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Rating Orb Smurfton, Lawful Good Mathemagician – joined 7 years ago Questions about Dreamstones *Spoilers*24.16.XXX.XXX7 years ago
In reply to Rating Orb Maz II, Dreamstones are created during times of stress (I think). You are right, Mardek did not know the Aruan Seer or the Cheiftan, but he knew Solaar well, and note how we only hear the words of others, while hearing the thoughts of solaar. Number 16 does make sense if you think of the fact that

both the Annihalator and Enki likely came from space. Enki is the captain of the ???? (the location's name) ship, and the Annihalator came down from the sky. See the Aeropolis Library and Dreamstone #16, in which Enki looks for a Gizmo like you took from the sandshrew.


I think that the ones that don't make sense will make sense if you get all the secrets (and complete ) the entire MARDEK Series.

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