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Rating Orb oRANGEpOTATOE, True Neutral Philosopher – joined 8 years ago Super powers71.202.XXX.XXX8 years ago
Best power : time control
Pros: you can do pretty much anything because if you paused time, you'd be able to learn anything because you'd have infinite time, you could go to the future and get a ton of high tech gadgets,pay for it by doing work that would take no time,pause time and find a cure for global warming,live forever, kill all terrorists,solve all the other stupid problems of our society,I could slow down time to make myself seem incredibly fast, Its also easy to conceal because if you paused time nobody would know.
Weakness: Invisible people,snipers,and other ways to die without having time to react. Also, I would be very corrupt, most probably!

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