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A review by
Rating Orb FakeKraid
on 27/07/11
FakeKraid`s Avatar

An Old-School Party...With Streemerz

Game: Streemerz
Developer: Mr. Podunkian (Arthur Lee)
Genre: Platformer
Play Time: ~4-5 hours
Link: on

Genuine NES-style title screen!

A nod to the old days.

Streemerz is a small project from the somewhat well-known Mr. Podunkian, a lone wolf indie game maker famous mostly for his unfinished Metroidvania platformer, The Underside. Streemerz is a platformer from a different era, however. Inspired by the Capcom classic Bionic Commando, Streemerz follows the adventure (just adventure, only one) of Joe, an operative of the Super-Strength-Emergency-Squad-Zeta, or STREEMERZ. As Joe, you will use a unique and fun mechanic to make your way up and then down the Flying Fortress of Master Y, the game's villain.

Streemerz is a game in the sub-genre I like to call 'gimmick platformers', games that give a twist on classic platformer gameplay. In this case, the gimmick is the titular Streemer, a grapple-like tool you must use in lieu of a jump to propel Joe from platform to platform. As the game progresses, the challenges become more difficult, and you will find yourself thinking of creative new applications for the thin strip of paper. Oh, or you'll give up. You could also give up.

Exciting gameplay, complete with rooms and platforms!

Collect money for score!

Streemerz is one of those rare games that captures the feel of a bygone era without feeling forced. Mr. Podunkian has done a fantastic job recreating the feel of NES graphics and sound, and the gameplay is tight but simple. The challenge is also old-school NES aggressive - expect to die many, many times. But, generously placed checkpoints, infinite lives, and a quick respawn period save the game from being frustrating.

The game's story, as such, is childishly silly - as it should be. Told in brief text-and-face dialogue cutscenes, much like those of its inspiration, Bionic Commando, Mr. Podunkian has given it a delightfully twisted 'NES Engrish' style that garbles the meaning just enough to make it funny without being tedious.

Most of the game's length comes from its difficulty. Depending on your skill level, expect to work at the main story for anywhere from one to three hours. Once you've beaten it, go back and collect money - not just for score, either. Collecting all 16 money bags unlocks a secret bonus cheat.

Also waiting for you to enjoy are an extra-challenging race against the clock in 'Superb Joe Mode', and a parallel story with a totally different character in Streeeeemerz Mode - the (questionably) nefarious and (manifestly) overweight Dr. Tary, inventor of the V6-15D, who gains the ability to reverse his gravity. The former is a short but difficult challenge, and the latter is a full-length run through the main game, complete with alternate cutscenes and changes to accommodate the different character.

And plenty of linguistic gems...


It's rare to see a Flash game on Kongregate made with as much polish as Streemerz shows; Mr. Podunkian produced a stand-alone version first, then converted it to Flash and added extra content, and the extra work shows. Arthur Lee is an experienced maker of indie game, and every bit of experience and skill is on display, in the balanced difficulty curve, the clever level design, the delightfully zany writing, and the catchy music.

With its consistent and charming aesthetic and tight, satisfying gameplay, I give it my highest recommendation to anyone who enjoys classic 8-bit platforming at its best.

Visuals: Great
Sound: Good
Gameplay: Exceptional
Length: Great
Originality: Good
Replayability: Great
Fun Factor: Great

Overall Score: Great

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bibleonian`s Avatar
Rating Orb bibleonian 18 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 22C 2F
7 years ago | (6)
I got around to playing this and it just goes to show how different people can have different opinions on it. I guess to each his own, but I just didn't have any fun playing this. Especially after I accidentally hit esc and ended up having to restart the whole game. My thoughts at that point: screw that. I do respect your opinion but I'd just like to point out to people this: instead of looking at someone's review and deciding to like it without playing it or hating it without playing it just because someone else says so, go and play the game yourself. I read the review and I wasn't so sure. It may just be that I no longer care for people trying to recreate platform games like they were in the NES or SNES days, but this just didn't bring back that feel. The graphics were the only thing that really made it seem like one. Everything else felt modern day trying to go retro which i think is something that should be separate. The humor also felt a little dry and immature. Games like Mardek that mix sprites and full bodied characters are great but that's an RPG. Platformers are fun but this was actually a low experience for me. I am happy that you had fun playing it, but like I said: to each his own. So don't just take one look at a review and not play the game reviewed because of someone's opinion.
pheonixcyr666`s Avatar
Rating Orb pheonixcyr666 13 United States CholericMelancholic 12C 0F
7 years ago | (16)
lol 'do not touch master y's balls lmfao hahahahahahahahaha
FakeKraid`s Avatar
Rating Orb FakeKraid 27 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 40C 1F
7 years ago | (6)
That's not the funniest line in the game. Not even by a long shot. Not even by an ICBM shot! D:
pheonixcyr666`s Avatar
Rating Orb pheonixcyr666 13 United States CholericMelancholic 12C 0F
7 years ago | (9)
really what is the funniest line then please tell me.
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