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Mental Irregularities


Well, considering I was accepted into YALORT's favour, I suppose it would be fitting to join up here where the "action's at", as a popular colloquialism used by YOU IDIOTIC, INSIGNIFICANT FOOLS! Well, to sum myself up, I shall allow my Magic Hands to do the talking.

First of all, I will provide you with a similar definition of myself as to that which is used by several other, more well known members of Fighunter - namely, some of my favourite things, and the reasons why I picked particular attributes such as my class and my element. Otherwise, I'm merely your average prodigy, save my mental inhibitions meaning I have a lot more trouble thinking logically than everyone else.

Colour: I chose pink because pink is a fabulous colour, and I am very fabulous. I consider myself a thespian of the finer arts, as I associate with pink, rather than the less desirable connotations of that colour (or am I? I'm still not sure myself).

Alignment: My alignment is chaotic evil - arrogant, insidious, insubordinate, and demanding of respect and complete obedience. I'm also clinically insane, recently diagnosed with several mental illnesses.

Class: Dark Knight, because I am.

Element: Air, simply because Aether is too common and simply not flexible. The freedom of air, of movement, are all things that I have, but I lack the ability to be normal, and so I have chosen Air.

Also, hoping to become a member of the Writer's Guild!