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Location:United States United States
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

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  • Dr. Pepper
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Every sport imaginable
  • Card, Video, and Board games
  • Books (especially of the \\
  • Psych and other USA network TV shows
  • Fire Emblem
  • Rook
  • Atlanta Braves (baseball)
  • Playing soccer


  • Talking about food
  • Girly tv shows
  • Doing tasks I don\\\'t want to
  • Driving through heavy traffic
  • Extreme heat
  • Being bored
  • *filler*
  • *filler*
  • *filler*
  • *filler*

Mental Irregularities


I recently turned 18 and became a "legal" adult. I've never been more disappointed.

High school student, gamer, and athlete.

I'm good at school and have a lot of "book smarts" but I'm not very quick on my feet in real life situations. I love all sorts of games and sports. I'm an avid video gamer, a rabid sports fan, and I love every card game imaginable and most board games. I love the competition of it all, though I don't necessarily have to win in order to experience the rush. I'll watch any sport that's on, and my very favorite to watch is baseball (go Atlanta Braves!). I'll play just about any sport too, and my favorites to play are soccer and tennis (both of which I play for my school teams). I also watch a lot of detective shows on television, and my all time favorite show is Psych. I also like anime, but there aren't many on basic cable so I don't get to watch a lot.

I'm laid back, but I like a good debate. I'll argue sports all day long. I also have the good fortune to know that I should shut up if people are debating something I know absolutely nothing about (like politics). I don't like making decisions that would affect people other than myself, and I certainly don't mind taking orders from others if they aren't really distasteful. I fancy myself a gentleman, albeit a very quiet one that won't draw much attention to himself. I'm pretty confident in myself, I like most things about myself, and I'm also somewhat vain, but you'll rarely see me act like the last one unless I'm in front of people I'm highly comfortable with. I love joking around with my good friends, and deriving enjoyment from life is one of the main driving forces behind everything I do. The other one being to not upset other people.

My thoughts are too scrambled to add anything more to this, though I've left a lot out.