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I (Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf) compose music as a hobby, and for my games (though not all music I make is for games!), in the midi format, and most of it - years of work - is here to listen to for free.
There are advantages and disadvantages to the midi file format. It's great because the filesize is tiny; just a few kilobytes per file, meaning no long downloads. However, they may not play correctly for you, as their sound is determined by your own computer's midi player (since a midi is nothing but numerical data, telling different instrument sounds to play for different durations and at different pitches; the player provides the instrument sounds). They also cannot be put on mp3 players or anything like that in their raw format.
To hear the true sound of some of my game music, you can buy the Official Soundtracks using the links below.

Soundtracks for sale!

There are several sections of music. Click on one to see all the music in that section.


SMECOF: Draco System Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 1:00   2957 views 1 Comments
The piano theme of the Draco System which plays on the planet selection screen.

SMECOF: Tetreous Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 1:00   2832 views 2 Comments
Stage 1: Tetreous, the Triobot world.

SMECOF: Lingonite Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 1:00   2880 views 2 Comments
Stage 2: Lingonite, home of the Lingons.

SMECOF: Crystalite Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 1:00   2683 views 4 Comments
Stage 3: Crystalite, home of the Crystaloids.

SMECOF: Ngregka Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 1:00   2669 views 1 Comments
Stage 4: Ngregka, home of the Sythoids.

SMECOF: Ortekia Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 1:00   3188 views 5 Comments
Final Stage: Ortekia, world of the Cyber Orteks.
You may or may not notice that this contains themes from all of the other stages! See if you can pick them all out.

SMECOF: Asteroids Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 1:00   2375 views 1 Comments
This plays during the trip between planets. It's actually just taken from Ramble 7 (as is the end of the Ortekia theme!).

SMECOF: Theme Uploaded: 10 years ago Duration: 1:00   3152 views 9 Comments
The main theme from Super Mega Extreme Cyber Ortek Flier. It's old!

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