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Here, you can find all of the Flash Game Reviews written by the community, who aren't Official Reviewers.

A review by Rating Orb Falcon on 22/11/10

Game: Epic Battle Fantasy 3
Developer: Matt Roszak
Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Adventure
Score: Great

1328 views 7 Comments Average


The first and most major thing: Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is completely different that the two previous parts. While parts 1 and 2 were battle focused (no exploration, battle after battle with some cutscenes), the newest part has exploration. Also, while in the previous ones the characters knew all skills and had all weapons on start, in this part they start with only a few most basic skills and weapons and acquire more along the game. After each battle the characters gain "Ability Points" or "AP" which are spent on new skills and upgrades to the old ones.

There are more new additions, like quests, treasures, shops and item forging. There are NPC characters who can be talked to. Some give quests, most give some information about the story or the area they are in. Treasures are chests lying on the ground. Most are hidden, and some don't look like the usual chest. There is often a treasure disguised as a tent or igloo. Shops are only in the Town and offer the only way to spend the accumulated gold. All equips (weapons, clothes and headwear) are able to be upgraded up to level 5 using items. Most of the items are only able to upgrade weapons, there are some that heal, revive or buff though. There are also "key items" which are only useable for quests or other special purposes.

Title Screen
A review by Rating Orb E β Ajbcool on 22/11/10

Game: Puzzling War
Developer: Gamezhero
Genre: Puzzle
Score: Mediocre

1405 views 11 Comments Average

"Bejeweled RPG"

A match-three puzzle game with some RPG elements that's an alright game to play if you have time to burn.

Interesting things for a child to be drawing, security cameras.
A review by Rating Orb E Eleanor Rigby on 22/11/10

Game: The Day
Developer: Gregory Wier
Genre: Puzzle, Card, Exploration
Score: Great

1220 views 1 Comments Average

Card Game Meets Philosophy

The Day is Gregory Weir's latest foray into experimental gaming, and comes in the form of a seemingly-innocuous card game that quickly becomes very troubling. Like most of Weir's other games, The Day has multiple endings, and the story presented in each is troubling and meaningful. Even if you don't usually go for its so-called "experimental" gameplay, The Day is an under-appreciated gem and will only take a few minutes to play to through both endings.

You remember that desert level, yes.
A review by Rating Orb Tama Yoshi on 22/11/10

Game: Super Mario 63
Developer: Rob
Genre: Platformer
Score: Great

834 views 0 Comments Average

Super Mario 64 - 1 sounds just like it.

If someone remade the game Super Mario 64, made it 2D, free, and flash. Would you play it? OF COURSE, it's all the more reason to write a review about it. Especially if it's good!

Not So Great a Dungeon, Really
A review by Rating Orb E JBGamer on 22/11/10

Game: Great Dungeon in the Sky
Developer: LordTim
Genre: Dungeon Crawl Platformer
Score: Mediocre

1971 views 16 Comments Good

A Failed Ambition

I usually have pretty narrow taste in games, to the point where I don't even try one unless I'm reasonably certain it will be good. However, sometimes I still run into a game like Great Dungeon in the Sky. The concept sounded great, and it was one of Kongregate's featured games, and Kongregate is my favorite gaming website, so I decided to give it a shot. Little did I know the mediocrity I would find. (NOTE: A good deal of this review was written before I actually finished the game since I didn't want to forget anything I was going to say.)

Your typical hero - huge sword and wings
A review by Rating Orb hotdogsaucer on 22/11/10

Game: Demons Took My Daughter
Developer: nerdook
Genre: Tower Defense
Score: Great

1196 views 6 Comments Average

A Tower Defense different from all others.

Demons Took My Daughter is a tower defense game that slams whatever stereotypes you may have about it. The story starts out with your daughter being kidnapped by demons, and you have to save her (obviously). This, however, involves using Soft Toys, which the demons try to steal from you. The actual gameplay seems like a usual tower defense game, but you have a character which you can control to attack enemies. This helpful gameplay aspect reeled me in.

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