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A review by
Rating Orb Bluerabbit78
on 29/09/11
Bluerabbit78`s Avatar

Learning to Crash, More Like.

Game: Learn to Fly 2
Developer: light_bringer777
Genre: Launch, Flying
Play Time: 5 - 10 hours
Link: on

Learn to Fly is back! And the

Time for Revenge!

We've all played Learn to Fly, and we all loved it. Now, Learn to Fly 2 is out, and it has literally flown up the charts into highest rated game on Kongregate, and among the top in other sites!

This time, following the previous storyline, the injured penguin has learnt his lesson not to attempt flying, thanks to the giant iceberg that put him in hospital.

Instead, he will launch a make-shift penguin into obstacles as revenge. Smash your way through literally FIVE obstacles, the last one being the wall of ice that was his downfall before. It is up to you to spend your budget on sleighs, rockets and ramp improvements to make sure that Penguin has destroyed every last thing that gets in his way.

Mid-flight: the fake penguin at speeds of 400. Not quite over 9000, though.

Rocket Propelled Penguin?

Just like last time, you earn cash and buy upgrades, to be able to earn more cash, thus starting the cycle again. Although this time, you are introduced to sleighs and weights, not to mention additional extras like the bonus shop and acheivements which makes gameplay an overall refreshing experience!
By doing certain things, such as getting a certain distance, you can earn achievements which come with Bonus Points, BP. Bonus Points are spent in the Bonus Shop, which gives you additional upgrades such as reduced gravity and changable ramp angle! At first, I saw BP and I thought, "Oh great, another currency you have to buy", but quickly discovered that you do not in fact have to pay to get them. They are earnt simply through achievements and arcade mode.

Which brings me on to the next area... modes.
There are three to choose from: the main mode being Story Mode in which you follow the story, of course, and smash through 5 different obstacles to complete it.
The next mode is Classic Mode - in this, there are no things to smash, you simply fly for distance.
Finally, there is Arcade Mode which gives you a budget to choose from ($1000, $5000, $25000) and you buy what you can, then fly for the furthest possible distance, thus earning BP and the chance for a high score!

What I want to know is... how does the penguin, with all it's gear, get back to the starting point completely unscathed and devoid of any traces of snow? ...But that's not important.

Now, just to inform you of the upgrades in the game:

Sleigh - ranges from a wooden plank to an explosive box. Use this to improve your take off speed!

Glider - Exactly what it says on the tin - you can glide in the sky with a kite, or take off with a propeller. Don't like that? You can even float gently down using an umbrella, or attatch a brick to the penguin's back. I mean it.

Boost - There are 3 modes of rocket to choose from, Toggle Mode, One-Shot Mode, and Multi-Burst Mode. Take your pick.

Payload - You could fill the fake penguin with sand, or maybe you would prefer Osmium? Weight not your style? Why not try dynamite or a nuclear warhead that explodes when you don't make it through an obstacle.

Finally, there is Ramp Length and Ramp Height that affects ... well, the length and height of the ramp... and Fuel, to fill your rocket with.

Well, that just about spans the basics of the game, so time for my rating justification, where I show the reasons for my ratings below.

~~Visuals: Great~~
I was impressed! In Learn to Fly 1, the graphics were nice, but rather dark and unrefined. Learn to Fly 2 brings forth shiny visuals and an appealing menu, with animations that are cool, and though tedious after a while, can be switched off. Furthermore, there are quite a few cutscenes that may be static and quiet, but humourous and well made nonetheless.

~~Sound: Great~~
Again, you have to credit the maker for his creation! The sound effects aren't repetitive, also, the music is cool and can actually be changed - just visit the Bonus Shop to buy different tracks which play while you're flying your invention. Lastly, when you are going fast, you can here the texture thicken - by that I mean more instruments come in. When you aren't going so quickly, you hear, only a couple of things, like a drum or two, maybe a guitar, depending on which track you have activated.

~~Gameplay: Exceptional~~
At last, the actual content. As I have said above, there is a lot to go around. You still have the same "launch'n'buy" system as the prequel, but in addition, there is, to begin with, a Bonus Shop, where, with Bonus Points, you can buy music tracks, a VCR player to watch cutscenes on, and features that help you fly the penguin. Then, there is the acheivement screen with some awesome medals to be won. That's not all. There are so many more upgrades to be bought, and more distance to travel.

