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A review by
Rating Orb Duogduogduog
on 12/11/11
Duogduogduog`s Avatar

"Blast to the past!"

Game: Plazma Burst 2
Developer: Eric Gurt
Genre: Side Scroller, Shooter, Tactical
Play Time: Two to three.
Link: on

The three protaginaists! The Marnie, Proxy the Criminal and Noir Lime, The Bounty hunter.

Introducing the Game!

Hello everyone! I'm Duogduogduog and some of you may know me as "Noobalot"," Sir Noobalot" and plain old nickname "Duog" and I'm introducing a Game most of you haven't heard since it's Release of March. It's name is.... "Plazma Burst 2" AKA, "The better sequel of the first game".

This game is pretty much a side scroller shooter just like the first game and I'm not kidding, It's better than the first and it makes the first game look like a bad game, which is pretty sad. Eric Gurt, who is the developer of the first Game with little Plot and more Repetive Levels and extremely hard Hostiles and the developer of the Second and I can tell that He focused on what his suggesters wanted, With the help of "CoolBuddy" as his Sponsor. They made the Second game unrecognizable to add-in, They added in a custom level editor on the game's website.

In the next part of the review I'll explain the plotline, since most of you didn't play the first game and don’t forget the gameplay and I promise the second game is more forgiving in the early levels.

NOOO! The Spar- I mean the Civil Security forces are losing!

The Plotline of time and Gameplay.

I'll summarize the plot line of the first game into a small summery and it isn't confusing as much and I'll explain some things that they didn't add in.

"A team of scientists developed a time-machine and it's reason is to change the events of the Present and the future by sending two marines into the past to derail and refine the timeline. But after the two marines enter the Time Machine, they were instead sent into the future without knowing where they are or what time they're in and what is even worst that both of the marines are sent into different areas of the unknown place and with all of their Equipment scattered all over the place."

"Sadly the lone and playable marine for most of the game series set out to find his fellow marine and his scattered equipment while upgrading his armor and current weapons... after awhile the lone marine fights against other humans who are hostile to him and aliens and robots suddenly are hijacked and yet... survives. After ALL of that… he finds his lost ally, his ally tells him that they're in an unknown place and finds out that they have a Rocket to go to "Earth"."

The Two Marines both fight against the Hostile forces and they enter the building that contains the Rocket, but when the Playable Marine uses the Controls to open the door, A Giant Mecha awaited their arrival. His ally went head-on and got… critically injured. The Remaining Marine manages to use his Reflexes and uses the controls again in which the door crushes the mecha and he drags his ally towards the rocket…”

That is my version of the story of events of the first game and now onto the Gameplay.

First of all the gameplay is the same as the First but abit too different in "Game Engine-Wise", Eric Updated his game engine over it's Limits and added in Health Regeneration, Slow Motion Ability, Telekinesis and the Favorable Physics and I do enjoy alot. Health Regeneration is VERY useful because you'll get hit pretty often in the many Levels. The Slow Motion Ability is also useful and it may end up killing IF it's not used properly, what it does is slow time while slowing you and your Enemies and what is the good thing about it is that while your shooting while using Slow motion it will make your Bullets faster than any Enemies in the Level while it uses up your Energy.

The telekinesis ability can help you abit in getting rid of the Enemies without using your weapons. It can levitate barrels, weapons and dead enemies, Sadly it can't grab a hostile's weapon even if they're dying. But I rarely use in any case and I only use it to drop barrels on the enemies.

How I feel about the physics, let me say it small words. I love it and it is a useful thing in the game, explosions can knock you off you're feet from a distance, You can Stack Barrels, Bodies and even weapons. That's why grenades can help you in current problems. The best with the physics is that it allows you to go into Ragdoll when when you’re alive and it isn't that useful but It's fun how you can hurt yourself from high heights and you can dive into water like those guys on the consoles from the movies. The button how to use telekinesis, ragdoll mode and slow Motion Respectively are C,X,Z. Even though you can view the controls before you start the game.

Eric added in more weapons and brought back the first three weapons from the First game which are the Rifle, The Shotgun and you're Helpful Pistol which you started with the first level of the first game, You start with those three weapons which are from the place you've teleported in and Escaped from.

There are THREE types of weapons, Human Weaponry, Alien Weaponry and the Weapons you start with in the first level of this game and to tell you the truth I Primarily Used Human weapons and I never used the Alien ones because I felt like using tools built by Human machinery. You are given a chance in the first level to see which weapons you want to use even though alien weapon upgrades cost more than human weapon upgrades and you can drop weapons which I don't Recommend doing in the later Levels of the game and you’ll gain more weapons later in the game.

