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Here, you can find all of the Flash Game Reviews written by the community, who aren't Official Reviewers.

A true battle against the Greeks
A review by Rating Orb jondalar19 on 22/12/10

Game: Double Edged
Developer: Carl Trelfa
Genre: Action (Side scrolling hack and slash)
Score: Good

2194 views 3 Comments Average

Good old times

From the classical age of the Greeks, came a game mixing both humour and action. The game was released a long time ago, but a review, remembering its greatness, couldn't harm anyone. If you are looking for a classic game, like the "Golden Axe" series, reviving those moments, full of expectation, desire of accomplishment and adrenaline, but with a good dose of humor, this is the right place. Double Edged has proven itself as a good "Hack and Slash" game, with all the ingredients to acclimate yourself in those good times of childhood: the "Fight!" shout at the beginning of each level, the bosses with their respective "BOSS!" sign, the exchangeable weapons, the little burglars with big bags that you must hit to get coins, the good old mountable animals -this time tigers- and the "CLEAR" screen at the end of each level. But that is not all! The developers drive the SNES imitation as far as possible: there is a multiplayer option, to play with a friend. All that’s needed is a couple of joysticks and a SEGA connected to the TV to feel like you are ten years younger!

The title screen! Doesn't it just fill you with wonder and awe?
A review by Rating Orb WhoamI on 18/12/10

Game: Endeavor
Developer: Zillix
Genre: Platformer
Score: Great

2283 views 4 Comments Good

An Engaging Tale of Dwarf and Deity

Endeavor is a relatively open-ended exploration based Platform game that centers around the dwarf outcast (from what I gather, for being short), a deity, and the choices that you make along your journey back home.

What neverending wall can't be climbed?
A review by Rating Orb firecrow91 on 18/12/10

Game: endeavor
Developer: Zillix
Genre: Platformer
Score: Great

1564 views 2 Comments Acceptable

An excellent endeavor of a game

What exactly makes a good game? Is it the difficulty? There's no hit points, no death, no dangers of any kind. The graphics? Despite being quite artistically complex for a pixelated game, endeavor is, nonetheless, pixelated. Maybe it's the ability to explore. To wander around a surprisingly complex new world looking for secrets, collecting powerups to get into the next location. Maybe it's the lack of certainty, the not knowing what you are doing, if you are right or wrong. The not knowing why this world is so unfair to you. Maybe it's the discovery. Not just of secrets physical, but of the fundamental secrets of the game's universe. Whatever it is, endeavor presents a vast series of areas to jump and run around in and just maybe, make the right choices and win the game.

Full of Splodey Goodness
A review by Rating Orb E JBGamer on 13/12/10

Game: In3structotank
Developer: Tony
Genre: Arcade, Adventure
Score: Great

1247 views 0 Comments Great

Fun Tank on Plane Action

In3structotank is certainly a worthy sequel to its predecessors, IndestructoTank, IndestructoTank AE, and Indestruc2tank. It expands on the attempt at a storyline made in Indestruc2tank, and is every bit as fun for me as the other two. While it has its flaws, I still found it to be really enjoyable.

There's another menu after this one, but you get the idea.
A review by Rating Orb E β DeNovo on 12/12/10

Game: Love
Developer: Contrebasse_
Genre: Keep Away
Score: Good

1496 views 0 Comments Good

Five Minutes of Fun, Ten Seconds at a Time.

Love is all about getting as close to as many bouncing blocks (called "Others") as possible without coming into direct contact with them. The more Others the player's white block has a connection with, the slower time goes—and that's what makes this tightrope act an enjoyable moment. The game doesn't do much to try to keep you, so without Kong's badges to motivate you the more frustrating aspects of the game will quickly convince you that you might have better things to do, but it's well worth the amusing quips you get at the Game Over screen, and it certainly carries the sort of zen-like focus established while playing games like Tetris, Robotron2084, and Canabalt (see also [LINK] ). As it stands, Love is the archetypal one-trick pony developed just far enough to be fun, but never quite makes it past fifteen minutes of fame.

