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Rating Orb Drac0Jawn, True Neutral Peasant – joined 6 years ago Stones, and Chaosbringers, and Anunnaki, oh my! (MARDEK 4 Speculation Thread)96.42.XXX.XXX6 years ago
[LINK] This clearly states that Zaephros the Chaosbringer is an ancient enemy mentioned many times in the MARDEK series. It is likely that he/she will become of more importance later in the series. As revealed by Dreamstone #13, Solaar is sent to Belfan because the Runari Seer predicted that a reincarnation of Zaephros the Chaosbringer would appear on Belfan and, using a dark crystal, threaten the galaxy.
Also, as someone already mentioned ( i think ) Muriance is suspected to be the reincarnation of Zaephros. His middle name, Pharezos, is an anagram of Zaephros. Another clue is that "Zaephros" is similar to "Zephyrus", the Greek god of the wind, and Muriance is Air-elemental (as opposed to Steele, who currently has the Dark Crystal). Also, in Dreamstone #14, he reveals that he has dreams that seem like memories, dreams in which he wants to find the crystals and utilise their power. In these dreams, he also mentions that he is a dog, and since the Runari know of Zaephros, it is likely that Zaephros was originally an Aruan.

Oh yeh, and also! A few days ago, i was daydreaming that Rohoph spared Qualna and Qualna was a playable party member! How interesting is that? really cool, i know.
Qualna IS a pretty cool GdM member, just like every other member...
Yeh, but still. I think it would be REALLY cool if an Annunaki was a playable character.
What IS life...?

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