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I (Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf) compose music as a hobby, and for my games (though not all music I make is for games!), in the midi format, and most of it - years of work - is here to listen to for free.
There are advantages and disadvantages to the midi file format. It's great because the filesize is tiny; just a few kilobytes per file, meaning no long downloads. However, they may not play correctly for you, as their sound is determined by your own computer's midi player (since a midi is nothing but numerical data, telling different instrument sounds to play for different durations and at different pitches; the player provides the instrument sounds). They also cannot be put on mp3 players or anything like that in their raw format.
To hear the true sound of some of my game music, you can buy the Official Soundtracks using the links below.

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There are several sections of music. Click on one to see all the music in that section.


1dec09 Uploaded: 8 years ago Duration: 3:26   5849 views 40 Comments
Well, I haven't managed to get one done every day, but I've not given up entirely after missing a few days!
This one is a piano solo, and it might be a bit odd in places (you may think some notes are 'wrong'), but I find it interesting or something anyway...

Not-a-Sonata 2 Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 3:47   1905 views 10 Comments
This was a second stab at getting the sonata form correctly, but again I suppose I went off track and did something else instead so it can't technically be called a 'sonata'.
I don't know why I didn't upload these in February... But I'm doing so now because I've not been keeping up with my daily compositions at all!

Not-a-Sonata 1 Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 2:26   1656 views 6 Comments
This is another piece I composed while teaching myself more about music theory, but never released. It was meant to be of proper Sonata form originally, but for some reason I can't recall, I never managed that and turned it into this instead.
(For those of you that don't know, you can't just call any old piece of music a 'sonata' just because you feel like it. It has to have a certain structure, sort of like how you can't call a pig a bird because it doesn't have avian anatomy... y'know?!?)

Little Waltz Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 1:56   1451 views 4 Comments
Egads! This is older than I thought!
I don't actually know as much as I'd like about musical theory (that is, harmonics stuff, which chords follow which, etc), so this year I've been trying to learn, on and off, from online tutorials.
I made a few practice pieces like this to test what I was learning, and never meant to release them, but I decided that I might as well upload them anyway for the sake of completeness...

27nov09 Composed: 8 years ago Duration: 2:43   1604 views 10 Comments
Gasp. I managed to keep this up for longer than one day! But can I do three?!
Anyway, this isn't a piano solo, but it's not very interesting since again it was sort of forced rather than inspired... There are loads of bits that could have been so much better, but rather than refining these 'daily compositions' to perfection, I'll just leave them as 'rough sketches' so then I can quickly move onto the next one.

26nov09 Uploaded: 8 years ago Duration: 1:42 1739 views 8 Comments
As part of my daily timetable thing, I've decided to include an hour for 'composing music'; forcing myself to try to do SOMETHING even if I'm not inspired or anything. I'm hoping that this will lead to improvement, and more music; I haven't been composing much at all recently.
This one is a sort of uninspired piano piece, my first try, but other attempts won't all just be piano solos.

Space Yokels Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 5:30 4899 views 49 Comments
This and the last piece were initially attempts to compose a Main Theme for CARDECK... I composed a few bars of several potential themes but none of them seemed right. Some I liked musically though, even if they weren't appropriate, so I expanded them into full pieces in their own right, unrelated to CARDECK.
This doesn't loop.

Steel Stream Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 3:14 2476 views 10 Comments
Hmm... This is an odd piece. I wanted it to sound somewhat unusual, as I tend to like odd things such as unusual time signatures and approaches that generally just don't sound like most neat, refined, 'good' music...
It turned out to be annoyingly 'repetitive' in parts, perhaps, and I'm not exactly in love with it, but it's been so long since I've composed anything at all that I might as well upload it!

Five Metal Beasts Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 1:04   2838 views 31 Comments
This was originally composed when I was trying to make a Theme for Chimaera, but it didn't fit the game at all. I do like how it turned out, though.
It's in 5/8 time.


Whimsical Waltz 5 Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 4:44   5855 views 20 Comments
Here is another one!
This one perhaps has a different feel than the others, and it's much longer too since the main section is repeated.

Whimsical Waltz 4 Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 2:00   2332 views 4 Comments
A slow one this time.

Whimsical Waltz 3 Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 1   1912 views 0 Comments
I'll probably do a few of these...

Whimsical Waltz 2 Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 2   1992 views 3 Comments
A second 'whimsical waltz', which again was made rustily up as I went along and could hardly be danced to...

Whimsical Waltz 1 Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 1   2117 views 3 Comments
I've not composed anything in AGES, so I composed this with much rustiness.
It's a waltz, of sorts, but only vaguely and only in a sort of technical sense. I doubt anyone could dance to it at all.
"Whimsical" because it's rather 'random' and clearly made up as I was going along...
Hopefully the rustiness will wear off in a while...

Dreamscape III Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 2:25   2914 views 5 Comments
Another one... Again, it's "abstract" and has no clear tune or consistent rhythm, instead being unfocused and crudely assembled, like a dream.
As in a dream, the "good bits" and the clear images may be fleeting.
(Again, I say: "I doubt many Youth Of Todays will much care for this style of composition!"!)

Dreamscape II (Nocturne) Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 2:33   2210 views 3 Comments
Another abstract, dreamy piece. The description for the last one applies to this, too.
It lacks a clear "tune", and will likely be unfollowable either in certain parts, or throughout the entire thing...
I like it *because* it's odd! But again, I'm unsure of its appeal amongst the audience of this site...

Dreamscape I Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 1:26   2279 views 5 Comments
Another 'experimental' piece. It's a dream. It lacks typical harmony or a clear melody; this is meant to relate to how dreams don't have a clear, detailed picture like reality; they're more of a "vague idea" or something. They also tend to change direction often, as does this.
Again, this is abstract, and not conventionally harmonic, so I'm unsure of its appeal... I composed it ages ago, but never submitted it here until now because I assumed nobody would like it...

Madness! Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 3:00   2959 views 7 Comments
This rather old piece was an interesting experiment, a deviation of the typical melodic musical form that I usually use. It starts off completely "random", tuneless, chaotic; many of the notes were actually added by clicking the staves randomly without direction. This symbolised a fractured mind, insanity, etc. Someone in a mental asylum, I thought.
As the piece goes on, though, order begins to emerge from the chaos... I pictured this as the mental patient getting psychiatric help sessions, and gradually moving towards sanity (somehow).
At the end, he's almost cured, but there are still bits of the madness there (some vaguely dissonant bits or irregular rhythms), but he's certainly glad to be free of the torment, and it concludes with a happy tone.

I like it, but since it's "abstract" in many ways, I'm unsure if it would appeal to a wider audience...

Anyway, this is music telling a story, with just music alone. Just one instrument. No lyrics, which modern popular music relies so much on to get any meaning or story across...

Not Cards Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 2:15   4136 views 26 Comments
This was originally meant to be for MARDEK 3, but I got carried away and went completely away from the original mood! I liked what I was doing though, so I decided to finish the piece, but I won't be using it in MARDEK 3.
Just out of curiosity though, if you listen to this, tell me what you think it would be appropriate for if it WAS used in a game! What does it make you think of? What mood does it create?

Ramble XXIII Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 9:15   2536 views 1 Comments
Not quite as long as the other recent rambles. It starts off quite simple and gets chaotic later. It might not be everyone's cup of tea.

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