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Review: Santhworld: Text-based RPG at its best.  
artrost`s Avatar
Rating Orb artrost 24 Canada 5C 0F
7 years ago | (2)
If you like reading books, you'll like text-based games. They require the same two traits: imagination and patience. Santhworld seems to have some of the best text-based RPGs out there. Thanks for the review!
Blog: God's Plan and Prayer  
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Rating Orb artrost 24 Canada 5C 0F
7 years ago | (5)
Being an atheist, I've often wondered where religious beliefs come from. The most obvious answer is fear of the unknown. God or gods are always meant to fill the gaps in human knowledge to make us feel more safe. When humans didn't understand the plants and animals around them, they would create gods connected to nature. Once they understood nature, the sky became the biggest mystery, so they put their deities there. Now that we know that there are no cities in the clouds, the gods have retreated to even further depths, to the beginning of the universe, the origin of mankind and to quantum physics. They now have to be invisible and seemingly avoid us on purpose.

While some knowledge is simply not there yet, other knowledge is consciously or subconsciously repressed. Despite the best scientific evidence of humans being only physical entities, people believe in souls. Despite evidence about the physical finality of death, people believe in the afterlife. Despite evidence that there is no great purpose to the existence of mankind, people want to believe in a divine plan or at least a divine creator. Despite the fact that "evil" is everywhere, people want to believe in the final judgment after death or at the end of time. We sometimes fear what we know as much as we fear the unknown. Because of this, we sometimes strive to substitute well-established knowledge with implausible theories.

The goal of science is not to discover absolute truth, but to establish theories with the highest probability of being true. Although scientific theories can be refuted over time, science overall is moving closer and closer to discovering facts (at least we're doing our best). But for science to discover all truth is like for x to approach infinity: we will get closer and closer but we will never actually know everything. Because of this, there will always be room for religion.

So to me, the question of religion is not about knowledge and belief, it's about courage and fear. Should we allow our fear of the unknown and fear of uncomfortable truth to guide us in life, or should we have the courage to face the fact that our existence is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short?

And being an atheist doesn't mean having no principles. If we just look a little closer, we can find plenty of inspiration and beauty in the real world.

Blog: Weekly Update - 13/Sep/10  
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Rating Orb artrost 24 Canada 5C 0F
7 years ago | (7)
If it's not too hard to do, it would be nice if the energy recharge bar was recharging more smoothly. I know that energy is expressed as a number, but it seems that in most games with a similar recharge system, the bars go very smoothly from "empty" to "full". Another option would be to break the bar into 100 "rectangles".
Blog: About Chimaera  
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Rating Orb artrost 24 Canada 5C 0F
7 years ago | (8)
This game will have appeal if it involves a healthy bit of strategy. In the Mardek battles for example, strategy against a particular monster involved: choosing the right equipment, choosing characters with the right abilities, using the right abilities in the best progression and on the best targets, using items, etc. etc. In Chimaera without elements or targeting specific limbs, the strategy will be limited to one thing: choosing between stronger attacks that take longer to charge and weaker attacks that take less time to charge. Choosing limbs for battle won't really be strategic because without elemental weaknesses, it will probably be obvious which limbs are ALWAYS best. This leaves you with (at least) three options:

1. Give limbs elemental affinities (each limb contributes to overall elemental strengths, weaknesses and elemental skills)
2. Allow for targeting of specific limbs (with separate health bars and limbs "shutting down" when at 0)
3. Add a Mardek-style reaction bar for all attacks (easiest to code)

I think option 1 is your best bet. You could enhance it further by making special "sets" of limbs (all of one element, for example) which, when all equipped together, would give special abilities or stat bonuses.
On a different note, if I'm not mistaken about applying the binomial coefficient, having just 30 types of ingredients will leave you with 4060 possible combinations of 3. So you might want to add recipes that are dropped by opponents after all.
Blog: Weekly Update  
artrost`s Avatar
Rating Orb artrost 24 Canada 5C 0F
8 years ago | (6)
Try the TMNT mini-game: [LINK] It has some interesting features. Some of them might work in Raider.
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