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The Rules

This site is probably not like others that you're used to. It's custom made by me, Pseudolonewolf, from scratch, rather than using prefabricated forum software or anything like that. As such, you may find new or missing features compared to what you may be used to elsewhere.
How you behave is important here, and the rules are rather strict. Please read them!

Think about what you're typing.

You may think that this doesn't need to be said, and I wish that was the case, but various other online communities make me wonder if people actually DO think about what they're typing.
Is what you've written worth reading? Would you want to read it? Would you be offended if you were on the receiving end of it? Does it contribute at all to the conversation? Is it something that someone could respond to, or learn from? Are you being fair? Condescending? Is it coherent?
Please consider things like this in everything you write. Make your contributions mean something, and stay polite!
You should probably read over your posts - in the forum AND comments - at least once before posting them.

Type properly!

Please use grammar and spelling here, properly. This all ties in with the 'thinking about what you're typing'. Good language skills show that you're paying attention to what you're doing, that you post with care rather than blind and spontaneous whimsy.
It's easier to read your posts if they're typed well, and they make you look better, too. How you type is how you present yourself online. If you walked around the streets wearing a potato sack and plastic bags on your feet, people would assume you're poor even if you may well be a millionaire. If you tepy leik dis lol, then people aren't going to assume you're a genius.
No chatspeak, dammit! Also, use English only, so then you aren't saying things that the majority of members won't understand.

Please don't swear.

It's rather obnoxious and makes you seem like the forceful type who doesn't care about offending people. Besides, trying to think up alternate words for your profanity might actually stretch your mind a bit.

No Flaming!

Please solve your differences politely, rather than getting hostile and condescending towards others. That sort of attitude is sure to result in a ban.


Brevity leads to shallow conversations. Expand on what you're saying; provide some detail even if it's *unnecessary*, just for the sake of additional interest. If what you want to say doesn't even reach the minimum number of characters, don't say anything at all.
Remember, 'yes' is inadequate; think 'yes, because...' and say why you think what you do.

Tell, don't show.

If you think there may be a problem with some aspect of the site, tell Pseudolonewolf about it so he can fix it before it ever happens, rather than demonstrating the problem so you can say 'see?!?'.

Be Honest.

Please provide accurate information on your profile. If you're really 13 and set your age as 18, you'll seem like an 18-year-old with the mentality of a 13-year-old; that is, retarded. Even if you think you're wise for your years, that's partly because you haven't yet aged enough for you to see how wise you aren't, really...
Please do not use age values like 0 or 100. They're extremely irritating, and make you look pretentious. A lot can be correctly assumed from age, so it's annoying talking to someone who refuses to provide theirs.

Remember that you're a guest here.

You don't own the place, so don't speak as if you do, or that you have 'rights' or whatever. Any 'rights' that people have should be assumed and unspoken; anyone who evokes them to excuse certain behaviour is obviously already doing something wrong. This forum is not America and 'freedom of speech' doesn't apply here. Say whatever you like, yes, but if people don't like what you're saying, then you're likely to receive punishment for it.
Attitude is everything... Please don't speak condescendingly to the Administrator or Moderators.

No Roleplaying!

It seems strange for a site featuring actual RPGs would have a rule against Roleplaying in the forums, but this forum isn't really designed for that. It ends up flooding the forums and overshadowing any other possible threads, growing too quickly, and it's also rather 'inane'. There are plenty of other forums for that sort of thing if you ever feel the need to do so.

No Rating in Extremes!

If you give only or mostly +3 and/or -3 ratings, then you're misusing the ratings system (and it looks like you have no sense of subtlety and think in black and white). Read the section below to learn how to use ratings properly.

No Multiple Accounts

Your account is you. There is no good reason why you should ever need to make another one. Creating multiple accounts to give yourself positive ratings is the worst infraction of this rule, but merely creating a new one 'for a new start' or 'for a laugh' is most certainly not allowed either.
The database is not unlimited, and every new account clutters it up.

