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Here, you can find all of the Flash Game Reviews written by the community, who aren't Official Reviewers.

Twelve elements, a lot of fun!
A review by Rating Orb Yugetamitlu on 03/12/10

Game: Elements
Developer: Zanzarino
Genre: Trading-card game
Score: Great

2362 views 10 Comments Acceptable

An original trading card game about elements.

Elements is an original multiplayer TCG About elementals. You start with a choice of twelve elements: earth, fire, water, air, aether, time, entropy, gravity, life, death, light and darkness. Every element has its own particularities. For an example, life has good healing cards. You have a few basic quests to do, such as winning against a certain Computer level, getting points, etc. You can beat 7 different levels of computers, one of which being available only after finishing all quests. In a match, you start the game with 100 HP. You must use monsters and spells to wipe the other player out! You can personalize your deck by buying and selling cards at the Bazaar, thus making your deck stronger. When you have finished all quests, you can upgrade your cards, to make them better and become the champion of elements. Well, can you?

Two paths... one hero... and some nice, friendly, enormous, crushing blocks!
A review by Rating Orb Zaknafein on 02/12/10

Game: Loved
Developer: Alexander Ocias
Genre: Platform, Short Story
Score: Exceptional

1916 views 9 Comments Great

Hurtling through a World of Love(d)

As a game critic, or a critic of anything really, be it films, foods, or flash games, it is incredibly easy to become rather cynical about mankind's capacity for new thought. Over time, one comes to realize that the vast majority of people who attempt to create something--whether that something is recipes, games, or blockbuster movies--do so rather poorly. And as one continues to critique the work of others, the blandness of the everyday begins to set in, leaving the reviewer with the feeling that all things, regardless of the differences between games or films or croissants, have morphed into one gigantic amalgam of nothingness. There is no pleasure or pain, there is simply... tedium.

But, despite the enormous amount of works that are unoriginal or poorly made or simply uninteresting, there are almost inevitably exceptions. Things stand out from the crowd, in ways both good and bad. If a person is unlucky, the only thing that might catch one's eye is a particularly bad game, so horrible that it sends a spike of pain through one's mind at the thought of playing it. But, if one is lucky, very lucky, there may come a time when a particularly good game comes to their attention, something that sets one's heart aflame, reawakening forgotten reasons for why the person ever started this loathsome process. Thus was the case in Loved.

Through a combination of stark graphics, eerie sounds (I'm not sure they could be called music), and a compelling plot, Loved managed to astound me. Having previously viewed platformers as rather boring, tiresome games, Loved changed that perspective. It helped me to see that a game--any kind of game--can have depth, can have beauty, and can have thought if a developer tries hard enough. It stabbed me, plunging through me with a ferocity quite uncommon to almost any game I played before. It was not a game, it was a work of interactive art that anyone could be privy to, anyone could enjoy and contemplate. And I did so, I entered into that art, and although the game is long since finished, I have not ceased my contemplation of it. Nor will you, I suspect.

The "Hub" of the Zone(s).
A review by Rating Orb TheMightierWolf on 01/12/10

Game: Sonny
Developer: Jakrin Juangbhanich
Genre: RPG
Score: Great

1912 views 4 Comments Acceptable

Zombies not Reeking

Sonny, as many people know, is the RPG created by Jakrin Juangbhanich, or Krin for short. It is an epic tale of a zombie's quest to regain his memory, running from the Z.P.C.I.(Zombie Pest Control Inc.) as they constantly try to exterminate him along with many zombies. The game has 4 zones, 3 of which are a part of the story. The gameplay features 4 different classes to choose from, each specializing in one specific stat. The story is quite deep, and gives off heavy and dense amounts of questioning, suspense, but sadly, no romance. Each of the characters have very contrasting personality, what with Sonny's being a cynical, calm yet confused type, to Veradux's lax, jokester-ish, serious-when-the-situation-calls-for-it type. The game is very fun to play, and highly enjoyable to think about. In the next area you'll behold some reasons and features to prove my point.

What a creative title screen...
A review by Rating Orb Spe on 01/12/10

Game: Continuity
Developer: glimajr
Genre: Puzzle, Platformer
Score: Great

870 views 0 Comments Average

A new kind of puzzle game.

I don't really like puzzle games much. I don't enjoy having to piece things together, even though I am quite good at it. It bores me very quickly, and I can start to get annoyed at a lot of puzzle games when things don't work. But this game is amazing. It is challenging, yet not too hard. This game manages to be relaxing but it still makes your mind work.

