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Poll: Which of [these facial expressions] describes you ...  
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Rating Orb Dreamwalker 16 Austria MelancholicPhlegmatic 2C 0F
5 years ago | (2)
I was vacilliatiaing between R F; both seem to be a bit malicious, evil but not showing their evilness openly. At first glance, I couldn't make distinction between them, but the I noticed that F is actually showing his intentions, while R is not, so I took R. Smile at them but ponder about killing them all insidiously. We are all pacifists, aren't we?
I am not sure if the letters actually represents certain words, but I don't think so, they are just their to have a order, right...(it would be awfully pretentious if would)
Poll: Have any of your usernames ever had 'boy', 'dude',...  
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Rating Orb Dreamwalker 16 Austria MelancholicPhlegmatic 2C 0F
6 years ago | (6)
What an interesting question, because I encounter those Usernames quite often (on german facebook ) in combination with words like "Styler", "gangster" or "pimp" words and lots of of numbers and "oO's. One terrible example would be: BieNcHeNx3 (biene means "bee) or even worse: XxCrAzYaNdSicKgIrLXx12. I guess those names can cause serious eye cancer and I have no idea what drove people when they chose those usernames.

Personally, I try to fit the username to the site, but most of the time I use Trior. I once thought out this nick when I first logged in onto a website and since then I have almost used it.
When I have more space, I choose DeathMagicDoom maybe similar to "DavidiusTotalisRomana", and when I think of it, it's quite a silly name...
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