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I am at least 17 years old and a senior in high school. I sometimes like to think of myself as being fairly well-versed in internet "culture," but something always happens to remind me of the futility of even attempting such an inane task. I'm something of a loner in the real world, and I've never really managed to get used to internet communities either, probably because I suffer from a rare disease that causes me to take everybody seriously. I usually lurk around a variety of different sites including Fighunter. Why I stay here, I don't really know - I don't play many flash games anymore and I hardly ever contribute to the forums. On the other hand, I have been here ever since SMECOF, making me one of the older members of the site, though I didn't actually make an account on Fighunter proper until after the Yalortian forums died.

I'm into anime/manga to the extent that I could probably be considered Wapanese, but I don't show it unless I'm around other anime geeks. I don't really enjoy discussing anime or manga with other people, for one reason: I am fully aware of the fact that the vast majority of anime/manga are total crap. They use the same plots and the same characters, and with the exception of a very few, they are poorly written. Despite this, I still spend at least an our or two per day on the internet reading and watching the stuff. I suppose I simply have poor taste or something.

I usually consider myself to be good at writing, but I usually only enjoy writing fiction, and it has to be prose. Poetry just makes me gag. I can't write it, or even read it. But on the few occasions I have been forced to write poetry, I've been praised to high heavens for it by every person to read it. I honestly don't know why... Anyways, I enjoy writing, but I always compare myself to published writers, which makes me think I suck at it. I have recently discovered, however, that a surprisingly large percentage of published writers also suck at writing. So maybe I have a chance after all.

Both on the internet and in real life, I'm the type to think before I speak. This is usually regarded as a good quality, but it means I usually end up concluding that the best course of action is not to say anything at all. This is part of why I don't contribute much in forums. The other reason is that I CANNOT STAND discussions on religion, the afterlife, moral debates, etc. That stuff just makes me want to stab somebody. Of course, there are other things to discuss on forums, but many of them aren't interesting to me and the rest always disintegrate into arguments.