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Observation Tower Uploaded: 9 years ago Duration: 1 2394 views
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At the time of posting this, the Observation isn't finished, and has been in an unfinished state for a long time, making its presence in the game quite a mystery.
It was meant to be an optional area with some kind of ultimate weapon or silver keycard at the top or something.
Domed Forest
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This music was composed by Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf.
If it's not specifically from a game, then it wasn't composed for a game and is music for music's sake!

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kiki`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! kiki 0 90C 7F
9 years ago | (0)
i like the ondes thing!
it givs it a cool techno fealing!
Shrike`s Avatar
Rating Orb Shrike 18 New Zealand MelancholicPhlegmatic 100C 15F
9 years ago | (0)
I have heard recordings of the Ondes Martinot.....since they are VERY rare in New Zealand (where I live) if any have come here at all...I'll probably never see one in the flesh......electric, and quite an interesting mechinism.....the MIDI version used by composing software isn't like it at all.....(I tested the sounds in Sibelious....for a comparison)...

But it is an incredible sound all the same. And in a's better than the real sound. It fits this piece so damned well.......I love it.
Yanti`s Avatar
Rating Orb Yanti 12 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 108C 53F
9 years ago | (0)
Now, I really like that "Ondes Martenot".
Cubemaster247`s Avatar
Rating Orb Cubemaster247 19 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 57C 72F
9 years ago | (0)
Apparently that instrument is called an "Ondes Martenot". Although since it's a MIDI, I doubt that's what the REAL "Ondes Martenot" really sounds like. I like this piece because I feel that the main rhythm that gets repeated is very...catchy. And I've even found where Pseudo has put that rhythm (not on purpose, apparently...I think I remember asking him about it.) into things like the background of the Level 1 theme for Raider 2.
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