A review by Rating Orb β SavageWolf on 12/12/10

Game: Super Treadmill
Developer: Nitrome
Genre: Platformer, Retro
Score: Great

1454 views 0 Comments Average

Addicting and Difficult Platformer

Super Treadmill is an addicting, well composed game.

Effortlessly constructed in the style of the NES, on a fictional console called the "Nitrome Enjoyment System" no less! Although almost faultless, enjoyably difficult and rewarding, it can be a bit frustrating at times. Appearance and music, not to mention its silliness, are also done quite well. Similar to the early Mario games, in appearance, sound and difficulty, it is really good at capturing their essence.

The games stars a fat kid, Billy, who can't stop eating and desperately wanting to lose weight, and has to run on a machine known only as the SUPER TREADMILL!

Doesn't this picture inspire you? Make you want to shout for joy? Maybe... not.
A review by Rating Orb Zaknafein on 11/12/10

Game: Runner
Developer: Wix Games
Genre: Platformer
Score: Mediocre

1509 views 3 Comments Great

See How They Run...

Jump. Jump. Jump.

Jump. Jump. Jump again. And again. And ag--oops, forgot to jump. Start Over.

That's all you do. For the entire game. Thankfully it's short, because at the speed your character moves, it's all too easy to miscalculate that jump, causing you to die. Of course, if you somehow find pressing the up key over and over enjoyable, causing your shadowy, vague avatar to jump up a minuscule distance, only to push futilely against a wall for the 35th consecutive time, feel free to press the space key, thus starting again the repetitive odyssey.

There is little to praise in Runner; it is the epitome of standard fare for a standard day. Possessing little originality, the single bright spot of this otherwise sub par flash platformer is the music that plays as you jump your way through endless obstacles.

This game seems to rely upon the tendency of a gamer to play a game over and over again in an attempt to get on the "leader boards" that pop up at the end of the game. Please. Don't bother. There are so many games available upon the Internet that surpass this game in every way imaginable. Let this mediocre attempt fade into the background, and move on to efforts more worthy of your time.

See that squiggly blue character? That's you.
A review by Rating Orb hotdogsaucer on 06/12/10

Game: Babies Dream of Dead Worlds
Developer: Gregory Weir
Genre: Platformer
Score: Exceptional

2164 views 3 Comments Average

A philosophical game that makes you think.

We all think, all the time, when we're awake, and when we sleep. Most of us have the ability to retain this information, but what about babies? What do they dream of? Gregory Weir's game, Babies Dream of Dead Worlds, explores a world made in a little baby's mind while he/she is sleeping.

Vandeer Lorde! (on the right)
A review by Rating Orb dangitall on 04/12/10

Game: Armed With Wings 3
Developer: Daniel Sun
Genre: Action
Score: Great

2234 views 12 Comments Average

Perfect! But...

Gave me the impression of a more "artistic" game at first glance. But the action-y part of it still packs a punch. This is a very combat-based game, and it runs quite smoothly compared to other flash games similar to it. The part that strikes out the most is probably the art style, black and white with a single-shade background. But art really isn't what this game is all about. The game "style" goes back to Armed With Wings 1, starring Armed with Wings himself. It was not the best game, but was praised for the innovative art style. Armed With Wings 2 took this concept further by adding a new character, Vandeer Lorde, who turns out to be your opponent in the first game. Vandeer was once again defeated.
Armed With Wings 3 starts off with a demon, The Network (which is actually his/her/its name) trying to release Vandeer Lorde from his chain of defeat. What happens next is history...

They will cower before you cute strength. Or your POWER.
A review by Rating Orb E β Ajbcool on 03/12/10

Game: Kinpara DX: Samurai Smash
Developer: Hyguosuke (I think...)
Genre: Action Adventure
Score: Good

1127 views 2 Comments Good


Your father, off to fight a war. Your mother, abducted by an ogre prince, who has sworn revenge on your family for your father's deeds. It is up to you to save the day! With your mighty strength, you'll overcome all the obstacles in your path by throwing things at them! Or throwing them themselves.

Oh, and you're a little toddler. Good luck!

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