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Personal Info

Location:United States United States
Class:Fig Hunter
Alignment:Neutral Good

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  • Reading
  • Thinking(Being in Deep Thought)
  • Final Fantasy
  • Anime (NOT HENTAI)
  • Drawing
  • Typing(NOT on a typewriter but a keyboard)
  • Penguins
  • My xbox360 and my Wii
  • Rpg
  • Programing


  • Writing (Manually)
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs/Narcotics
  • People who use Drugs/Narcotics
  • My younger sister(Sometimes)
  • Button Mashers (especially in Soul Caliber4)
  • Viruses(Both for Computers and People)
  • Games with no Replayability
  • People who think reading is not benefical
  • Being stabbed repeatedly in the jaw.

Mental Irregularities


My name is NOT Nico, but please call me that as it is my screen-name. I have visited this site since about 2-3 days before Mardek 1 was released. I just never really wanted to make an account until about a year ago when psuedo started making it almost mandatory. I was never really active as I am usually Playing games for people During almost all of my free time. I only recently have had the free time to become more active. So... here I am.

Reasons for avatar and stat selection:

1- My avatar is an Enchanted Naginata (NOT A MAGIC STAFF!!!) because I feel that that is the weapon I would use if fantasy became reality. It fits my fighting style.

2- I chose Phelmatic/Melancolic because I'm usually in a sad mood but I always act nice to eveyone around. However I am usually rather shy except around my very close friends.

3- Lastly I chose water as my element because I'm very "Go with the Flow". I'm usually very gentle and helpful and share what I have with people but if you disrespect me or my friends I can get very mean.

Life Achivements:

1- I have played and beat SMECOF 2005 X, Mardek 1, Mardek 2, Raider(before it was called Raider zero), Raider One before and after it was made "easier", Raider Two, Deliverance(Before it was abandoned), The original Fighunter game (before it was removed), the current FHO, Best Signer(from the beginning to the current "Only fight a single battle" version), and all of the other of Pseudo's HIDDEN/SECRET games such as the "Dragon Maker" and "Said the Rock Randomly "(That sounds more braggy then I ment it. I'm more just makeing a note of the fact that I have played all of Pseudo's games. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I promise. O_o)

2- I can read 6,500 pages in one day of reading ( about 8-9 hours ). This is awsome, as my Mom's old record was 5,000 so I am officially a better reader then her(yes!!). Not really that great of an achivement, but it was a personal goal.

3- I will add this later. ( I plan on having 5.)

Extra Stuff:
PLEASE Check out my website its and its a gaming site and ill bet you like it fellow YALORTian!!