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Here, you can find all of the Flash Game Reviews written by the community, who aren't Official Reviewers.

Well you could have fooled me.
A review by Rating Orb Supergnash on 18/05/11

Game: Upgrade Complete 2
Developer: Tony
Genre: Shooter
Score: Great

5599 views 14 Comments Good

Still not complete?

Well, it's finally here, the sequel to that simple yet lovable flash game that did surprisingly well. This exciting new instalment guarantees to keep you busy, especially you guys with OCD! I say this because the developer has put in so many upgrades it will make your head hurt! Or at least mine did anyway. There are literally tens more! Or about fifty. Close to that anyway, so don't quote me on that (although I don't know why you would).However, if you put that into perspective, it's actually quite a lot and is sure to keep you going.

Read this review if you want to be shown all about the new features in this incredibly popular series and to be told by the same guy who did a review on the first one! So you can compare them, if you didn't like the first one, you'll see that I rated this differently and might feel a bit differently towards this one...

The only "safe" area in the game. Any higher and you meet Mr. Wall-o-Death.
A review by Rating Orb ThatGuy on 10/05/11

Game: Diamond Hollow
Developer: Arkeus
Genre: Platformer
Score: Great

3880 views 3 Comments Great

Diamond? Yes. Hollow? Definitely not.

Have you ever played a game, only for what feels like ten or twenty minutes, only to look up and find that an hour and a half has passed? That is my experience of Diamond Hollow. I had been looking for inspiration to write a review for quite some time now, and I found it in this highly engaging, good-looking, nifty little platformer. It caught my attention so much that I even ignored MARDEK 2 for longer than I cared to admit, which is nothing short of astounding.

I *love* my MARDEK.

But it is unfair to compare MARDEK to Diamond Hollow, as they are completely different games, from completely different genres. However, there is one thing that both games share - quality. And lots of it.

Seriously, could NoLegs be any more awesome?
A review by Rating Orb Sameth on 10/04/11

Game: Bullet Heaven
Developer: Matt Roszak aka kupo707
Genre: Bullet Hell (Top Down Shooter)
Score: Great

3696 views 10 Comments Great

Definitely Heaven

Allow me to let you in on a little secret; when I go to review a game I head over to Kongregate, pick one at random, play it, and then write my review.

With Bullet Heaven it was different.

I’ll admit right now, I’m a huge fan of Bullet Hell games, so I just loaded this up for my own enjoyment, expecting a nice diversion for an hour or so. Instead I found myself enveloped in the glorious visuals, perfectly balanced mechanics and heaps of artistic flair. I said to myself: “I *have* to review this game.”

There are some games out there that just need someone to sing their praises.

Here lies a game with an enigmatic title!
A review by Rating Orb Zaknafein on 03/04/11

Game: Steelcurse
Developer: Hyptosis
Genre: Text-Based RPG
Score: Average

3648 views 1 Comments Great

Role-Playing Repetition

The developer declares it a "labor of love." I call it a picture book transposed into game form. It comes out the same.

The essential function of Steelcurse is to tell a story. A fantasy story, to be precise. But... this overriding focus has its problems. When a developer becomes more concerned with describing the environment than actual gameplay, the game as a whole suffers. Steelcurse is a victim of this, ahem, curse, and the overemphasis on the descriptive aspect of a text-based RPG dooms this worthy effort to a long period of repetition and boredom. What could have been an enjoyable experience for fans of the genre devolves into an extended journey consisting almost solely of staring at the screen and reading yet more details of the area you just entered. What joy...

If you can stomach the monotony, if you can brave the monsters, and if you're just dying to learn more about the large world found in this game, go right ahead and play your heart out. But, once you finish, don't expect anything new on the second playthrough. Although you can choose a different avatar and gape once again at the lovely pictures that are ever-present in this game, it will be an experience entirely similar to the one you just underwent. After all, there is only one story here to tell, and it unfortunately isn't your's.

Somebody had a bad day...
A review by Rating Orb RCSasquatch on 24/03/11

Game: Rebuild
Developer: sarahnorthway
Genre: Zombie Strategy
Score: Great

4503 views 5 Comments Acceptable

Retaking Zombie Territory

"The media called it Dutch Flu, and connected it to some kind of weird tulip eating cult. The Netherlands used to export a quarter of the worlds tomatoes and cucumbers, but that wasn't all. They were exporting the undead. Armageddon.

During that first year, survivors banded together to fend off the zombies, always staying on the move and never looking back. But we're not going to run any more. We're putting our feet down here and we're going to reclaim this place in the name of Humanity. Today... we begin to rebuild."

After taking the steps of deciding the gender and name of your character and the size and name of your town, it's time for that final statement to become true.

