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I (Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf) compose music as a hobby, and for my games (though not all music I make is for games!), in the midi format, and most of it - years of work - is here to listen to for free.
There are advantages and disadvantages to the midi file format. It's great because the filesize is tiny; just a few kilobytes per file, meaning no long downloads. However, they may not play correctly for you, as their sound is determined by your own computer's midi player (since a midi is nothing but numerical data, telling different instrument sounds to play for different durations and at different pitches; the player provides the instrument sounds). They also cannot be put on mp3 players or anything like that in their raw format.
To hear the true sound of some of my game music, you can buy the Official Soundtracks using the links below.

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There are several sections of music. Click on one to see all the music in that section.


MARDEK 3: The Inventor Composed: 10 years ago Duration:   12144 views 24 Comments
I'd forgotten to upload this one with the rest!
Anyway, it's Meraeador's Theme, made for chapter 3 but included in the remakes of the first two chapters as well.
I was rather proud of this one for ages because I liked the feel it gives... It's meant to have a 'mechanical' rhythm, in the mathematical 5/4 to suggest a scientific mind or something, and it has a sort of eccentric feel to it. It also incorporates Meraeador's stuttering at some parts, you may notice!
It was inspired by some other rather generic 'Mad But Good Scientist' music I heard elsewhere, but I don't remember where...

MARDEK 3: Play - Battle! Composed: 9 years ago Duration:   4787 views 9 Comments
This one rather amuses me!
It's meant to be the pianist for the play's music improvising passionately, with a Swing sort of feel, and it's supposed to give a giddy, comical feeling to it rather than any kind of drama or urgency or anything. It's meant to be fun, I suppose!
It was influenced by ragtime music and stuff, even if it's not a rag in itself.

MARDEK 3: Play - Hero Composed: 9 years ago Duration:   2429 views 5 Comments
This, too, is based on stock music, though I don't think the feeling is as close to stock music as the Villain one (it's more like my style, this), even though I tried basing it on stock music that I listened to... So, uh, overall I'm less pleased with this one because it didn't do exactly what I wanted it to, even though musically I think it turned out okay.

MARDEK 3: Play - Villain Composed: 8 years ago Duration:   2342 views 3 Comments
The play was one of the last parts of the game that I did, and this music was added relatively quickly to it.
It's meant to be based on generic 'stock music' used for silent films yonks ago; the one is based on the sort of music that'd play for some silly Villain who twirled his long curly moustache as he laughs animatedly over the damsel he's tied to the train tracks or whatever. I looked up some stock music as research to try to get the feel just right.
So it's meant to be sort of comical rather than a serious villain theme, and I hope it gives that impression!

MARDEK 3: Astral Plane Composed: 9 years ago Duration:   3228 views 7 Comments
Boringly called 'Dungeon 4' in the Sibelius file, this was originally meant for all areas of the dreamrealm before I decided to just put the Lifewood and Gloria's Theme music through some weird filter... It sounded too dramatic and intense to use for normal areas, and since I was having the Astral Tunnel anyway, I found that it fit really well there.
It uses the whole tone scale somewhat, which gives a quick and easy aethereal feel, as many composers may know already.
It also uses an instrument called 'birdsong' which I've used in other music like that of the forests and Gloria's Theme, but lowered to some silly pitch which makes it sound really *eerie*. There's a lot of pad sound too, which adds to the soft and otherworldly feel.
Anyway, like much of MARDEK's music, I consider this a huge success, as it's very fitting and makes me glad to have composed it (so much for my usual self-loathing-and-deprecation!).

MARDEK 3: Clavis Composed: 8 years ago Duration:   3531 views 9 Comments
Strange as it may seem, Clavis as a character wasn't added until I'd been working on the game for two or more years... yet he 'makes the game' now, perhaps. o_O
This is the full version of his theme. It's meant to sound mysterious and so on, without being 'good' or 'evil' clearly. The extension after the first bit that normally loops was added whimsically and I didn't intend to use it, but liked it enough to add it as a separate piece in-game and found that it DRASTICALLY added to the emotional effect when it actually does play.
This piece was, strangely, inspired by Sheik's theme from Ocarina of Time... vaguely. I listened to that a few times before composing this, anyway.
The unusual time signature is meant to make it all the more mysterious.
I like it a lot...

