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  • Being consumed by pythons (long story)
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This is the internet! I don't have to tell you anything about myself and you have no way of knowing if I speak truth when I do present information to you. I love the internet.

That said, I am a citizen of the the United States of America, male and pretty happy with both of those. I take the rather unpopular viewpoints that most of humanity is mere filler and that any valid moral outlook must be self-constructed to be effective instead of a hand-me-down from some nosy deity or society. If a person does not understand the morality of their actions then they will be more inclined to cross moral boundaries than if they had reached the conclusion themselves and fully understood the reasoning behind it. It is for this reason that I try to avoid simply declaring things to be right or wrong (beyond matters of objective fact) in my posts. What I try to do is lay out relevant information, explain my own viewpoint and hope that the reader will reach a conclusion similar to my own. I am uneasy with the notion of religion in general and generally describe my religious outlook as "atheist" because it is so much simpler than "agnostic who holds the opinion that organized religion is self-serving and ultimately futile" as well as less inclined to offend people. That way they think I am merely telling the religious that I think they are wrong instead of wrong, stupid and greedy. I do not believe them to be especially stupid or greedy, just that when you involve natural human tendencies in the interpretation of divine will the message will tend to come out garbled (at best). I also personally believe that any being with sufficient power to make planets and influence humanity on a deific level is unlikely to be wholly benevolent or even hold an interest in us beyond the level of a child shaking an ant farm.

I don't post very much, but I lurk with a passion and tend to flag posts while engaged in lurking. I do not post without considering my words or the rules of this forum and have very little sympathy for those less cautious than myself. Please consider the age of my account over my post count while you gape in horror at my VG stat.

Pseudolonewolf has actually said that "You're a decent member, hlbeta..." That is most likely a more glowing recommendation of worth than you have ever received from him. Nyah nyah.

THE AMAZING CHAT QUOTE ARCHIVE just wasn't working out, so instead of that I am now using this space to plot out prospective threads or posts on the rate occasion that I feel the need to do so.

The Motives of Divinity or I Thought of This at 5 in the Morning After a Sleepless Night and Don't Want to Forget a Seemingly Profound Idea
I will say right here and now that I have never systematically studied the Bible as a whole. Like anyone living in a western civilization I am regularly exposed to the odd bit of Christian theology and most of what follows is based upon that rather crude understanding. One of the notions that I keep running across is that God feels the need to constantly test the faith of his followers. I am fine with this up to a point but when taken to extremes, like suggesting that the earth is only a few thousand years old and all evidence to the contrary is such a test, it seems patently absurd. Granting humanity the capacity to develop complex understandings of things is pretty pointless if all you plan to do with it is lie to them constantly and doesn't exactly seem to fit with the image of a friendly and supportive New Testament God that I so often hear about. So it occurred to me, what if we invert the arguments of the more extreme Christian sects? What if we consider the possibility that the physical world as we observe it does not contain intrinsic falsehoods and that SCRIPTURE is the testing falsehood? That God may well be a benevolent partent figure to the whole of humanity, but that perhaps he does not need us as much as we seem to need him. What if this is simply his way of aiding us to develop a collective maturity akin to personal maturity? Maybe that scripture is his way of providing a starting point, rules and guidelines by which to live that provide a psychological shelter akin to that which a parent provides to their own children. As we grow in maturity we are increasingly able to provide for ourselves by developing greater empathy and constructing new moral codes from that enhanced understanding. During Genesis, God comments on how humanity has grown to be worryingly like him and his servants through their newly gained knowledge of good and evil. While he may not approve of such changes, perhaps God came to realize that to leave such a transformation incomplete would be far worse than striking his creations from existence. Thus we were given, through various agents, laws and parables by which to better understand what it is to be human, to be elevated beyond all other creatures on this earth. Yet God knew that for humans to truly serve their purpose as the appointed masters of creation they would eventually need to turn from him and grow into fully independent beings. So into his words were woven contradictions, logical fallacies and subtle errors that would be made increasingly obvious to humanity as they grew to understand their surroundings. By these a growing humanity might realize that they cannot turn to a higher authority to conduct their lives or beliefs and emerge as adults, able to function as adults and possibly find their own divinity by the long route.

Read. Discuss. Flame.