An epic battle against an everyday bush. How exciting. (Note how *excited* Matt and Lance are.)
A review by Rating Orb Arkus Zei I on 30/11/10

Game: Epic Battle Fantasy 3
Developer: Matt Roszak (kupo707)
Genre: RPG
Score: Great

1719 views 3 Comments Good

A Battle of Fantastically Epic Proportions

In video games, the best things rarely come in small packages.

This is why Flash Games are often scorned at by other gamers, receiving stereotypes that they are little more than a parade of knock-offs, and/or simple games with no depth. However, there are a fair amount of great games that break this mold, and among these is Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

Is it really that worthy of this praise? Enter our review.

It's called a game title... Pretty exciting, no?
A review by Rating Orb Juncboks on 29/11/10

Game: Crush The Castle
Developer: Armor Games
Score: Mediocre

1415 views 6 Comments Good

If You Really Feel Like Wasting Your Time...

Description: The King has ordered you to crush all resistance in order for his kingdom to survive. Crush castle after castle by wiping out all of its inhabitants with a powerful trebuchet and an arsenal of 8 different projectiles.

You'd almost think it was worth the time to read that description!

Right from the start, you realize that the graphics won't be the best...
A review by Rating Orb hotdogsaucer on 29/11/10

Game: TextRPG: The Rise of Diablo
Developer: Pimgd
Genre: RPG
Score: Good

1513 views 1 Comments Good

A Text RPG you'll want to read.

Most RPGs usually have great graphics that create knights in shining armor and majestic balls of fire. But this RPG has none of that. Nothing. Instead, you have to "read" the battle and pick attacks accordingly. Luckily, this RPG is still fun if you've got time to kill.

Isn't that such a snazzy-looking title screen?
A review by Rating Orb Skith on 28/11/10

Game: Thousand Dollar Soul
Developer: Greg McClanahan
Genre: Interactive Fiction
Score: Great

1153 views 2 Comments Good

Not Exactly a "Game" but Still One You Should Play

Thousand Dollar Soul is, in short, a choose-your-own-adventure-style interactive novel. And with 35 different endings and about 80 pages of text, it's not exactly a short one, at least compared to others you can play for free on the internet. Although at first glance it may not seem like much, when you get far enough into the game that perception easily changes.

Also, this is NOT a game for children. If you are not yet fourteen or fifteen, then I would strongly recommend waiting until you older before you play it.

Doesn't that pudgy, red, little fellow strike fear into your heart?
A review by Rating Orb Zaknafein on 28/11/10

Game: Belial Chapter 2: The Cause of Chaos
Developer: KEYBOL
Genre: Puzzle, RPG, Point and Click
Score: Average

1126 views 1 Comments Great

Taking Small Steps to Greatness

The second chapter in the saga of Belial takes on new characters, places, and puzzles, but still remains essentially middling in quality. It's certainly better than its predecessor, but only because the first chapter was... below par, to say the least. Although introduced by a promising cutscene that seems to suggest newer and better gameplay, Belial Chapter 2 quickly devolves into more of the same activities that Belial Chapter 1 exhibited. One cannot deny that this sequel is more intricate and involved than its predecessor, and the direction the sequel takes promises to lead to a satisfying conclusion in Chapter 3.

However, as a game, standing alone, Belial Chapter 2 isn't much. It acts more as a transition than an actual game, appearing almost as an "introduction" or "demo mode" to the final part in this infernal series. The Belial series appears to be going in a very promising direction, but at this point the games are still somewhat average. Belial Chapter 2: The Cause of Chaos, is a relatively uninspiring point and click, puzzle RPG, neither boring nor shocking the player, yet promising the gamer a rather gripping final battle in the next game.

It's bigger. It's better. Plus it has a nice, shiny 2 next 2 it.
A review by Rating Orb Zaknafein on 24/11/10

Game: Age of War 2
Developer: Louissi
Genre: Defense, Strategy
Score: Great

1470 views 3 Comments Great

Why fix something that isn't Broken?

Bolstered by the success of its predecessor, Age of War 2 goes on to greater heights. Taking a great game like Age of War, the sequel retains all the features that made the original special, and adds on a few of its own. In this game, the graphics are greater, the stages more intricate, the gameplay more involving, and the overall "feel" of the game more polished than ever before. Boasting dozens of more units and turrets, while expanding into new modes and a more detailed upgrade system, Age of War 2 is certainly entertaining. While it may lack originality (after all, it is a sequel), Age of War 2 does not stagnate or rest on the laurels of the past game. Instead, the game embraces new challenges and features, building upon the tried and true methods of the first one and adding its own signature touch. Age of War 2 is an entertaining, engaging, and intricate game that nevertheless manages to be accessible to both a casual gamer and a "hardcore". It is a great game.

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