MARDEK 3: Grand Boss Composed: 8 years ago Duration:   7480 views 15 Comments
Apart from the beginning and some flute-based bit around the middle which I'd like to change but never bothered to, this is perhaps my favourite battle music from chapter 3... I personally found it very moving shortly after composing it, when playing through the battle where it played; I kept wanting to test that battle just to hear my own music! Why, how full of myself I surely am!!1 o_O
I composed most of it quickly (though after SEVERAL failed attempts at a beginning; once I get the beginning going, it gets easier from there, but doing the start is the hardest bit), but got stuck for most of a day at around the middle part, before having a sudden surge of inspiration at night and composing the 'dramatic', high-pitched and very grand bit near the end in the space of a few minutes (which is my favourite part).
So, uh, yes! I like this one!
It was mainly done because I felt that the GdM battle music wouldn't cut it if used as a final boss accompaniment again...

MARDEK 3: Secret Boss Composed: 8 years ago Duration:   6571 views 15 Comments
Another one from 2010, and another composed in my first try, which is rare for battle themes, especially boss themes, since I tend to spend many attempts trying to get them just right.
This one was directly inspired by the music when you battle the Regis in one of the Pokemon games; RSE, I think. Well, partly inspired, anyway; you can see how if you listen to both pieces, though I personally think mine's more melodic and interesting, honestly. o_O
Perhaps interesting in that it creates a relatively 'calm' but sinister mood rather than some ostentatiously dramatic 'epic' feel.

MARDEK 3: Secret Dungeon Composed: 8 years ago Duration:   3012 views 7 Comments
One of the later pieces composed for the game; I actually made it this year, whereas many others are two or three years old at the time of writing.
I tried several times to get the Secret Dungeon music right, and ended up finishing three complete pieces (usually when I do multiple attempts, I only do the first few bars before considering something a failure, rather than finishing the piece). The other two didn't give the right sort of mood though, so I preferred this one... but even now, I don't think it's *perfect*. Still, I think it exhibits some of my improved musical theory understanding, or something. Maybe.
It was directly inspired by the 'secret dungeon' music from the SNES game Live A Live, which I'd played shortly before composing this.

MARDEK 3: Crystals Composed: 10 years ago Duration:   2402 views 3 Comments
Some of you may have seen the piece on this site called 'Quest I', which I did ages ago; a humongous piano solo which was meant to tell a story. I wanted to do a sequel to that for ages, so I started 'Quest II', but didn't get further than a minute or two into it so I never released it.
It started with a bit called 'Crystals Sparkling' though (they were to be stolen and the Hero would go after the thief), which was so nice to my ears that I decided to extract it completely and convert it into this.
I like how this sounds, yet unfortunately it sounds sort of 'sloppy' in some ways because I 'lost track of all the notes' or something like that, and the midi sounds don't sound too beautiful anyway...
So, uh, I think it's okay, but it's certainly not one of my favourites.

MARDEK 3: Guardian Battle Composed: 9 years ago Duration:   7540 views 17 Comments
I knew when composing this that a lot of people would end up liking it! People do like battle themes, and this one's quite dramatic and so on.
It was meant to be a greatly improved version of the 'Guardian Battle' music from Deliverance, and I meant to use that's melody as the main one in this, but it didn't give the right sort of mood at all (I don't think that piece ever did), so I did something different instead. Intent on including the old theme somewhere though, I devoted the second half to copying it clearly, and I personally think I could have just cut that bit out entirely and got away with it. Still, it gives the piece more variety, I suppose, and serves as a reminiscent reference for Deliverance players.

MARDEK 3: Earth Temple Composed: 9 years ago Duration:   2780 views 3 Comments
This is actually the second fully finished 'Earth Temple' track, which I preferred over the first attempt... Both had entirely different moods; the first was solid and active, while this one is very gentle and contemplative.
It's based in part on Celtic or 'new age' sorts of music, which I've always liked the feel of, and they always make me think of very 'earthy' sorts of people who are into Mother Nature and magic crystals and Wicca and astrology all that. So yes, that's why I think it fits Earth.
This is one of my favourite pieces from the chapter, just because I like calm music and the types of music I was influenced by...

MARDEK 3: Fire Temple Composed: 9 years ago Duration:   2452 views 1 Comments
A tango! That's what this is inspired by, and it may be obvious to people familiar with those. It was in part influenced by the idea of a 'Bolero of Fire' in Ocarina of Time, and how I feel that tangos and similar things are very fiery, passionate pieces of music.
It has some intentional dissonance in the middle to evoke a sort of forceful feel, contrasting with the more 'graceful' and 'flowing' aspect of the Water Temple's music.
For some reason, one musical technique I'm particularly drawn to is a 'buildup to exploding silence'; that is, a crescendo that seems to be leading to something big and powerful, but which suddenly 'cuts off' and goes straight to a quiet bit with no gradual transition.

