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Hello. I am Feldspar. I am no longer posting on these forums. I was not banned. I am not banned (well, I am now, but that's probably just because I announced I was leaving, so Pseudo banned me). I decided that from Pseudolonewolf's attitude of what he wanted these forums to be, (I thought that was a great I dea) that I would quit. I attempted to try and get him to achieve that dream another way, but I failed. In the end, it IS his forum, it IS his website, and I'm going to respect that. I will no longer post on these forums. I WILL, however, log in and see what's going on, but I will never post.

If you're new here, and you're reading this, and you think my old posts were great and I should return, then you shouldn't be here. Pseudolonewolf didn't appreciate my posts, and if your posts are like mine, then I don't think he'll appreciate yours. However, if you are at least 16 years old, you might have time to change, or you might get away with it. Anyways, if you ARE new, I'll explain Pseudolonewolf's dream to you.

Pseudo wants these forums to become a place for intelligent conversation, not mindless chit-chat. He also wants these forums to be for people that are at least 16 or older. As you can see, with the addition of me, (look at my age) he must have gotten very frustrated.

So now, now that I will no longer post on these forums, I'm going to leave this behind to warn you, new user. Be careful. Pseudo never did (in my opinion) specifically specify what exactly he wanted out of a post, but apparently, I didn't fit the description. He didn't like it, he thought it was annoying. He thought it was annoying that I tried to fit his description but couldn't, for I did not know what it was.

If you're under 16, you might as well leave now. Pseudo won't appreciate it.

In the end, Pseudo didn't ban me, but I did leave. He had a dream, and he was determined to achieve that dream, and in his eyes, I was just another obstacle. That dream was already really hard as it was, so I stepped aside, clearing the way for Pseudo's dream of an intelligent forum.

At least I did something that Pseudo appreciates.