The main menu, plain but it still piqued my interest
A review by Rating Orb ploki122 on 20/03/11

Game: Flagstaff: Chapter One
Developer: Joel Esler
Genre: RPG, dungeon
Score: Average

2971 views 5 Comments Acceptable

A Promising Series... BUT

Waiting for the next Mardek or Battle Fantasy, I decided to try out Kongregate's Games of the Week. To my surprise, I stumble upon an Adventure/Rpg game. The gamer switch is turned on and I prepare myself to find the best builds/strategies to use with what the game has to offer me. Loading is pretty long, but the developer warned us that it's 15Mb, so I prepare myself for a big and juicy RPG. The Main menu kept me going and I was so excited I skipped both the intro and the tutorial thinking I could surely make it okay... I did make it, but I was turned off pretty quick...

Carnage! Well I am shooting anyway.
A review by Rating Orb Supergnash on 12/03/11

Game: Upgrade Complete
Developer: Tony
Genre: Shooter
Score: Great

2646 views 15 Comments Good

Upgrades needed?

"Ships are attacking!" Oh no! With absolutely no plot-line whatsoever, we are thrust into this extremely hands-on shooter. At first glance it seems shoddy, as if whoever made it didn't really have an eye for detail. Or an eye at all. These things happen. Anyway, just before you're thrown into the thrill of the adventure that is Upgrade Complete, you must design a ship and upgrade it as much as possible, as the title suggests. Not too bad eh? Eventually you will forget about the lack of a story, the lack of any meaning to it at all, and will start to enjoy yourself.

This game is quite laid-back, you aren't pushed into achieving anything, you can just play around for as long as you want, upgrading things all willy-nilly. It does have some kind of way of keeping you in though. Even if it does seem unoriginal at first.

I could have chosen a easier game to review, not because it's a bad game, but because it's constantly changing to meet the players needs. Still, I've started so I'll carry on no matter how bad it may be. I will detail the evolution of the game as you upgrade its various features, from the graphics to the main menu.

Your blue brother doesn't have long...
A review by Rating Orb david s on 08/03/11

Game: One Soldier
Genre: Action, Shooter
Score: Mediocre

2746 views 4 Comments Good

Sweet, sweet vengeance in a small package

This game was one of many on a gaming site that I decided to play. Much to my chagrin, this game was not the long, well thought-out game I had hoped for. What I expected to be a good game to kill time, with a catchy title, turned out to be a bafflingly short game with a cliché plot. Still, it was not as bad as it could have been. If the developer were to put more effort into it, it could have been much better. This game did have some potential.

It does have a plot of sorts, but it wasn't enough to redeem this game.

This game may be worth playing if you are interested, though it may be a bit disappointing. Luckily, it won't be a waste of time, for those of you who are interested. Who knows, you might like it.

Anyone up for a nice, friendly, refreshing, little battle to the death?
A review by Rating Orb Zaknafein on 26/02/11

Game: Armor Mayhem
Developer: Louissi
Genre: Action Shooter!
Score: Great

2774 views 2 Comments Great

Shooting, Shiny Guns, and Adrenaline

"It's time, Private. Orders are in from HQ. Old General War Hawk says you gotta go kill someone. Lots of someones. Now, it's not important who they are or who they might be; all you's gotta know is that they're out for blood, and fire must be fought with fire. It'd probably be a good idea if you got us some SUPER SHINY Crystals while you're at it. Maybe, if we give you a bunch of packages from the sky, you might even last longer than a couple of minutes. You up to it?"

Well, if you've got a passable computer, a tolerance for a marginal amount of lag, and a keyboard, I'd say you probably are. But, be warned, soldier. You're walking into a war-zone (with an awesome soundtrack). This game goes on for a while, and the missions you're sent on will only get harder (and they won't always be kill or be killed... although that plays a large part in each one). Even if you finish the war, more battles await (made by people like you! ... and the developer, but he's not that important). Some you might even make yourself, if you so love the fortunes of battle (with a Map Editor, no less, which looked downright confusing when I entered it). There are few respites, and the game gets more and more complicated as you gain bigger and better weaponry (and expensive armor which does nothing! :D). Don't expect this game to be easy, Private (unless you set the mode on easy), and don't expect the bullets to slow down like in one of those Matrix films (unless you use the ever-so-useful Adrenaline meter). This isn't Halo (even though you can buy both a Dart Gun and Master Chief's suit of armor). This is Mayhem.

There you have it. Exciting, flashy, noisy, fast-paced, and very, very addictive. War might be hell, but Armor Mayhem is an flash gamer's heaven.

Without the music, it's a fairly boring and typical menu screen.
A review by Rating Orb firecrow91 on 25/02/11

Game: Boundaries of Truth: Lucid Dreaming
Developer: Mirko Ruta
Genre: Platformer
Score: Great

2583 views 2 Comments Good

Awesome, within boundaries

In many ways, the first installment in the Boundaries of Truth series is one of the best exploration platformer games that I have ever played. The game opens up a vast and incredibly detailed world for exploration, set to amazing music in the background. Although it focuses more on gameplay than on plot, it is still a wonderful game to explore and play through. The game unfortunately has a few minor flaws, that while not ruining the gameplay, may detract from the enjoyment of the player, but given the extent and detail of the in-game world, it should be easy to overlook the flaws and see the true beauty inherent in this game.

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