If there was a new version of the game, I would like to see even more equipment, as although there are already seemingly many, you get through them pretty fast. Also, in Learn to Fly 3 (yes, the creator has planned at least 2 more!), different "levels" would be good - despite the next Learn to Fly being based around a flying school...
What I mean is, maybe the penguin could fulfill his dream of going through different countries - even snowless ones! It would make for interesting gameplay, that's for sure, starting off in the usual snowy ramp, going round the world! That's not relevant though.

The reason I am giving "Gameplay" an "Exceptional" rating, is mainly because of the great scripting, good system and of course, because it is a great game!

You WILL have fun. Probably.

~~Length: Average~~
Not bad, not bad. Not a full a length game like MARDEK 3, which has over 40 hours of good sold gameplay... but not too short nevertheless, but then again, I have seen many longer games. Other than that, the game does in fact have the potential to be longer than many professional marketed games.
All in all, the Length section deserves what it got, the game being of Average length, about the same as most.

The ironic thing is that this section is rather short. See what I did there?!

~~Originality: Good~~
Of course, the fact that it is a sequel hinders it's score, not that it was amazingly original anyway. I have to credit the creator for the penguin that wasn't much previously used in games.
What I mean to say is, this game didn't exactly steal from other games, although I expect the creator got some inspiration from similar games made earlier, and it is the second game in a series, so technically, it took ideas from it's predecessor.

On the other hand, there were previous upgrade games in this style - although it was this one that started many others off with a flood of inspiration! Unfortunately, I cannot rate the originality "Great" because, simply, it isn't amazingly original, but "Good" ought to do the job.

~~Replayability: Average~~
Well, three modes make it difficult not to give the game a great rating, however, when you have been flying a penguin around the same landscape 200 times for the past few hours, you don't really want to play any mode more than twice, usually. While you might want to try and get a good completion time, or high arcade points, there have been more replayable games.

~~Fun Factor: Exceptional~~
This factor has a lot of fun! Sorry about that.
More to the point, it is difficult to not enjoy yourself when you are launching a fake, flightless bird off an icy slope and into the air, to watch it somehow direct itself and it's glider through the air, only to smack into rocks and icebergs. At the end of the day, you will have fun with this game!

"Fun Factor" I will rate also "Exceptional", because, frankly, the game is fun! It doesn't get more complicated than that - all the other sections: the fun visuals, the catchy music, and the gameplay itself gives this game a great... no, an exceptional amount of fun!

This ends the main part of the review, read on for the conclusion!

The winter sale is on! Get your magically respawning wooden planks for great prices!

Thus Ends the Second Chapter!

Overall, it is an experience I could not help but enjoy all round, from blowing my load on a ramp made of ice and rocket fuel, to lobbing a penguin into the sky. If you have played the first game, I strongly reccommend that you play this one too, although few have played one and not the other. If you have not played any of them, then what are you doing here, crazy person? Go play the games. A great game for anyone who loves penguins, or ice, or upgrade games, or more ice.

You would not want to miss this.

--- Rating Orb Bluerabbit78

Note: If you liked this review, watch out for more by me, later on in the year!
Thanks to everyone who has commented so far, Khanster0001 for correcting me, and Sillydragon for publishing this!

Visuals: Great
Sound: Great
Gameplay: Exceptional
Length: Average
Originality: Good
Replayability: Average
Fun Factor: Exceptional

Overall Score: Great

17 Commentson 7 roots

Gypster`s Avatar
Rating Orb Gypster 14 United States 2C 0F
6 years ago | (1)
To comment on the game I must say that it was a classic flying animal game (which seems odd considering its a penguin) the game is good till you beat it but it dosen't give you that high level of originality and replayablity that some games seem to give even if they are of the same genre.
FenderBender`s Avatar
Rating Orb FenderBender 14 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 35C 5F
6 years ago | (1)
On one of your images, (the first one to be exact) states "Learn to Fly is back! And the" then it just ends. I assume this is a typo?
It could be some obscure joke that I am completely unaware of, but well, you should take a look.
I also noticed that you wrote this review on "29/09/11" Hmm.
I apologize if I sound like a nuisance with these corrections of your work that you spent an abundant amount of time on. I only wish to make your
review more precise.
Bluerabbit78`s Avatar
Rating Orb Bluerabbit78 14 United Kingdom CholericSanguine 111C 4F
6 years ago | (0)
I know about the image caption problem. Around 4 times I have corrected it and it keeps insisting on cutting of the last bloody few words! I wish it would stop, but there you go.
Khanster0001`s Avatar
Rating Orb Khanster0001 15 United Kingdom MelancholicSanguine 40C 17F
6 years ago | (1)
I think this is a mistake, though I'm not sure:

