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Here, you can find all of the Flash Game Reviews written by the community, who aren't Official Reviewers.

You've got a lot of work ahead of you.
A review by Rating Orb E β Ajbcool on 22/02/11

Game: Papa's Burgeria
Developer: Flipside Studios
Genre: Time Management
Score: Great

1845 views 4 Comments Great

The Best Burgers In Town

Papa Louie, the stupendous evil pizza busting chef, has decided to expand his expertise into the burger business! And who better to run his new restaurant than the person who made him millions in his pizzeria! No? Okay, how about some random dude (or dudette) from off the street? BRILLIANT! We cannot fault him for his business strategy.

Okay, maybe we can, but we can't fault this game, a "time management game" (you know, like Diner Dash and the ilk) for being an enjoyable way to pass time, serving up juicy chunks of meat and fat to hundreds of customers! Or up to 45. Let's get on with this, shall we?

The banner looks nice I guess.
A review by Rating Orb Sameth on 20/02/11

Game: de Blob 2 Revolution
Developer: THQ
Genre: Puzzle
Score: Mediocre

1716 views 3 Comments Good

Little More Than A Nice Idea

de Blob was a platformer that came out on the Nintendo Wii back in 2008. It was a sleeper hit that garnered generally favourable reviews and clearly sold enough copies for the developers to make a sequel. de Blob 2 releases on the 22nd of Febuary in North America and in an interesting move to generate some excitement publisher THQ have released a Flash game titled de Blob 2 Revolution.

The idea that development studios are putting out flash games to promote their console releases is an exciting one, and only once before have I seen it done with Bioware's Dragon Age: Journeys. Unlike that game however, de Blob feels rushed, poorly put together and is more likely to make you NOT go out and buy the real title.

Look familar?
A review by Rating Orb Sameth on 12/02/11

Game: Bubble Tanks 3
Developer: Hero Interactive
Genre: Shooter
Score: Average

2552 views 5 Comments Great

The Disappointing Sequel To An Incredible Title

It's been two and a half years since Bubble Tanks 2 was released. It is a testament to the skill of the developer and the quality of the game that Bubble Tanks 2 is regarded as one of the best flash shooters around, and is still one of the most highly rated games on Kongregate, Armour Games and Newgrounds.

When I first saw the words "Bubble Tanks 3" in Kongregate's "Hot New Games" section I may have yelped in excitement. One of my favourite games of all time was getting its long awaited sequel! Unfortunately, the moment I loaded it up, the magic was lost, as I realised this was almost exactly the same game, without even so much as a new coat of paint.

A review by Rating Orb Zaknafein on 07/02/11

Game: Hack Slash Crawl
Developer: Hatched Games
Genre: Dungeon Crawler
Score: Good

2598 views 5 Comments Great

Slashing Your Way to Victory

When I first clicked on the link to Hack Slash Crawl, I wasn't expecting much. Despite the game's high user rating, the title seemed to guarantee a simplistic, uninspired venture through vaguely fantastic settings. And, after playing it for the first time, I realized that my guess hadn't been far off the mark. The graphics were rather pleasing, yes, the gameplay easy to master, the music passable for a dungeon romp, but... the game had no plot, no substance beyond the varied monsters that you fight in one dungeon after another. There was nothing that struck me as extraordinary, or even memorable. Nevertheless, I replayed it, perhaps out of some strange sense of duty to fully examine this beast before labeling it as mediocre.

And then I played it again. And again. And again.

As I hit the Play button for the tenth try at it, the thought crossed my mind: why am I still doing this? What was engaging about this game? The short answer: sheer variety. The developers weren't lying when they claimed that no dungeon was the same, and the many choices of classes, races, and equipment available to me kept me playing Hack Slash Crawl (an otherwise acceptable game) for hours on end. While the other features of the game may have been average, good at best (and sub-par in terms of originality), the enormous replayability present in this game was truly Great. It kept me at it for hours... perhaps it will do the same for you.

So, play Hack Slash Crawl. Examine its monstrous inhabitants, its changing heros, and its maze-like dungeons that make up the game's entire gameplay. But, after you do that, make sure you play it again. It's worth it.

A review by Rating Orb Oak on 04/02/11

Game: Level Up!
Developer: titch007uk
Genre: Adventure
Score: Good

2646 views 8 Comments Good

Like Stat Grinding?

In "Level Up!" you take on the role of the main character "girl", who is as she is named, and who lives in a bright, pixelated world along with plenty of friendly NPC's and not-so-friendly monsters. Her story starts in her front yard when "boy" comes hurtling through the sky, and lands on her fence, destroying it. The landing had addled the boy's memory and all he remembers is a need to acquire magical crystals that are scattered throughout the world. Since "boy" has amnesia he also has lost all experience and all of his stats are at level zero. The task now falls upon you and "girl" to collect the crystals, and to find the truth of your visitor's dark past.

Boring level select is boring...
A review by Rating Orb Sameth on 01/02/11

Game: Soul Redeemer
Developer: Bekhoteam
Genre: Shooter
Score: Average

1899 views 2 Comments Good

Too Much Soul, Too Little Substance

Fine warrior! The time hath come for ye to prove thineself. The Sword of Orion hath opened the world to assault from the demonic plain and only the powers in your possession, Soul Redeemer, can prevent it!!!1 Will ye rise to the challenge?!

