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Which of [these facial expressions] describes you best?

96 votes: A

11 votes: B

32 votes: C

78 votes: D

22 votes: E

6 votes: F

24 votes: G

13 votes: H

10 votes: I

9 votes: J

13 votes: K

16 votes: L

21 votes: M

8 votes: N

20 votes: O

9 votes: P

69 votes: Q

21 votes: R

81 votes: S

61 votes: T

4 votes: U

4 votes: V

7 votes: W

14 votes: X

Total votes: 649


73 Commentson 56 roots

ChaosTheory`s Avatar
Rating Orb ChaosTheory 16 Canada MelancholicSanguine 25C 7F
6 years ago | (3)
I chose A, because it is my "default, indifferent" expression.
playmaker11`s Avatar
Rating Orb playmaker11 15 United States CholericSanguine 4C 0F
6 years ago | (2)
I really would like to answer this poll however my computer is being, for lack of a better word, "stupid" and not letting me view the "faces" this question is pertaining to :(
Ribbit`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ribbit 21 Germany MelancholicCholeric 16C 51F
6 years ago | (3)
Does the link not work for you? Or did you just not find the link? Because there is one. Between the brackets. In the question.
playmaker11`s Avatar
Rating Orb playmaker11 15 United States CholericSanguine 4C 0F
6 years ago | (2)
I appreciate your concern, I DID find the link, it just doesn't work :/
Ribbit`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ribbit 21 Germany MelancholicCholeric 16C 51F
6 years ago | (2)
D, of course. It is just exhausting and tiring to try and smile the whole time. Or to look like some kind of serious badass or something.

So I make just nothing with my face most of the time. There are people who said to me it is easier for them to smile but it seems like my natural facial expression is the void, like I want to call it. Ah no, that would be A. Then the bored void.
Eventua`s Avatar
Rating Orb Eventua 18 United Kingdom SanguineMelancholic 128C 82F
6 years ago | (4)
Number T. Why?

Eh, I guess it kind of fit me, either that or S. It was pretty much 50/50, though, so I went with the creepier one.
EmperorHiccup`s Avatar
Rating Orb EmperorHiccup 16 United States Phlegmatic 27C 32F
6 years ago | (6)
A is more or less my default expression at any given moment.
Rating Orb SAPPHIROS 0 Holy See (Vatican City) 95C 107F
6 years ago | (6)
Hmm... I chose Q... It is really the best one to describe me - But not quite. My extreme randomness and weirdness doesn't really fit any of them... But I think that Q depicts me the most.
Bit curious how no one has voted for H, J, U or W... Very strange. Is no one that evil/scared all the time? Hmm...
My face tells a lot of what I feel at the moment, except that my faces are different from other 'normal' expressions. Take my 'bored' face, I actually look sad, I frown, my eyes are empty and my expression rarely moves. The normal (as what I see) of that expression is eyebrows low, with a sort of scowl look. But without the frown. More of a poker-face that gives it away in the eyes. Another strange thing I do when I am bored is puff up my cheeks (fill them with air), or poke my tongue around the inside of my cheek.

I suppose I could also be a T, or a D... Ach, I am so strange. What will I ever do in life!?
Hmm... My strangeness is very strange, and I know it. I may not show it online, where you can't see my face or take the meaning of the words I say well (do you know if I want to offend you if I say, 'Your mum is so ___ that she ____ ___ ___.' or just a joke. I may be serious...) because I can reread what I said and edit it... There is no undo button in life. It's a fact and certain people (not necessarily on FigHunter) need to accept it. You may wish for one, or try to make one by saying, 'I take that back', but the person knows you said that. There is no escape.
I might as well say it again: There is no undo button in life.

Anyway, back to my personality. Really though, you can't determine yourself by a single circle with a few lines and dots on it. Humans are one of the most social animals we know of, and also the most complex. Personality isn't determined by what you think of yourself, it is generally more of what others think of you. I once wallowed for years (I am still scarred by it) in loss of self-conidence and depression because I was bullied for being 'gay' and 'weird' and 'Jewish' and all other manners of things that I am different. Abnormalities are what make us unique, and since everyone is different, why are certain people subject to this? Then we can come back to paradoxes that go along the lines of 'We are all unique'.
Because we are.

It's our uniqueness that brings us together. We live by being different and using our different skills in a community that within it everything works. But it is those few that think they are 'normal' and use that as an excuse to expose other 'weak' or 'small-minded' people. People like me.
Many people think that it is easy to forget what happens, but it isn't. I am likely to never forget what happened to me, and I still question myself into wether I am actually 'gay' or 'retarded' or even 'weird'. I have come to accept that I am different from everyone else's differences, and I act differently. Why am I treated differently? What makes ME so different? How would YOU feel if you were in MY place? Many questions that I can only dream of asking, because I have been forced to believe that I am 'stupid', 'weak' and everything else I was acclaimed to be. I wallow in self-confidence on these things.

Once again, I have diverged. So, yes, I picked Q. Q for QWERTY and Quirky and other things. Ah... So complicated. I am confused by my own complicity. So very strange.
Maybe I could of been A? Do I show that much emotion? Depends on my mood, and it goes for pretty much everyone else.

So I picked Q. No more reasons. That's it. But I wonder why the vast majority of votes go for A, D, Q and S. And why the ones mentioned above are so little. What do you think of yourself? What do others?

That is all I have to say.

There is no undo button in life. Let that be a lesson. I am only 13, but I understand things that some 50 year olds do not. For those who like this sort of thing, then study Psychology, and spend most of your life showing people ink bolts and EQ tests. Now, like I said earlier, was that a joke or serious? You decide.

There is no undo button in life.
babou64`s Avatar
Rating Orb babou64 16 France 1C 0F
6 years ago | (2)
I took D because I'm just bored all the time. Also i don't express much things (even if I FEEL much). I tend to have this expression when I am thinking too. But well, I think that expressions depend on how you feel and this depends on the moment, because, you just won't have the same proeminent expression on a good period of your life, and on a bad one, that's impossible... Except if you never feel anything.
Seshiro`s Avatar
Rating Orb Seshiro 15 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 5C 0F
6 years ago | (3)
I decided to choose the letter Q, mainly because I am happy for the majority of the time. I have come to terms with almost any bad thing that could possibly befall me, and realise that "Hey, it was going to happen anyway." It just doesn't make sense to be sad to me. But either way, I didn't choose a more happy face because of my random self depreciation that many people tell me I have, but I don't really see it.
Bluerabbit78`s Avatar
Rating Orb Bluerabbit78 14 United Kingdom CholericSanguine 111C 4F
6 years ago | (5)
I chose, 'D', because often go around like that, with a hard and unchanging expression of boredom unless I have reason to look otherwise.
Supergnash`s Avatar
Rating Orb Supergnash 18 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 354C 145F
6 years ago | (4)
I chose D because I tend to become really serious looking for no reason whatsoever. Also, I am quite optimistic and try to make others feel the same, but the way I do it is usually in a monotone voice that isn't all that inspiring.
Also, I've completely forgotten how to smile, it's been so long so my facial expressions tend not to show that well.
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