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Here, you can find all of the Flash Game Reviews written by the community, who aren't Official Reviewers.

The games first battle. Sprites for characters can be resized as you see fit.
A review by Rating Orb Rin on 24/11/10

Developer: Fairy poet
Genre: RPG, Strategy
Score: Great

1432 views 4 Comments Average

A very original strategy RPG is an underrated and very original strategy RPG. Basic play has you move your characters on a grid similar to games like Fire Emblem, Super Robot Taisen and Disgaea. however the similarities end there. The first thing you'll see is that all your characters share a single energy pool and when your characters summon their tarots ( additional units which the three main characters can summon) icons appear underneath which represent effects those tarots add to the entire party. Speaking of tarots, I must say they add a whole new level of strategy in deciding if you want to summon them in the beginning for a larger party or use a smaller, more mobile force. More tarot strategy involves deciding when to use their soulburst, a powerful ability which sacrifices the tarot and about 15 points of energy to cause very useful effects such as immobilizing the enemy for 2 turns.

Clearly, all is not well in Wonderland.
A review by Rating Orb The Crimson Sun on 24/11/10

Game: Alice is Dead - Episode 1
Developer: ImpendingRiot
Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure
Score: Great

971 views 2 Comments Good

Stuck Down The Rabbit Hole

The title says it all, really. In this dark and twisted take on Lewis Carroll's classic 'Alice in Wonderland', you play as an amnesia-ridden man (Or woman?), who has woken up to discover that he/she is trapped inside a deep, dark hole. Poor Alice is down there with you, but let’s just say she’s not much of a talker. So it follows that, using only your wits and the various items you have at hand, you must find a way to escape, and hopefully remember who you are.

This young lady seems to have taken an attachment to you!
A review by Rating Orb E β Hassanico on 23/11/10

Game: Road of the Dead
Developer: Evil-Dog
Genre: Driving
Score: Great

1217 views 4 Comments Great

A fun and exhilarating road trip!

The zombie apocalypse. An often used plot device. This time, disaster strikes in Evans city, and the army is called in to deal with the zombie threat, closing off the city and quarantining it along the way. The protagonist, mechanic John Creesman, decides however that he'd rather escape the city through the highways-by using his souped up sports car- over awaiting death at the hands of the zombies.
The game takes place through a first person perspective, the player only seeing the road stretching out in front of him, along with all the chaos and destruction ensuing from the zombie attacks. The main objective of the game is, of course, escaping the city. The game also provides a few bonus modes with different objectives, which will also keep you entertained for a while longer.
The driving genre is not very common in flash games, and I have personally never seen another first person driving flash game. The execution of the game is handled in a very original manner, and provides for a very satisfying gaming experience, which I will detail below.
Be warned however, that this game contains blood, gore, and coarse language, and is not recommended to anyone under 16.

The title screen is pretty reminiscent of a comic book, I think. Pretty slick!
A review by Rating Orb WhoamI on 23/11/10

Game: Ray Ardent: Science Ninja
Developer: Ninja Robot Dinosaur
Genre: Platformer
Score: Average

1016 views 2 Comments Good

For Science!

Ray Ardent: Science Ninja is a rather... different platformer that is sort of the same. The way the plot is set up, it, if you have read it, will almost immediately make you think of Dr. McNinja.

The menu interface, as you can tell, everything is clearly marked and smooth looking.
A review by Rating Orb Raligon on 23/11/10

Game: Elements
Developer: Zanzarino
Genre: Card, Strategy, Multiplayer
Score: Great

1952 views 10 Comments Good

Best card game on Kongregate?

Of the ones that I've played, it is at least one of best. Similar, perhaps far too similar, to Magic, but, this game has excellent strategy and depth. I will compare Elements to other common card games on Kongregate, specifically Mytheria, Hidden Dimensions,The Necronomicon (probably the best in my opinion), and Castle Wars (only the first one by the way). Hopefully this will help with Psuedo's Cardeck, which I eagerly await, and have not given up hope for. :D

Decisions, decisions...
A review by Rating Orb MonkeyJoe on 23/11/10

Game: Book of Mages: The Dark Times
Developer: nobstudio
Genre: RPG
Score: Good

1483 views 5 Comments Good

An Interesting RPG Twist

One major shortcoming of RPGs that allow character customization is generally that all the customizations you've made have no real impact on your character's end role in the story. Even if your character is a psychopathic killer, he'll still end up saving the world. Book of Mages takes the opposite approach. Rather than force a character down a path they may not agree with, the player is free to choose sides - and each choice they make will affect events later on in the game. This, plus a unique combat system, makes Book of Mages warrant at least a playthrough, and once you've done that, you'll probably want to play it again to see how it could turn out if you made a few different decisions.

"I'm too handsome to diiiiiiiiiie!"
A review by Rating Orb E JBGamer on 22/11/10

Game: Lucky Tower
Developer: molkman
Genre: Dungeon Crawl Platformer, Parody
Score: Good

1556 views 7 Comments Good

A ROFLfest of Epic Proportions

Lucky Tower is far from your average dungeon. The main objective is to escape the tower, but the consequences for failure are so much more rewarding that you'll find yourself dying on purpose over and over again, just to see what hilarious death will befall the hapless (and not particularly bright) adventurer.

A review by Rating Orb β SavageWolf on 22/11/10

Game: MARDEK RPG: Chapter 1
Developer: Pseudolonewolf
Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Comedy
Score: Great

1396 views 3 Comments Good

Short But Sweet RPG

Despite its length, MARDEK RPG Chapter 1 is a very well written RPG.

The combination of graphics, music, story and humour make the atmosphere in the game really engaging and interesting, the game is a comical and artistic masterpiece and really is wonderful. The gameplay itself, however, can be a bit boring and has very little depth. A perfect start to a perfect series as a whole, and a really good game by itself too.

The game stars two mighty and incredible heroes, Mardek and Deugan, who are questing to a castle, to save a fair princess from a great and monstrous dragon, but after that, the game takes a more unique turn, involving a falling star and more than Mardek could ever imagine...

Imagination can take us far. It did take our pink hero far, yet nowhere.
A review by Rating Orb Aitor on 22/11/10

Game: Don't Look Back
Developer: Terry Cavanagh
Genre: Platformer
Score: Good

1185 views 2 Comments Good

Your head will burst.

A game made one year before the popular VVVVVV was released (The same developer!), "Don't Look Back". Don't Look Back is reasonably deep as for a platformer, and is one of the few games that actually makes you think upon completing it. Its indeed rare to see something like that in today's gaming market where most people usually like shooting and calling duty. But why would you want to play it? Lets divide the game into 7 factors (Like I will always do with my reviews) and see why it's worth a shot...

Alright, you can tell right now that this game is going to be absolutely mindblowingly amazing.
A review by Rating Orb WhoamI on 22/11/10

Game: Nameless Flash File
Developer: Esoto
Genre: Point-and-Click
Score: Good

1393 views 8 Comments Average

A Nameless, Humorous Adventure

The Nameless Flash File is, in my opinion, a very interesting and often overlooked game, partially for how old the game is, and how it looks and (doesn't) sounds. Beyond these factors, a short yet fun adventure awaits!

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