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I (Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf) compose music as a hobby, and for my games (though not all music I make is for games!), in the midi format, and most of it - years of work - is here to listen to for free.
There are advantages and disadvantages to the midi file format. It's great because the filesize is tiny; just a few kilobytes per file, meaning no long downloads. However, they may not play correctly for you, as their sound is determined by your own computer's midi player (since a midi is nothing but numerical data, telling different instrument sounds to play for different durations and at different pitches; the player provides the instrument sounds). They also cannot be put on mp3 players or anything like that in their raw format.
To hear the true sound of some of my game music, you can buy the Official Soundtracks using the links below.

Soundtracks for sale!

There are several sections of music. Click on one to see all the music in that section.


Tutorial Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 2:45 2037 views 5 Comments
This one was a rare piece where I had a distinct idea in my head of exactly how it'd sound before I began... Usually I have to try to think of what might work and try several things, but, uh, not with this one, apparently! Though towards the end it gets more, uh, 'serious' than I originally intended it to be.

The Mysterious Tablet Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 2:27 1903 views 4 Comments
This plays in the room with the Tablet Pieces, and is meant to create a sort of mysterious, arcane sort of feel.

Level 2: Ruins of a Dead Race Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 5:00 2100 views 4 Comments
As with the level music of the first one, this took several attempts to get right... and it uses the same general structure too. I like it a lot! It's supposed to create a sort of... Mediterranean feel or something like that?

Echelle Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 1:10 2292 views 3 Comments
An unusual, mysterious, perhaps 'haunting' piece...
It's in 7/8, and it might be hard to follow... It was intentionally MEANT to be hard to 'figure out' because I found that very apt.

Boss! Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 1:30 3167 views 9 Comments
The boss music.
I tried a few new and interesting things with this, like near the end where I use the Raider Theme, normally in 3/4, in 4/4, but copy it directly and only add a beat at the end of each usual 3/4 bar to give a strange effect...
Overall, I'm proud of this one.

Legacy of the Hindalarr Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 1:30 2100 views 1 Comments
This plays before you fight the boss.
It's meant to be a theme representing the alien race called the 'Hindalarr', who built the ship you explore on level 1 (those skeleton enemies are skeletons of them). They're sort of shamanistic, spiritual and tribal, and this music is meant to reflect that.

Level 1: A Dead Starship Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 3:06 2463 views 1 Comments
Ohgods... THIS took ages to get right! I went through like six entirely different versions before this one, trying to come up with just the right mood for level 1. Originally, I was going for quiet, spooky, unsettling pieces to suggest ghosts and that sort of stuff, but then I decided to do an upbeat, energetic 'THIS IS LEVEL 1' sort of thing instead.

All of the level music in Raider has the same structure, even though they don't sound the same. They all have an initial two sections that are then repeated, and then they contain a variation of the Raider Theme in the middle, and repeat their main melody again.

Raider Theme (Piano) Composed: 9 years ago Duration: 1 3118 views 12 Comments
This is a rather melancholy piano piece based on the Theme from the original Raider (Zero), since I really liked that theme a lot and wanted to keep it this time around.
It's meant to suggest loneliness, drifting, as well as Arkus' melancholic temperament.

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