That's the type of greeting you get from Soul Redeemer. It's suitably over the top, and gives the impression of a wild fight of epic proportions for survival. Ultimately, however, Soul Redeemer fails to deliver in many different ways, making for a flawed experience that you're better off skipping.

Apparently the entire world is covered in snow.
A review by Rating Orb Sameth on 17/01/11

Game: I Am An Insane Rogue AI
Developer: Nerdook
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Score: Good

2679 views 5 Comments Good

A Fun New Take On Being Evil

I Am An Insane Rogue AI. The title is enough to garner interest in this game. Fortunately the gameplay lives up to the promise made in the title, providing the player with a charming, clever and fun experience.

The premise is simple enough; you are, as you guessed, an insane rogue artificial intelligence who goes around hacking into computers in facilities to take out their mainframe. The catch comes from the humans in the facilities who will do all they can to stop you. The battle of man against machine is really obvious, as you constantly battle with scientists, mechanics and guards by scaring, distracting or killing them using combinations of robots, lights and telephones.

Basic Game Summary. Go get 'em, boys.
A review by Rating Orb Zaknafein on 13/01/11

Game: Monster Slayers
Developer: nerdook
Genre: Tactical RPG
Score: Great

1935 views 2 Comments Great

Slaying for a Rainy Day

"OH NOES! Monsters are pillaging! People are dying (the king's already dead)! Who will save us?!?"
Ghostbusters! Wait... no, different place, different time, different story. The Monster Slayers of course! With their handsome hats and sharp swords, the ferocious fighters (small as they are) shall save the day!

Or they should... but only if you, the player, do a good job leading them. A dead king can only do so much to keep a bunch of conscripts in line, so, unfortunately, it's your responsibility to do the rest. In this game, you'll have to hire soldiers, upgrade them, give them fancy headdresses and summon giant... giants to help your cause as you embark on seemingly never ending quests to cleanse the land of menace and meanies. The plot is simple: destroy all monsters!! There is an attempt at a story line, but character development and narrative twists are far from the focus of this adventure. Even after the main quest ends, one could continue playing this game for hours on end. It's a game that doesn't take itself seriously, showcasing both childlike (not childish) graphics and childlike stories as the Slayers continue on their way. While there is a "Multiplayer" option, this feature is regrettably underdeveloped. And despite limited battle commands, the upgrades and "summonings" give depth to what would otherwise be a simplistic attack system.

Monster Slayers is an easy game. But that doesn't mean it isn't fun. Whether you gain pleasure from listening to the lively music, skewering another hapless Demon Ox, or combining various ingredients to raise a demon, it's hard to deny that Monster Slayers is a well-thought out, funny RPG, perfect for anyone with a good chunk of time on their hands and a thirst for delight.

Castaway town and a dialogue with the only villager who'll talk to you in person.
A review by Rating Orb β Sunflower on 10/01/11

Game: Castaway
Developer: Likwid Games
Genre: Action RPG
Score: Mediocre

2402 views 5 Comments Great

When chances are cast away

There are many reasons why certain people dislike RPGs. Someone say that these games are all about looting and grinding. If I were to argue this statement, Castaway would be the last game I'd give as an example proving I'm right.
The concept itself isn't bad! The player begins as a (surprise, surprise!) castaway, who finds himself on an unknown island. Soon he meets his first companion, a little one-eyed winged creature which can fight alongside our hero. We like pets, right? So it's even more disappointing, when such a nice idea is slowly, but effectively wasted by many imperfections. Especially for those who dared to expect a something more than looting and grinding from RPG.

Just a word of warning. In the next paragraphs I'll describe most of the things which the game offers. I don't know if it counts as spoilers, since there's not really much to spoil anyway. I'm just warning.
So? Want to read a story about lost chances? Here it goes!

There you have it, pure and simple. Gaze upon your fate, puny human.
A review by Rating Orb Zaknafein on 23/12/10

Game: You Find Yourself In A Room
Developer: 2DArray
Genre: Text RPG
Score: Mediocre

2979 views 12 Comments Great

A Room Filled With Hate

You Find Yourself In A Room (YFYIAR) is a simple game. Short, easily finished, and filled to the brim with a brew of hate and loathing directed at the player. At you. There's nothing complex about the hateā€”it's simply the game, hating you for being you. For being human. Dress it up if you like, label it an "experiment in misanthropy" or a "tale exploring the power of emotion", it boils down to one thing. Hate.

Perhaps being hated does not appeal to you? Then don't click on the link. Don't go through the story (simple as it is). Don't attempt to find out the reasons behind the malice. Don't listen to the mysterious music and don't travel through the mysterious "rooms" that comprise the whole tale. Don't. Because there is nothing for you to find apart from that anger. There are few laughs in this game, and most of them aren't funny.

But if being hated interests you, if being despised for twenty minutes of your time tickles your brain, by all means go ahead. Be warned, the tale is not for the faint of heart. There are no gruesome pictures or gory graphics, but the words of this game are able to paint masterfully your often frightening surroundings. Plus there's swearing.

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