MARDEK 3: Water Temple Composed: 10 years ago Duration:   3447 views 5 Comments
I have mixed feelings about this one... There are parts I like, but others that I don't... Overall though, I think it's okay, even if it doesn't necessarily give the exactly right sort of feel I would have intended for the water temple (I composed it ages before MAKING the water temple).
It uses techniques that I've seen in music like rousing 'boating songs' and such, though I couldn't be specific as to which ones. It's sort of a cross then between a 'sea shanty' and a graceful, magical feel...

MARDEK 3: Lifewood Composed: 10 years ago Duration:   2465 views 2 Comments
I seem to rather like these 'magical forest' musics... I did one for FHO too which isn't drastically different from this one.
It's meant to be enchanting and, uh, foresty and stuff, but has a distinct sense of movement and *life* about it, unlike some other forest music which sounds all calm and still. Yes, I suppose it's meant to evoke the sense of life marching onwards with magical vivacity or something like that...

MARDEK 3: Volcano Composed: 10 years ago Duration:   2824 views 6 Comments
A solid, dramatic, heavy piece for the fiery volcano, Crimson Peak. I probably don't need to describe it much, but I do think that it gives the right sort of mood that I was trying to convey.
There are some interesting techniques that I used and liked in this (seems I'm saying this about every piece! I do try to use different things in each one to keep things interesting for me, though), which were directly inspired by the music on the 'Thames' ship in the game Xenogears, for those of you who've played that. You should immediately realise what I'm talking about if you listen to it.

MARDEK 3: Aeropolis Composed: 10 years ago Duration:   2090 views 2 Comments
Astute listeners familiar with my older music will perhaps recognise this as an orchestrated adaptation of 'Diurne 4'. If you listen to that, you'll see that they're essentially the same, except that that's a piano solo and this has more 'flair'.
It's perhaps one of the longest pieces I've ever composed for a game, and I like some of the 'stereotypical Arabian musical techniques' used in it; the same sort used in music like that in Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts, as well as other games that have some 'desert town' or another.

MARDEK 3: Lone Wolf Composed: 9 years ago Duration:   5259 views 11 Comments
This took *so many tries* to get right! I left it for *months* before returning to it, because I'd tried like half a dozen entirely different attempts and none of them were right. I had the right feel and instruments in mind; I just couldn't seem to put it into actual music.
When I did actually finish this one though - which I do think is very fitting - it was extremely satisfying, and as a result I like this theme a whole lot. It says exactly what I wanted it to say...
It's introspective, sort of gloomy, but also hopeful. One lost in life but trying to find their way...
Oh, also, it uses leitmotifs! I sure do like those. At the start, it's basically just an adaptation of the Mighty Heroes melody. Later on, it quotes the Main Theme, before trailing off down a different route to the main hero...

MARDEK 3: Legion Composed: 9 years ago Duration:   4988 views 15 Comments
Now THIS is an interesting one! I thought about it a lot when composing it, and it's meant to describe five different things: the four different personalities, as well as the fact that Legion is an automaton.
The rather harsh, mechanical rhythm, in 7/8 time, is meant to describe something heavy and metal, obviously lacking in subtlety and even in humanity. It's meant to be 'clanky' and so on too.
This theme keeps up for most of the piece, but there are separate... 'verses', you could perhaps call them; a section devoted to each different mind.
The first one has typical 'villain chords' for Baron von Doomkill.
It then moves on to a gentler, flute-driven theme meant to describe the shaman, Deena.
Third is a funeral dirge with sorrowful violins and a miserable rhythm, for Miserable Ol' Martin.
Last is a chaotic mess - admittedly more menacing and 'evil' than I'd have liked, but oh well - meant to express the madness of the yellow mind, Bostolm.
So I'm quite proud of how this one turned out, considering what I was trying to do with it and everything!

MARDEK 3: Saul Composed: 9 years ago Duration:   3432 views 8 Comments
I really like a lot of character themes I composed for chapter 3; they're perhaps the pieces I listen to the most when I decide to listen to my own music. This, I feel, is one of the better successes amongst them, because it is exactly how I wanted it to be: creepy and everything, but in a comical, eccentric sort of way. Saul is meant as a comic relief 'villain' of sorts, so I think this does fit quite well.
The strange sound effects at the start which sound like some weird shaking thing and a gunshot would have been a zombie's moan and a quick, high-pitched girly 'B-movie scream', if the midi set had such instruments. Oh well.
It uses techniques like bits of silence and staccato that I don't often use, so I'm satisfied when I DO use them successfully.

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