Also Eric added in the function to Revive dead allies but you can't Revive them if they're body is in parts and I tried that in the one of the Custom Levels, You can enjoy watching your allies swimming in the water trying to do something and You can also save them when they're dying and yourself in Multiplayer by using them on your legs.

Eric also added in Light and Heavy Battlesuits. They pretty much help you in certain levels depending on which suit you chose to use. The Light version of the suit makes you run faster, jump higher even though at the cost of less health and more chances to get blown off by Rocket Launchers and The Heavy Version is the exact opposite of the Lighter version of this suit, Less chances to get blown off your feet, slower running speed and more health and you are a much bigger target and it ONLY applies to campaign mode and it only effects the first playable marine and the third as he can't change his Battlesuit..

Now onto the last part of the review which will cover the Level Editor and the things I dislike about the game and how I personally about it.

NPCs to triggered events with betrayal can be implemented in here.

The Level Editor and Personal views upon the Game.

In this part, I'll be explaining about the "Level Editor" and personal thoughts and views on this game.

Eric Gurt made the greatest thing that a Side scroller could ever have, A Level Editor. The level editor has alot of things to offer like adding in dialogue to making allies betray to adding in traps or opening doors or changing the skin of the players and enemies alike in the editor. It's not simple but the level editor has a manual that would give you instructions to weapon codes to things that triggers dialogue even making a mistake make the level to give you a error.

Almost all of the things you've seen in the game appears in the "Level Editor" and some of them don't appear in the game and they are mainly "Triggers" they are the most important things in a "Custom Level."
Triggers not only make events happen, they can change the outcome of the level's outcome. Like multiplying a single marnie's health or cloning them and sending in reinforcements by teleporting them in.

Triggers can make allies changing sides right before your very eyes or teleport you and you're team or use a elevator to go to the top of the building.

You can even make CO-OP maps to multiplayer maps even though most multiplayer maps are filled with traps that could kill you instantly. In order to make a map, you must put in a map ID by which I mean a Name for the map. But at least they could trigger things to happen in a custom level and now onto my personal thoughts and views on this game.

Out of all of the things I explained in this review, The physics are the only thing that bothers me. Sometimes going into ragdoll could mean flying into walls at high speed to flying across the map with certain weapons and it Basically refers to the "Light" battlesuit as it is easy to move around and fight in but physics at least make the game look more attractable in some way.

The enemy skins and mainly the “Civil Security” enemies are based off the "Halo Series"'s SPARTANS and it bothers me abit that they couldn't get a original skin for them but at least it's fine. Some of the voices are from the "Half Life" Video game series like the Second playable marine's are from the female rebel's voice. I'd understand why anyways, they couldn't hire voice actors and I'm glad they didn't for this game but they did for the first.

The Multiplayer is not recommended to play as MOST of the maps you see are for farming kills with the maps that end with "gunshop", I suggest avoiding those maps as people would kill each other to get a better K/D Ratio and the later levels of this game tend to... Stress me out depending if I'm playing on normal or hard and rarely easy mode.

But I love the idea of a "Time traveling Shooter" series in the Flash gaming world as it would give people some idea how it would… work.

Okay! This ends my review of Eric Gurt's "Plazma Burst 2" side scrolling shooter flash game and to be honest, multiplayer is full of Ten-year olds and even the greatest maps are made by them which make me.. envy them and besides the "Level Editor" is mainly the game's engine.

I'm glad to be reviewing this game anyway and thanks for reading!

Visuals: Good
Sound: Mediocre
Gameplay: Great
Length: Exceptional
Originality: Good
Replayability: Average
Fun Factor: Good

Overall Score: Great

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felipe970421`s Avatar
Rating Orb felipe970421 14 Colombia MelancholicPhlegmatic 33C 1F
6 years ago | (0)
Nice review, nice game, I can see a lot of work got into developing it, I really appreciate it and I believe it is a really good game, I myself don't like side-scrolling shooters, they are just not my cup of tea, so i won't play it, don't think me wrong, I think it looks like a great game, I just don't like the genre
michaelan`s Avatar
Rating Orb michaelan 12 United States CholericSanguine 1C 1F
6 years ago | (1)
That is a very nice reveiw. Thank you for introducing the game to me. :)
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