The Rating System

The rating system on this site is used to show how appreciated a member is by the community. Anyone can rate the forum posts, comments, and profile of any user, and their average rating will be shown as an orb next to their name wherever it's shown.
The rating is on a scale of seven values. It is subtle; it is certainly not a black and white system. It's not a matter of 'like' or 'dislike'. Please keep this in mind. Rating only +3 or -3 with no other ratings at all is a potentially bannable infraction.
Each of the seven values has a distinctly different use, described here:
+3 GREEN RATING: Intensely Orgasmic
As the highest rating possible, this should only very rarely be given out, to only the most Exceptional posts. This system is NOT a black-and-white 'like or hate' system where +3 merely means you 'like' something!!! Remember that!
Only the very best posts and comments should get this. They should have had a whole lot of thought put into them, and they should make you think too. Perhaps they're the sort of thing that surprise you with how good they are, or make you wish you could write a similar thing, or maybe they'd stick in your mind for a while due to how exceptional they really were.
When giving this rating to peoples' profiles, please reserve it for people you really admire and know well, or think of as a good friend, as long as they contribute a lot to the site. Don't just give it out to some stranger who seems polite!
+2 CYAN RATING: Excellent
This rating should be handed out sparingly, only to very remarkable posts or people. +2 is a Great value to achieve, showing that the post or person is well above average in terms of contribution or thoughtfulness.
The positive ratings are reserved for comments, posts or people that stand out from the average ones. Either they're a worthy contribution, or they really make you think, or something like that.
This shouldn't be the default 'not bad' or 'decent' rating; that's what the 0 rating is for. Instead, it should only be given to posts that are Above Average.
This should be the default rating for things which are 'not bad' but not remarkably good, either. Most things would probably deserve this rating.
As this value means 'acceptable', it isn't merely the absence of a 'good' or 'bad' rating. Think of it as meaning 'approved, but not spectacular' or 'passing marks'; would you rather receive a passing mark on a test, or none at all?
Consider this one to mean Average.
Comments of this rating may have broken the rules, may have no care put into their grammar or spelling, or they may have a mildly offensive attitude or something like that.
-1 marks their comment as Below Average and in need of improvement; if you receive ratings of this level or lower, you need to change what you're doing.
-2 ORANGE RATING: Strongly Objectionable
Incoherent, blatantly idiotic, or rather offensive posts, worse than -1 ones, should be given -2 ratings. This is a strong discouragement, saying 'you REALLY shouldn't leave comments like this again' or something similar.
Posts that are merely 'slightly annoying' or which you disagree with are not deserving of -2 or lower. They should either break the rules or have a very bad attitude in order to be rated so low.
-3 RED RATING: Utterly Detestable
The worst rating there is should be given to comments, posts or people you simply want GONE. Things that make you feel a palpable form of disgust or annoyance, which you want to say REALLY needs to be done away with if they want to stay a member of this site.
Generally, well-meaning but incoherent posts (due to poor language skills) aren't deserving of -3 ratings. A person has to have malicious intent, generally speaking, to deserve this.

Supported Formatting

or [b]bold[/b]
Results in bold text.
or [i]italic[/i]
Results in italic text.
or [u]underline[/u]
Results in underlined text.
<a href=''>hyperlink</a>
or [url=]hyperlink[/url]
Results in a hyperlink. Pasting a url will generally also convert it to a link, which will look like this: [LINK]
[U123]Replace '123' with the 'ID number' of a member of this site to display their clickable, coloured username with rating orb. For example, [U1] shows Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf, while [U123] shows Rating Orb Lazlo. You can see someone's ID number by looking at the url for their userpage.
[@XX]Replace 'XX' with a two-letter representation of an alignment, like 'LG' for 'Lawful Good', 'NN' for 'True Neutral', 'CE' for 'Chaotic Evil'. [@LE] would produce , for example.
[#123456]Coloured Text[/#]Replace '123456' with a six-figure hexadecimal colour code to get coloured text. [#00ddff]THIS[/#] would show as THIS, for example.
[H]Header Text[/H]Displays text larger than usual and in purple. It should be used ONLY for titles of sections in particularly long posts, and it should definitely NOT be used inline in comments or the chatroom just to emphasise a word. Use bold or italics for that.
[quote Username]Quote text[/quote]
or [quote]Quote text[/quote]
This only works in forum posts, and it shows the quoted text in a fancy box thing. Obviously, replace 'Username' with the name of the user you want to quote. Including no username will just be a 'generic quote' that could have been from anyone.
[code]Programming code[/code]This only works in forum posts, and it shows the code text in a fancy box thing with formatting kept intact.
[spoiler Thing]The text you want to hide[/spoiler]This hides the text within the tag, which users can show by using the appropriately named button. The 'Thing' bit is optional; if you provide something, it'll say 'Spoiler of Thing:', otherwise it'll just say 'Spoiler:'.