'At first, I saw BP and though,'

I think this should be thought. On the other hand, I might just be running the text through my mind in an awkward way.

Generally, a good review. I think it was good how you explained your ratings. I haven't read many reviews with that information in (I've read around 5 reviews in total :) ). There was also a sense of humour because of the annotations below the pictures. Actually, I think I've changed my mind. This is a very good review.
Bluerabbit78`s Avatar
Rating Orb Bluerabbit78 14 United Kingdom CholericSanguine 111C 4F
6 years ago | (1)
No, you're right. Thanks for saying, it will help me improve my review!
Khanster0001`s Avatar
Rating Orb Khanster0001 15 United Kingdom MelancholicSanguine 40C 17F
6 years ago | (1)
You're welcome. I'm surprised you took it so well. If I had heard myself, I would've retorted rudely for some reason. Maybe it's just my personality...
Yugetamitlu`s Avatar
Rating Orb Yugetamitlu 15 Canada PhlegmaticMelancholic 37C 0F
6 years ago | (6)
Best review ever made yet. It's beautiful.
I agree that LTF2 is a great game, like the first one.
darkninjaabc`s Avatar
Rating Orb darkninjaabc 15 United States CholericSanguine 42C 52F
6 years ago | (10)
This is the 'method' Randomguy22 talked about earlier. [spolier]Just press the penguin's nose, all modes are unlocked instanly this way.[spolier]
darkninjaabc`s Avatar
Rating Orb darkninjaabc 15 United States CholericSanguine 42C 52F
6 years ago | (10)
Oh, sweet green puke socks, I forgot the correct method to put the spolier tags.
weawea111`s Avatar
Rating Orb weawea111 17 United Kingdom CholericSanguine 22C 21F
6 years ago | (6)
I don’t like bluerabbit but he asked for you not to tell anyone and you should have respected his wishes no matter what your personal opinion of him is.
Bluerabbit78`s Avatar
Rating Orb Bluerabbit78 14 United Kingdom CholericSanguine 111C 4F
6 years ago | (3)
You didn't do the spoiler thing right. Basically you've just gone and spoiled it for everyone else. What's more, you saw that I asked for this not to be posted, yet you went ahead and did it. Thanks a lot.
darkninjaabc`s Avatar
Rating Orb darkninjaabc 15 United States CholericSanguine 42C 52F
6 years ago | (3)
I am deeply sorry! Please forgive me, but sadly FH doesn't have a system for you to delete your previous comments, I am deeply sorry to everyone for the inconvinence. Sorry again.
1 Reply
Randomguy22`s Avatar
Rating Orb Randomguy22 13 United States CholericSanguine 10C 11F
6 years ago | (4)
Should I tell the people about the secret of unlocking all the modes without beating the game?
Bluerabbit78`s Avatar
Rating Orb Bluerabbit78 14 United Kingdom CholericSanguine 111C 4F
6 years ago | (0)
Now quite yet. I think it would be good if you gave other people a chance to play the game properly for themselves first! Feel free to let out the secret in a couple of weeks, though.
megabdi`s Avatar
Rating Orb megabdi 14 United Kingdom PhlegmaticCholeric 379C 47F
6 years ago | (2)
I have to say, I'm impressed.
I was going to do a LTF 2 review a while back, but back then all my work got destroyed and I eventually lost motivation.
I guess that was making way for your superior review.
Bluerabbit78`s Avatar
Rating Orb Bluerabbit78 14 United Kingdom CholericSanguine 111C 4F
6 years ago | (2)
Thanks for the first comment! Don't be so down on yourself, your review could have been miles better than mine. Guess we'll never know. This is my first review.
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