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Here, you can find all of the Flash Game Reviews written by the community, who aren't Official Reviewers.

The three protaginaists! The Marnie, Proxy the Criminal and Noir Lime, The Bounty hunter.
A review by Rating Orb Duogduogduog on 12/11/11

Game: Plazma Burst 2
Developer: Eric Gurt
Genre: Side Scroller, Shooter, Tactical
Score: Great

6357 views 2 Comments Acceptable

"Blast to the past!"

Hello everyone! I'm Duogduogduog and some of you may know me as "Noobalot"," Sir Noobalot" and plain old nickname "Duog" and I'm introducing a Game most of you haven't heard since it's Release of March. It's name is.... "Plazma Burst 2" AKA, "The better sequel of the first game".

This game is pretty much a side scroller shooter just like the first game and I'm not kidding, It's better than the first and it makes the first game look like a bad game, which is pretty sad. Eric Gurt, who is the developer of the first Game with little Plot and more Repetive Levels and extremely hard Hostiles and the developer of the Second and I can tell that He focused on what his suggesters wanted, With the help of "CoolBuddy" as his Sponsor. They made the Second game unrecognizable to add-in, They added in a custom level editor on the game's website.

In the next part of the review I'll explain the plotline, since most of you didn't play the first game and don’t forget the gameplay and I promise the second game is more forgiving in the early levels.

Learn to Fly is back! And the
A review by Rating Orb Bluerabbit78 on 29/09/11

Game: Learn to Fly 2
Developer: light_bringer777
Genre: Launch, Flying
Score: Great

4121 views 17 Comments Good

Learning to Crash, More Like.

We've all played Learn to Fly, and we all loved it. Now, Learn to Fly 2 is out, and it has literally flown up the charts into highest rated game on Kongregate, and among the top in other sites!

This time, following the previous storyline, the injured penguin has learnt his lesson not to attempt flying, thanks to the giant iceberg that put him in hospital.

Instead, he will launch a make-shift penguin into obstacles as revenge. Smash your way through literally FIVE obstacles, the last one being the wall of ice that was his downfall before. It is up to you to spend your budget on sleighs, rockets and ramp improvements to make sure that Penguin has destroyed every last thing that gets in his way.

Shot of the title screen
A review by Rating Orb RedThief7 on 18/08/11

Game: No Time To Explain
Developer: I Smell (Tom Brien)
Genre: Action / Platformer
Score: Great

4970 views 7 Comments Average


Explaining it almost takes the fun out of it, but I'll risk it to get the word out to people who might not have played this yet. The game gives you no idea of the plot, controls, or anything at all really. That's what makes it hilariously entertaining. Your future self comes back in time to recruit you so you can help save the world. Future you is then grabbed by a giant alien claw and present you is on his own with only his future self's rocket gun to work with. You grab the gun, hop out the hole in your house, and begin your comical adventure to save the world.

The new map used in Epic War 4
A review by Rating Orb Khanster0001 on 15/08/11

Game: Epic War 4
Developer: Rudy Sudarto
Genre: RPG
Score: Good

3750 views 12 Comments Good

Another One?

When you start to play this game, you realize how fun it is. What you don't realize is how boring it is, doing the same thing over and over again.

Epic War 4 lacked originality. It was far too similar to the other games. The most original thing was the new map they added. They had the same troops and spells (I do believe). Another original part was the system in which you choose who you wish to fight for you. This gave the game some aura of strategy. Epic War 4 also added new difficulties for all the levels.

Be warned when playing this game. You had better have a lot of patience, if you've played the first three.

Genuine NES-style title screen!
A review by Rating Orb FakeKraid on 27/07/11

Game: Streemerz
Developer: Mr. Podunkian (Arthur Lee)
Genre: Platformer
Score: Great

4382 views 5 Comments Great

An Old-School Party...With Streemerz

Streemerz is a small project from the somewhat well-known Mr. Podunkian, a lone wolf indie game maker famous mostly for his unfinished Metroidvania platformer, The Underside. Streemerz is a platformer from a different era, however. Inspired by the Capcom classic Bionic Commando, Streemerz follows the adventure (just adventure, only one) of Joe, an operative of the Super-Strength-Emergency-Squad-Zeta, or STREEMERZ. As Joe, you will use a unique and fun mechanic to make your way up and then down the Flying Fortress of Master Y, the game's villain.

Streemerz is a game in the sub-genre I like to call 'gimmick platformers', games that give a twist on classic platformer gameplay. In this case, the gimmick is the titular Streemer, a grapple-like tool you must use in lieu of a jump to propel Joe from platform to platform. As the game progresses, the challenges become more difficult, and you will find yourself thinking of creative new applications for the thin strip of paper. Oh, or you'll give up. You could also give up.

