topics that are generally used by the minority of members, and are easily updated by said members, are quite irritating to the eye when browsing through and subtract from looking at other more constructive forum topics. Of course you can see the other 'active' topics in the 'Active Forum Threads' section. (Incidental I'd edit that to not have a colon after it... But that's just my pedantry showing through.)

Other than that I wouldn't really 'do' anything apart from general administrative duties, banning trolls, warning new members of the rules, etc.

I'd also be more active, 'lurking' in chat, making sure no one's breaking rules, giving out warnings and such.
Blog: Buying Keys  
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Rating Orb The Wolf 19 Australia CholericPhlegmatic 120C 284F
7 years ago | (1)
The only thing that didn't strike me as a good idea would be paying for all the chapters before you released them, not because I don't *trust* you to finish them or anything but it would put the term *debt* in my head. You would be indebted to me to finish the games, and that just feels wrong to me. Also you might feel less like finishing it now that you 'already had the money' or something like that... Though I'm not really sure what pushes you towards finishing a project, perhaps having the money up front would give you more drive...
Userpage: Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf  
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Rating Orb The Wolf 19 Australia CholericPhlegmatic 120C 284F
7 years ago | (6)
I would think that it is to stop people from failing to colour their lines in chat. Usually a [#xxxxxx] [/#]code is used to colour chat lines. It's probable that it's a fail-safe for those who miss the '[ '.
Blog: Premium Membership  
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Rating Orb The Wolf 19 Australia CholericPhlegmatic 120C 284F
7 years ago | (13)
$5-10 a month when he puts his games out at the approximate rate of 1 a year? That works out as $60 a year, remembering that 60 pounds (English currency) is closer to $90-$100 Australian (My country) which is what you pay for the newest professionally made games.
I mean no disrespect to Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf, but the games he makes are not of the polished quality of a mass produced professional game.

I'm quite willing to pay SOME money but unless he comes out with games at a faster rate I'd be unwilling to be screwed by the conversion rate and pay $100 of my currency a year to simply play a game in advance that would be hosted on Kongregate a few months later.
Game: Clarence's Big Chance  
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Rating Orb The Wolf 19 Australia CholericPhlegmatic 120C 284F
7 years ago | (16)
Sponsors will generally want the game to be released o their site at least a week before it's released elsewhere.
If it's already been 'released' here, then they wont pay as much, or they might not sponsor it at all...
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