A game with towers, spells, and ominous opening screens. Onward!
A review by Rating Orb Zaknafein on 27/07/11

Game: Villainous
Developer: Cellar Door Games
Genre: Tower Defense/Attack
Score: Good

3895 views 5 Comments Great

Villainy is in the Eye of the Beholder

What's a person to do after saving every village possible, destroying each and every semi-threatening animal, and exhausting the combinations of every single tower defense game? Why, raze those same villages, of course! Breed monsters, raise armies, and generally wreak havoc on the lives of unsuspecting, helpless civilians. That's the premise of Villainous, anyway, and it works remarkably well.

Utilizing relatively simplistic gameplay, a complex system of upgrades, and enormous versatility when it comes to choosing one's strategy, this game provides enough entertainment for several hours of wholesome slaughter. Of course, once a person has exhausted the extensive upgrade tree, utterly destroyed the puny kingdoms in one's way, and, of course, collected all available achievements, there's not much of a reason to replay it. That is, as long as that person lacks a fascination with strategy or well-developed tendencies towards sadism. For those unique individuals, by all means continue on. But, for the greater population of Fig Hunter and the Internet, don't waste your time searching for non-existent treasure hordes. Like many other things, conquering the world of Villainous is only fun the first time.

Hm... a computer. And what? That doesn't make any sense....
A review by Rating Orb TheMightierWolf on 08/07/11

Game: Memoir: Text Adventure
Developer: BlueFlameSkulls
Genre: RPG
Score: Average

6242 views 9 Comments Average

The Paradox of Life- Computers within Computers

You're a kid who has been dared by friends to break into and spend the night in an abandoned house. With nothing to do, you cautiously explore the place. After wandering for a few minutes, you find a computer. Interestingly, its plugged in and turned on already. You see a program on it called, "life.exe." You go ahead and run it. It lasts you the whole night. The entireity of the game takes place inside the computer found in the house, and goes into many questions throughout the average stages of almost every person's life. You start out from the exact moment of your birth, and try to move on to the very extent of a human's lifespan, going through life itself. From making friends, to getting in a relationship, to having children, to employment, and so on.

On a brief side note, BlueFlameSkulls made this game very similar to the Life Simulation games Alter Ego and educational Life Simulation game "Real Lives."

The new and improved start screen, allowing saving and loading.
A review by Rating Orb yancho1 on 03/07/11

Game: Santhword - The Interactive Experience
Developer: The Santhworld Team
Genre: Text-Based RPG
Score: Great

6120 views 9 Comments Acceptable

Santhworld: Text-based RPG at its best.

At first glance, the Santhworld RPG doesn't look like much. It isn't a grand scale game like MARDEK, or a philosophical interpretation of life. Instead, what makes Santhworld unique is that it has different "modules", which are developed by the community. This allows for a wide variety of different games. To date, there are only five modules, but, if people develop it further, there can be many more.

Get used to it, you'll be seeing the hub sceen a lot in this long adventure.
A review by Rating Orb Sameth on 02/07/11

Game: RPG Shooter: Starwish
Developer: xdandod
Genre: RPG, Side Scrolling Shooter, Dating Sim
Score: Good

3767 views 4 Comments Great

In A Galaxy Not Far From Here

It's no secret that I'm a fan of shooters. It should also not be a surprise that I love RPGs. With that in mind you would think that RPG Shooter: Starwish would be an easy sell for me; and it's true, I do really love Starwish, but not because of the shooting segments, the RPG-esque customisation, the dramatic story or the awesome soundtrack. I love it because of the heart that's gone into making it. This is a game that's far from perfect, and as you play it you'll realise that, however it's got that little spark that's missing from so many games. It screams "I'm special!" and makes you realise how much the developer cares about this game, its universe and its characters, and hopefully makes you care about them as well.

Who you should and shouldn't interact with.
A review by Rating Orb TheMightierWolf on 10/06/11

Game: The Classroom
Developer: luksy
Genre: Strategy, Action
Score: Good

6428 views 12 Comments Good

Cheating- The Only Way to Pass

You are Alex. A boy who just can't (or rather, won't) study. It's the last 10 days of school, and the final 10 knowledge tests. So what is one to do? Cheat! Fortunately, you have someone helping you: The Geek.

The Geek is your friend, and without him, attending a university is only a dream for you. You will have to avoid getting caught by the teacher, while still maneuvering around the Classroom to get to The Geek and cheat off of him.

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